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How To Start a Business That Practically Runs Itself

It's the ultimate dream — making money with minimal input from you.
March 25, 2022
3 mins read

It’s every entrepreneurs’ dream to own a business that runs itself – one that allows them to live a fulfilling social life and still maintain a stable business. The feeling is even better if the business rakes in millions even when you’re asleep. That’s why more than 25% of students start businesses while still at university instead of waiting for more traditional employment.

And while it may take you time and lots of effort to grow a business that can run itself and make enough money to sustain its operations, achieving that dream is possible if you use the right strategies. Here are tips anyone can use to start a business that practically runs itself.

1. Simplify the Operating Processes

A business that runs itself has simple ways of doing things. It doesn’t require much human attention to make things happen. Here are some ways to simplify your business processes and boost production without stressing your employees.

  • Identify and focus on what’s working and ignore what isn’t
  • Look for processes that you can automate
  • Set your baseline and company goals early
  • Try out new ideas and gather feedback
  • Create an integration interface for your systems to speed up data exchange and eliminate manual tasks

Simplifying business processes makes it easy to manage a business and gives you more time to focus on growth.

2. Create Standard Working Procedures (SOPs)

Quality is a great factor that influences a client’s decision to buy from one brand and not the other. Successful businesses are more concerned about maintaining or enhancing the quality of their products and services. Any company that wants to produce many products without compromising quality must come up with standard operating procedures (SOPs).

SOPs ensure that your business offers the same quality of products and services without a lot of human input. You don’t need to worry if one staff member is absent. Anyone can step in and produce the same results. One lending company that allows people to apply for a title loan online says it now processes more error-free loan applications than when it used manual loan forms. SOPs can draw more clients and boost sales if properly implemented.

3. Reward Competence

Employees feel motivated when they work for a company that appreciates them. It gives them a sense of belonging and makes them love their jobs more. But there’s more you can do to foster that culture — introduce a competency-based reward program.

Create a platform that encourages healthy competition among workers and reward the best for their excellent work. You can give monthly or annual rewards. A certificate of recognition given every month or quota is enough. You can also give gifts or monetary rewards as the company expands.

4. Share Your Vision With Your Team

Sharing your company vision with your team unites all of you — you work toward a common goal. It creates a common picture in everyone’s mind and enhances the will to achieve that goal. There are multiple ways to share your vision with your team. Remind the team about your vision as an organization during weekly or monthly staff meetings. Send emails to staff regularly and encourage and reward teamwork. Sharing your company vision with your team also makes them feel like family and further enhances their loyalty.

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