We may not be able to hang out with people right now, but we can still have Peeps. (Image via Instagram)

Spring Is Here and Peeps Are Back With All New Flavors

There’s a chick shaped marshmallow for everyone, with flavors ranging from Froot Loops to pancakes to chocolate pudding.

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We may not be able to hang out with people right now, but we can still have Peeps. (Image via Instagram)

There’s a chick shaped marshmallow for everyone, with flavors ranging from Froot Loops to pancakes to chocolate pudding.

Oh, you know, just over here, chilling with my peeps … psych! Just like everyone else, I’ve been social distancing until further notice. Because of this, I’ve entered the phase of this pandemic where I believe I’m a master chef. Maybe by the time this is over, I’ll have even applied to culinary school. Now, before I get ahead of myself, I can only credit this sudden urge to bake to one thing: Peeps!

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, Peeps are an icon of spring, as well as holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Peeps have been around since 1953, created by the Just Born company.

Just Born is a confection company, which also owns Mike and Ikes’, Hot Tamales and more. But, it’s probably safe to say Peeps are their most popular brand because in 2016, the marshmallow candy was voted the first official sign of spring.

If you had a great childhood, I’m sure you fondly remember Peeps being placed in your Easter basket or crowding the shelves of Walmart, Target and even the Dollar Store beginning mid-March and ending sometime in May. If you can’t remember, Peeps are marshmallow-shaped bunnies and chicks that melt in your mouth upon tasting.

The marshmallow candy is colorful and fun. Honestly, I almost forgot they were around. I never think of them until I see them, but this year was a little bit different.

The Peeps brand drops new flavors and items each year or brings back previous ones. This year, the lineup is stacked. It features Froot Loops and other cereal-flavored Peeps, jelly beans, creamer and pancake. There is even a pancake mix packet with a skillet shaped like a Peep bunny.

With everyone required to stay home right now, it’s pretty ironic how the theme for Peeps is breakfast. During this time, whether with family or apart, enjoying something sweet can brighten up a repetitive day. I’m not sure who could ever deny the wonderful combination of colored sugar and marshmallows made in fun shapes.

Peeps Flavors of 2020


Making its comeback from 2019, Peeps once again paired up with Kellogg’s to relaunch Peep Cereal, and it’s better than it was before. Last year, the cereal was marshmallow-flavored (of course), along with yellow, blue and pink loops. This year, the box promotes chick and bunny-shaped marshmallows along with the multicolored loops, all while still being marshmallow-flavored.

Though the idea of marshmallow on marshmallow may turn you away, there really isn’t an overwhelming impact on the flavor. It’s like a subtle hint that makes the milk delicious to drink after the cereal is gone.

As previously mentioned, each year, Peeps makes different flavors. This year, yet again, the brand partnered with Kellogg’s to make a Peeps Froot Loops flavored pop. This pop has different colored Peeps based on the Froot Loops flavors, and they are positioned like ducks in a row. This item can be found exclusively at Target.


Also at Target is the raspberry-flavored marshmallow chicks, dipped in fudge.

The pancake and syrup-flavored chicks can be found at Walmart. Maybe this is a sign that it’s acceptable to eat marshmallows for breakfast since they technically taste like a pancake.

But if you’re a fan of spicier things, then maybe the hot tamale flavor is for you. You can find the fierce cinnamon-flavored chicks at Kroger stores.

Besides those exclusives, Peeps nationally released the flavor of root beer float chicks and chocolate pudding-flavored bunnies.

Jelly Beans

One new treat is Peep-flavored jelly beans. Shaped just like any other jelly beans, the flavors and colors follow the theme of Peeps. The marshmallow flavor is the staple of these beans, though it would’ve been fun if they were shaped like bunnies.


International Delight is known for their various flavors of coffee creamer. International Delight makes non-dairy coffee creamers, and they even produce their own iced coffee, with flavors and brands such as Hershey’s and Reese’s.

Last year, International Delight released the Peep flavor, which I’m sure you guessed it, was marshmallow. This year, the silky flavor is back.


As if a pancake and syrup flavor wasn’t enough, there also had to be a skillet. The skillet set comes with a pancake mix and a skillet shaped like a bunny to make breakfast more fun. But there is nothing fun or flavorful about these pancakes, besides the shape.

Perhaps adding in some regular non-flavored pancakes balances out all the other flavors from their products. But sometimes, passing on Peeps is necessary to avoid sugar overload, and sometimes, there are people that just aren’t into Peeps. If you’re one of those people, there are many more things to do with Peeps other than eat them as they come.

Peeps can be used for décor, they can be used as garnish and they can also be used for school projects.

Sticking to the realm of baking, it’s as simple as making brownies and placing the Peeps on top for a colorful twist. If you like chocolate, then coat them in chocolate. If you’re more into drinking, make a Lemon Drop Martini with the iconic yellow Peeps. Who can be mad when there’s alcohol involved?

And yellow is the most popular peep color. Did you know the classic yellow, pink and white Peeps were around from the start? It wasn’t until 1995 when lavender was added, followed by blue Peeps, which ultimately led to all the insane flavor combinations we have today.

As of today, it only takes six minutes to create one Peeps marshmallow chick. With more than 52,000 followers on Instagram, Peeps posts fun creation ideas, so if you’re trying to avoid cavities or simply want more ideas on what to do with the abundance of Peeps you received this Easter holiday, then give them a follow and let your peepsonality shine.

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