Hurricane Florence May Not Be a Machine, but It’s Become a Meme

Run fast for your mother and fast for your father …
September 13, 2018
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Hurricane Florence is an enraged whirlwind slowly encroaching upon the southeastern United States. The tempest’s magnitude is quickly rising up the hurricane intensity scale, where it jumped from s Category 2 hurricane to a Category 4 hurricane in just a matter of hours. Florence is currently kicking up a storm in the ocean, but by the time it reaches land, it could intensify and become a Category 5 hurricane.

So, where specifically is this storm predicted to encounter land? Florence currently looks like its main target is North and South Carolina with its effects radiating across to surrounding states as well. The massive thunderstorms and impetuous winds can wreck damage on any structures that obstruct the hurricane’s path, as well as increase the chance of mass flooding in its wake.

People who will be affected by this storm are on high alert and are taking whatever measures necessary to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones such as loading up on groceries, stocking up gallons of water and keeping the flashlights nearby.

Now that physical preparedness and the resourceful aspect of the situation is taken care of, people are mentally preparing for the hurricane. And what is the go-to coping mechanism for this generation when a large-scale, state of emergency inducing event occurs? Why, making a meme out of it, of course.

This meme originated on Facebook and utilized a niche feature that allows you to create events. Although the Facebook event feature is commonly used for concert publicity, planning get-togethers, and advertising organized events, it has now become a means of creating facetious events that generate circulation. In light of the impending Hurricane Florence, meme Facebook events regarding halting the storm are popping up by the minute.

The Hurricane Florence meme events are covering Facebook feeds along the east coast, providing some comedic hurricane relief while the nation braces itself for the natural storm. Here are some of my personal favorites.

1. “Use all of our fans at once to blow Hurricane Florence away”

Gather your Dysons everyone, because this one sounds quite effective.

With the combined power of all everyone’s fans, ceiling, standing, I’ll even count in blow dryers, we can create a superfan, that will end Hurricane Florence’s reign (and rain) once and for all.

2. “Sacrifice kids who went abroad to Florence to stop the hurricane”

Florence, Italy, is the ideal study abroad location for many college students, who long for their days to be filled with gelato and fettuccini alfredo, inspiring famous study overseas programs like NYU-Florence.

It’s supposedly a transformative experience, and when the students return, you’ll feel like you have been transported to Italy because they will never cease to talk about their amazing summer sipping limoncello under the sparkling Italian sun. Why not send them back to Florence for the greater good? Hurricane, Italian city, same difference.

3. “Boycott Hurricane Florence”

Yeah, I’m certain natural disasters are totally hip to civil disobedience. Once Florence sees the statement everyone is making, she will swirl her way right back into the Atlantic Ocean.

4. “Point at Hurricane Florence and sternly tell it to go away”

Sometimes all you need is just to be a tad more affirmative. Stand up for yourself, show your adversaries who is boss.

No raising voices. A calm but firm reprimanding will do. Oh, and don’t forget the finger pointing. That’s essential.

5. “Engage Hurricane Florence in a Beyblade Battle”

The fate of hundreds of people resides in the clutches of a spinning toy, the only revolving object that even has a chance of diverting this whirlwind storm. May the winds be in your favor.

6. “Do the Hokey Pokey at Florence so she’ll turn herself around”

This one is pretty cute, until you realize how bizarre it would be for the entire east coast to engage in a synchronized, communal dance. This allows it to go one of two ways.

One: Florence could take one look at the United States, be weirded out, and rotate away. Two: Florence could take one look at the United States, be weirded out, and decide these people need a hurricane pronto because they will not stop dancing, and come crash the party. Take your gamble.

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