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Five Ways to Ensure You are Playing Online Games Safely

Implement these strategies to stay safe when on the web.
November 11, 2022
4 mins read

Online gaming is a popular activity that may be enjoyed alone or with friends. There is something for everyone, and there are so many fun online games to choose from. But while playing online games may be fun, keeping safe is essential. 

Governments have done their part in ensuring a well-regulated industry, but it all comes down to securing your own safety when playing online games. For instance, not all forms of gambling are legal in Pennsylvania; it is your responsibility to understand the industry’s laws beforehand. But how can you ascertain you are safe during your gaming sessions?

Here are 5 safety tips for online gaming:

Avoid using personal information

Avoid using your personal information in your username when online gaming. The internet can be a data minefield; providing too much personal information can put you at risk for hacking. A competent social engineer can impersonate you and end up using your information against you.

Be careful of cyberbullies

Online games often allow players to connect with one another, which can be quite helpful when sharing tips and techniques. However, evil people can exploit this tool to cyberbully other gamers by using offensive language or making them feel uneasy. Many games allow you to report toxic conduct and abusive language, so be sure to report people who misbehave online.

Be careful with cheat codes and programs

Yes, we occasionally have difficulty progressing to the next level since games are supposed to be difficult. A ‘cheat’ code or ‘cheat’ software may help gamers take shortcuts and spend less time on the game. However, the ‘cheat’ may contain viruses or malware without your knowledge.

One way of minimizing fraud and hacking is through encryption, which gaming companies implement for the safety of their users. It is one of the elements to check when looking for legal online casinos in Pennsylvania.

Choose original games over pirated ones

When you use a pirated copy of a game, you cannot upgrade and patch to the current version of the game, and there is no support for forthcoming updates that might improve your gaming experience. Your PC could potentially become infected with viruses included in pirated game files. Once installed, the viruses are triggered, and may crash or damage your machine. Buying an original copy can save you from breaching the law and infringing on the intellectual property rights of the software’s creators.

Make use of parental controls

If you are a parent who allows your children to play online games, ensure that the ‘parental controls’ option on your computer is enabled. This will allow you to limit which games they can play; as certain games are not intended for children due to adult material or improper language.


Bonus Tips

Avoid linking your social media accounts

Many gaming firms monitor all your in-game chats, which occasionally extend to social media posts. For example, according to their privacy policy, some gaming companies obtain social data from gamers who link their Facebook profiles to their gaming accounts.

Use a VPN while you play

A VPN is a privacy tool that can mask your IP address, disguise your physical location, and modify your DNS information. Remember that certain games block players from VPN use for location-locked release dates or region-locked in-game goods. 

Never share your gaming account password

While you are likely to make many good acquaintances online, some of the ones you meet have sinister intentions. You must never reveal your login credentials to anyone, even if you trust them. Keep your account password private to avoid being compromised.

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