Get creative with your space. (Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash)

4 Awesome DIY Ideas That Will Make Your College Dorm Room a Home

Make your home away from home feel more like … well, home.

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Get creative with your space. (Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash)

Make your home away from home feel more like … well, home.

Moving to a dorm is often scary for many first-year students. Indeed, some people move out of their parents’ home with ease, while others take it pretty hard. For the majority, moving out means a lot of new tasks such as doing laundry, cooking and keeping track of your responsibilities yourself.

Often, dorm rooms look old and even hostile at first. In this article, you will get some tips on how to organize your new living space to make it cozier.

Cozy Means Home

It’s important to feel cozy in your new home. You will live there for at least a year, or possibly even longer. Hating it the whole time is not good for you. Your dorm room has to be the place you want to come back to.

College is hard enough with all the deadlines and cramming; everybody needs a place to feel safe and welcome. For some ideas, check out the article below on customizing your dorm room and get creative with it. And as for the academic hardships, remember that you can always delegate your homework to paperwritingservice, your reliable helper. Now, let’s concentrate on DIY ideas!

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Renew the Furniture

To refresh the place and give it a new look, you might want to make some changes regarding furniture. A comfortable chair is a must for every student; sitting on your bed can lead to serious back problems.

Still, new furniture is expensive, and not everybody can afford it. Check some online resellers or visit an actual flea market. There, you can find some real treasures.

If you found a comfy chair, but you’re not particularly in love with how it looks, you can always customize and restore it. There are a bunch of YouTube videos and Pinterest projects that you can try. Just make sure you don’t use paints indoors.

Bed Zone Is Important

Your bed is going to be the next most popular location after your desk. We recommend you get a cover for it so that you don’t risk bringing germs from the outside into your sleeping area. A DIY blanket will kill two birds with one stone by covering your bed and making it look amazing.

If winters in your area get cold and you don’t have any sewing equipment, consider knitting a chunky blanket. The supplies will cost you about $35, and you will only need to buy the yarn.

You can alter the size depending on your preferences, but an average blanket will take about five skeins. Check out this video for a detailed hand-knitting tutorial. A blanket like this can also make for a thoughtful gift.

If you are more into sewing, you can make a quilt. For this project, you will need a bunch of fabric scraps. They don’t necessarily have to be square, a quilt made from irregular shapes will look even cooler.

A sewing machine will be of great help; however, if you don’t have one, you can totally hand-sew a quilt. It will take much longer, but you can take this time to relax, unwind and meditate in a way.

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Wall Decor Matters

It’s almost impossible to imagine a dorm room without wall decor. Some schools have restrictions as to how much wall space you can cover. Make sure you check with your school first, before you cover an entire wall with pictures.

There are many creative ways to hang pictures of your close ones onto a wall. For example, you could take a big picture frame and glue strings to the back of it. Then, use pins to attach pictures to the frame. You can achieve the same effect by pinning pics to a wire rack.

Posters of your favorite movies or bands can also make great dorm room decor. You can frame them to look more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re into a particular movie franchise, say, “Back to the Future,” you can get posters of all three films and hang them like a three-piece painting.

If you’re into embroidery, placing beautiful designs on your wall can give it a country-home vibe. If you don’t like embroidering, you can buy complete designs from artists, but beware that handmade art can get quite expensive. However, embroidering by hand is not that hard. You just trace out a design on to linen fabric and then color it in, but with threads instead.

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Final Thoughts

Moving out is stressful in itself, but moving to a college dorm can take you way out of your comfort zone. Remember that you can take your comfort zone with you!

Take this time at home to DIY some decor for your future room to make it feel more like home. Start with the essentials: Think about your study area and make sure it’s comfortable. Put a blanket on your bed to cover it from dust and germs.

Don’t forget to hang some images or other decorative elements on your walls. This will cover the most likely ugly wall color and make your room much prettier.

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