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Fake Tarot Readings on TikTok Have Given Users False Hope

With the recent rise of WitchTok, these misleading videos have become commonplace on many users' For You pages — here's how to spot the real deal.
April 23, 2021
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TikTok’s algorithm works in wonderful ways. Every video that comes up on a user’s For You page is catered toward their interests — and sometimes it can get scarily accurate. Anything that makes up a person’s attributes will have its own special side on TikTok, and this fact is well known in the community.

Each community that makes up TikTok has its own special “name.” For example, FrogTok refers to TikTok videos about frogs; AltTok is made up of edgier and weirder content with a specific set of sounds and jokes; and Witchtok is made up of tarot card readings, tips and advice about practicing spirituality.

Due to the pandemic, many people have taken the time to learn about and be a part of multiple communities on TikTok. Recently, WitchTok has been gaining a lot of attention due to its otherworldly nature, and many TikTok creators have taken advantage of the rising trend of witchcraft, spirituality and divination, spreading misinformation.

How To Spot a Fake Tarot Reading

Fake tarot readings tend to focus a lot on love. TikTok users may already be familiar with the phrase “A love from the past is coming back.” The content creators behind these fake tarot TikToks usually tell viewers what they want to hear to gain followers. However, tarot card readings are so much more than wondering where to find someone’s soulmate. Tarot card readings are also meant to be used for career insight, important life events, determining yes or no answers and practicing spirituality.

How can viewers spot a fake tarot reading? If they see “I claim this energy” in the comment section of a TikTok video, then it’s most likely a bluff. Keep in mind, viewers don’t need to follow, like, comment or share a TikTok video to claim any kind of energy. It is up to them to accept the energy with their minds and hearts. Simply clicking buttons on a social media app is not a part of spirituality, witchcraft or divination.

“It will reach to whoever it needs to” is another phrase to watch out for. The TikTok algorithm is calibrated and personalized to each account; therefore, this phrase is flawed. A person receives a TikTok video because their feed is customized through the systems and not because the universe sent it to them.

“Timing is divine” is used a lot in tarot readings. It means everything will happen at the right time, and this includes the past, present and future. Viewers should take note of this and keep in mind that tarot card readings are not meant to be accurate about everything in their lives. Usually, if a tarot card reader says that phrase at the beginning of a reading, then it’s most likely real and viewers can trust the content within the TikTok video.

Knowing the Basics of a Tarot Deck

Many decks that are used in these fake tarot card videos are the standard deck of cards. If the ace of spades or the ten of hearts comes up in a tarot card reading, then it’s definitely a fake reading and should be ignored.

It is important to know that tarot cards are known to have the major arcana, consisting of 22 trump cards, and the minor arcana, which is made up of four different suits: cups, wands, pentacles and swords. Each card has a specific and intricate design that shows the meaning behind it.

All four suits have something they represent. The suit of wands symbolizes will, passion, projects and careers. The suit of cups is all about emotions, relationships, intimacy and creativity. The suit of swords is known to be about intellect, reason and communication. Last but not least, the suit of pentacles relates to the physical world, its resources, the body and the senses. The numbers in a tarot deck also have their own meanings, and they each have their own different interpretations depending on the suit. For example, the ace of pentacles represents new beginnings, opportunities and potential finances, wealth and career.

Other Alternatives

It’s rather unfortunate that there are many content creators making fake tarot readings on TikTok, giving many viewers false hope. However, it is common knowledge to not trust everything on the internet. One thing to note is that tarot cards aren’t meant to predict the future. They are meant to be used as a guide on what to expect. It is up to an individual to take what resonates and ignore what doesn’t.

One trustworthy alternative is searching up tarot card readings on YouTube that are associated with your astrology sign. Many tarot card readers on YouTube are very credible. But it’s important to note that these readings are for a collective; therefore, they may not be specifically meant for one person.

Another alternative is to look for any tarot card readers near your location. These readers will give a personal tarot card reading, and it will be more genuine.

However, anyone can learn how to interpret tarot card readings and spreads. There are many resources online that can educate you on how to properly practice it so you won’t have to rely on others or worry about whether or not a reading is fake.

Final Takeaway

Take TikTok’s algorithm system into account when coming across a tarot card reading. It was most likely pushed onto your For You page due to its popularity. Do not trust any reading that tells its viewers to follow, like, comment or share the TikTok video to claim the message. Look out for the tarot deck that’s being used in a reading — make sure it’s not a standard deck of cards. And lastly, always do your research before believing a TikTok video. A quick Google search can always clear up what’s true and what’s not.

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