Doing laundry doesn't have to be difficult. (Photo by Jeremy Sallee on Unsplash)

Learn the Following 7 Life Hacks To Improve Your Laundry Game

The quicker you get to grips with these, the faster you can do your laundry.

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The quicker you get to grips with these, the faster you can do your laundry.

Much like any household chore, laundry is never really that much fun to do. There’s a lot of sorting and waiting and ironing and folding while the washing machine and dryer work their magic. True, some people prefer to hand-wash most of their laundry, but for the vast majority, a washing machine in our home is all kinds of awesome. Still, laundry is laundry, and it’s a chore that we’d all love to speed up. Luckily, here are some little tips to make this chore easy and breezy!

  • Be sure not to wash any shirts or jackets when still buttoned-up, as this will stretch the fabric around the hole.
  • Always place bras in a separate washing bag to prevent clasps from attaching onto and potentially ripping other pieces of clothing. The same tip applies for zippers on jeans and jackets.
  • Separate colored and white laundry to prevent color bleeding. This means that dyes from colored items can soak into white clothing and turn them unusual colors! It makes sense to do two separate washes if you want your white T-shirt to look the same as when you bought it.
  • Delicate materials such as silk or wool need their own washes, as any items with those materials typically need a slower, colder wash. The clothing can shrink if washed on a hotter, faster wash that you might use for cotton clothing or bed sheets.
  • Try using Persil Discs if you find it difficult to know exactly how much liquid detergent to pour into your washing machine. Just like pods or caps, the Discs are useful because you don’t have to measure anything, but just throw them into the washing machine drum.
  • Try your best to tackle stains as soon as they happen. Stains are typically much harder to remove when sitting on the clothing for several days. Pre-treating the stain and washing as fast as you can will give you a better chance of success for removing stains like sauces, coffee, blood, grass, etc. One great extra tip is never to rub forcefully at a stain with a cloth, as most likely you’ll simply end up driving the stain deeper into the fabric.
  • Remember to read the label on all your items of clothing to understand how to wash and dry the garment. The label will always inform you of the right temperature for washing or if dry cleaning is possible.

So you see? Learn those tips for the next time you have to do laundry and we’re sure things will be way faster. For any teenagers, in particular, who are going to move away from home for the first time, now’s the time to properly understand all the right tips and tricks for successful laundry. Maybe you’ll even enjoy doing laundry once you know it really isn’t that hard!

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