Two people playing cricket, a popular sport in India
Cricket is one of many sports popular in India. (Image via Pixabay)

The Many Different Sources of Entertainment in India 

There’s plenty to do in the Indian subcontinent.

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Two people playing cricket, a popular sport in India
Cricket is one of many sports popular in India. (Image via Pixabay)

There’s plenty to do in the Indian subcontinent.

Different kinds of entertainment like magic, movies and sports have been around for many years; online gambling and online video games, too, are among the emerging sources of entertainment. Along with television shows and sports, they keep people glued to their seats. Due to the wide range of available choices, people in India always find something new to meet their needs. 

Television shows and online games are proven great sources of entertainment for both kids and adults. The internet is already a great entertainment source with many options available at a single click. You can access the best movies and books from the comfort of your home and buy them. If you love sports, you can stream them live too. Here are the leading entertainment choices for Indians.


Everyone enjoys music. You will find many individuals glued to their television or radio listening to their favorite songs. In India, music consists of popular, folk, classical and pop. The classical music includes Carnatic and Hindustani music. The film industry has been thriving on Western pop music and it has significantly affected the music industry.                                                                                            


Another form of entertainment in India is dance. There are various forms of dance in the country and each region will have its own unique style. For example, the Odissi dance is common in Orissa while Bharat Natyam is more popular in Tamil Nadu. Kuchipudi is more popular in Andhra Pradesh and people in Kerala enjoy Kathakali more. Kathak is more popular in the northern part of India. Gujarat and Rajasthan folk dances are among the highly sought after forms of dance. The hand movements and facial expressions of dancers convey many thoughts and feelings while their dresses are exquisite. Most Indians look forward to at least one day out to watch the enthralling performances. 


A huge percentage of Indians spend money on films. Movies are a good choice for all people regardless of their age and the film industry caters to everyone. Film producers spend a lot of their time and money on producing films because they know that many people will view them. 


Puppetry is more popular in the villages, where puppet shows are organized regularly. Many people will travel to see them, particularly during Indian festivals. 


Radios have been around for many decades. They have also stood as one of the most reliable information sources. In India, radios are inexpensive but a great form of entertainment. Apart from the news, people also listen to music tracks and sports commentating.


The television is another popular entertainment medium in the country, particularly for people who love spending their free time at home. One of the great things about television is that it offers inexpensive entertainment — except cable TV, which requires a monthly subscription. Most film songs and films will run on television from time to time. 


With the popularity of online gambling increasing, the number of websites dedicated to them has increased too. The number of people relying on gambling as a mode of entertainment is high. Sites like Comeon offer various live casino games, sports betting and live betting, which is a leading choice for many gambling enthusiasts in the country. Within the last few years, the popularity of online card games has increased. Other games available on various gaming sites include blackjack, Andar Bahar, Baccarat and online slots. 


Watching cricket, football (or soccer) or tennis is fun. Some people also prefer swimming during summer. Indians love sports and that is the key reason they will stay glued to their television screen and listen attentively to the commentary on the radio. They will also place their bets on online sports betting sites to make money at the end of the day. 


Sculptures are a popular form of art in India and that is the key reason people will visit art galleries in large numbers. Wealthy individuals also buy these items. 


Life can be boring without any kind of entertainment. We have to relax for a few minutes each day in the workplace and after work. Most Indians find movies and television shows more relaxing. They will also visit the stadiums to watch sports games. But those who require adrenaline rushing experience regularly place their bets on online sport betting sites, engaging in various casino games such as roulette, slots, card games and blackjack.

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