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In the Midst of Quarantine, Some Tips for Your Long-Distance Relationship

We could all use a refresher course, seeing as so many of us are still physically apart because of social distancing measures.
May 7, 2020
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No one ever asks to be in a long-distance relationship.They just happen. You meet that one person that makes it all worth it. It takes a strong couple to make it work. For those that do, I applaud you, because to tether yourself to somebody you can’t share everyday experiences with, or simply just hold their hand, is crippling to the heart but you endure it until the day comes you two can share these moments.

It’s the littlest things that people in long-distance relationships miss: waking up next to each other, hearing that person’s voice, seeing their smile. At the end of the day, the two share how their day was and during it all, they only wish they could have been a part of it — even if it would have been spending the day bored because at least you two would have spent it together making it the slightest bit better.

Rarely do you come across long-distance relationship couples. Because most people would rather not take on that challenge, they never let themselves fall for anyone that would put them in that position. However, thanks to our current pandemic, what many of us hoped to avoid has now become our reality.

Though a few couples have the privilege to quarantine with their significant other, the rest have been forced into a long-distance relationship due to mandated self-isolation. But couples have survived LDRs time and time again, so although long distance may not be ideal, maybe what many of you have tried to avoid will prove to be a rewarding, or at least bearable, experience.

You ever have that friend that gets into a relationship, and it then consumes her? She no longer calls or texts and is always “busy” — but never too busy for her boyfriend? Lots of our girlfriends, or guy friends, have been there. Heck, I probably just described you in a relationship. But nothing to be ashamed of, it’s natural to become so comfortable always being around your person.

Too many times couples are guilty of neglecting their friends. As a result, they lose valuable relationships. When it comes to long distance, you learn the importance of building and holding onto relationships with those close to you. Your significant other will not always be around, nor may he or she always understand what you’re going through. Neglecting the friends that we used to rely on or that used to rely on us is one of the worst things we as couples do when we get into a relationship.

In a long-distance relationship, trust is key. You’re not with your significant other every day to know what they’re doing, nor are you there to give them what they need. A lot of faith is put into a long-distance relationship and into your significant other. In a long-distance relationship, you experience a magnitude of loneliness. No matter how long you’ve been together, missing your person never hurts any less.

Unfortunately, it’s true people waiver and try to find comfort in someone else. Oftentimes, cheating is what leads to the breakup of a long-distance relationship. Other times, it’s ourselves that get in the way. We choose to not give long distance a chance because we refuse to put our faith in who we’re with to avoid the disappointment that might come when that trust is broken. For some it’s not worth it to take that chance. This pandemic, however, now forces couples to take that leap of faith.

Long-distance relationships further challenge us with our desire to talk with our significant other at all hours of the day, all while trying to live in the moment. Although we have texting and FaceTime, we cannot glue ourselves to our phones asking our spouses “What’s up?” every five minutes. Doing so only leaves your conversations dry and dull while missing out on the excitement around you.

The best way for you and your S.O. to communicate might be to have general times for checking in, whether it be call or text; that way, you still get to have that time to catch up with your partner while living your life and going about your day — for instance, send good morning texts with the lowdown of what you have planned that day or simply wish them a great day. Then, call them later to catch up, and end with a goodnight text before you go to bed. It’s the worst being around someone who can’t get their nose out of their phone, so do not be that person.


It’s difficult hearing people or couples around you say things like: “At least you guys can still talk to each other over the phone,” or “At least it won’t be long distance forever,” as you watch them get to be with their person. We know it won’t be forever, but that doesn’t make it suck any less. As human beings, we desire touch, a listening ear, someone that looks at us like we’re their better half. Long-distance relationships are never easy, but for the right person, you’ll never regret it.

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