Ensure Your Bathroom Has These 5 Essential Items When Guests Stay Over

Give your guests the best treatment by providing everything they could possibly need for their visit.
December 14, 2020
3 mins read

Do you have friends, a partner or even your parents staying over for the night? Usually, guests will bring their own things when visiting, but there’s no harm in making sure your bathroom has all the essentials to ensure a smooth stay. After all, it could be a very spontaneous visit or your guests may have forgotten something in all the packing drama! You simply want your guests to feel homey and comfortable when they visit.

So, here are the items you should store in your bathroom for when your guests arrive.


This means anything a guest would use daily in the bathroom, even if they are only staying for one night or the weekend: items like cotton swabs, cotton face pads, spare toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream and razors, face and body lotion, as well as feminine products for good measure. You’ll definitely score points if you leave out a hand soap with a fresh scent, so pick up one of these and your guests can’t argue!


Sometimes a headache can occur for a variety of reasons, so stock up your vanity or cupboard with some aspirin and ibuprofen, as well as some heartburn lozenges and even band-aids if there are any small accidents. These should all be placed somewhere obvious and within reach.


You can never have enough towels! Soft, luxurious towels are a must if you want your guests to leave with a good experience. Every guest staying will need a large towel for the shower or bath, as well as a hand towel and even a face towel. If you think that you’ll likely have guests several times over the year, buy some new towels and make sure you do your homework! A fresh bath mat and shower curtain also help give them the feeling of arriving to a welcoming place.

Laundry Hamper and Trash Can

You don’t want your guests to think about where to put dirty towels or any trash! Place a laundry hamper and trash can (with a fresh plastic trash bag) in the corners of the bathroom so that guests know where to put everything once finished with it.

Fresh Flowers

Want to really impress your guests when they arrive? A small vase with a fresh bouquet of flowers on the windowsill or next to the basin will help to brighten up the room visually, and of course provide a wonderful scent to start the visit. You can also buy a plug-in air freshener, scented candles, or reed diffusers if you run out of time to get flowers.

That should do it for the bathroom! Of course, stock up on snacks and drinks to give your guests the best visit possible. Want more ideas for turning a house into a home? Check out these DIY tips here.

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