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photo of a plant grown with hydroponics
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What if you didn’t need soil for a successful grow?

NOTE: The information in this article is only for those who live in jurisdictions where growing cannabis is legal.

Growing cannabis is an increasingly popular activity. Individuals can grow cannabis for their own use or may even be able to grow it professionally. One of the best ways to grow cannabis is via hydroponics. This system is more versatile and beneficial for the environment.

What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a growing process that involves growing plants without soil. Plants can be grown in gravel, sand, or even liquid instead of soil. The plants are fed nutrients using a liquid solution that contains the needed minerals. Many people have found great success with growing cannabis with hydroponics.

Many types of plants have been grown using hydroponics. It can be adjusted to create ideal growing conditions for almost any type of plant. Although it may seem like only a small shift away from using soil, it is actually a revolutionary system for growing food and crops that offer higher success rates with many benefits for the world.

How Is Hydroponics Better?

One of the advantages of hydroponic growing is the fact that it does not require lots of land and nutrient-rich soil to grow the cannabis. This means that these plants can be grown almost anywhere. It also makes it easier to grow plants indoors with artificial sunlight. This allows cannabis to be grown all year long.

Since cannabis can be grown indoors and even layered in a building, it takes up less space to grow a larger amount of cannabis. This process also uses less water because the water is recirculated within the system to provide exactly what the plants need. Using less land and water is great for the environment when growing any crop.

With the controlled nutrients in the hydroponic system, growers are able to create a higher yield with each grow. So, more cannabis is created with each grow and more grows can take place since there is no need to follow growing seasons with the hydroponic system. This creates a very large crop using less resources in general.

Another big benefit of hydroponics is the reduced pollution caused by pesticides. With the controlled environment of hydroponics, pests and diseases are limited but do occur. However, in a controlled environment, fewer pesticides are needed and they can often be prevented from polluting the surrounding environment.

What Is Needed for Hydroponics?

The first thing needed for growing cannabis with hydroponics is the setup. This is the actual place where the plants will be grown. There are a variety of starter kits available that can assist beginners with this process. An area must be chosen where the plants will be grown. This can be a room or even a grow tent.

Next, growers must pick a growing medium. This is the type of material that will be used to support the plant’s root system. Gravel, sand or other supporting materials can be used for this process. There must also be a good ventilation system set up in the grow area. This helps prevent mold and other issues. A carbon filter is also needed to maintain a clean environment.

The right nutrients will also be needed as well as seeds of a hydroponic-friendly strain of cannabis. This will ensure that the plants do well when first starting out. Artificial sun lights will also be needed to ensure the plants get the needed sunlight to grow properly.

Once the system is set up, growers can find a variety of growing schedules online to help with the process. These schedules will help guide them to a successful grow.

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