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How To Pick a Quarantine Dog Breed Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

Whether you're an outgoing ENFJ or a solitary INTP, there's the perfect type of furry friend for you.
June 15, 2020
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Though no two humans are exactly the same, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helps place them into specific personality categories, allowing them to psychologically evaluate why they choose to do the things they do. Upon taking the test, people are classified as one of 16 unique personality types whose characteristics can further be analyzed. Knowing this information about oneself can lead to a great deal of self-discovery — even when it comes to finding the perfect dog breed to join you in quarantine.

The personality of a dog emerges in hilarious and sometimes unexpected ways. Some breeds are mischievous, some like to snuggle, some are suspicious of every house guest and jogger and others will smile and wag at an intruder as they lead them directly to your valuables. If dogs had opposable thumbs to answer survey questions about their temperament, here is what the Myers-Briggs Personality Test would say about them. Discover which breed would best vibe with you during quarantine.

INTJ – The Basenji

A true INTJ, this ancient Egyptian dog breed values his alone time and solitude, while still reserving love and affection for his favorite family members. Basenjis are clever dogs and love to explore their world, though they need lots of proper training and stimulation or they’ll take to unpleasant behaviors such as digging and chewing furniture. True to the classic INTJ personality type, the basenji loves to learn and would make a great companion for those who wish to spend their quarantine in the comforts of their peaceful home.

Fun fact about basenjis: They are the only dog breed who cannot bark — instead they yodel!

INTP – The Poodle

Poodles are known for their elegant “show dog” poise and their larger-than-life, frilly tails and ears. If you’ve ever gotten to know a poodle, you likely found that they are extremely intelligent and pick up on commands quickly. In fact, poodles are one of the brightest dog breeds in existence according to the American Kennel Club. Their smarts, along with quality golden doodle grooming, are what make them outstanding in the show arena. Poodles are great learners and are always up for a little intellectual stimulation, meaning they would happily spend quarantine learning new tricks with their owner.

Though the poodle is often portrayed as being snooty, any INTP would be delighted by their down-to-earth demeanor, intellect and their role as a great family dog.

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ENTJ- The Great Dane

These beautiful German dogs are absolute powerhouses. The Great Dane is the tallest dog breed, ranging between 28 to 32 inches. These gentle giants have hearts of gold and are natural-born leaders because of their enormous height and booming presence.

Great Danes love their humans. Despite their size, they are excellent with small children and will protect their family at all costs. Who wouldn’t love to spend quarantine with an animal the size of a small horse?

ENTP- The Pug

You may be familiar with the beloved YouTube sensation Loca the Pug, the pug who couldn’t run. As sung in Loca’s music video debut, her friends say that she is “good fun,” which is a perfect way to describe the temperament of a pug. Like an ENTP, the pug is extremely social. The happy-go-lucky, snout nosed pup loves to be in the company of other dogs and humans. As ENTPs thrive by engaging and connecting with those around them, pugs find value in doing the same.

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Perhaps you and your pug could spend your quarantine at the local park interacting with lots of other dogs and humans — six feet apart, of course.

INFJ- The Beagle

Despite the beagle’s friendly, cheerful nature, they can be extremely stubborn and hard to train at times. Beagle owners must be committed to working with their pups or they’ll resort to a life of mischief, howling and barking. The beagle is an extremely loving dog breed who forms great relationships with their owners.

These adorable, patchy dogs are ideal pets for those who wish to remain active during quarantine.

INFP- The American Pit Bull Terrier

The pit bull is a horribly misunderstood dog breed.

Stereotyped as aggressive and mean, pit bulls are often vehemently dismissed by families who are looking to adopt a dog. This is unfortunate because like the INFP, pit bulls are loving and affectionate to those closest to them. They love their loved ones and are committed to fiercely protecting their humans. Similar to INFPs, they prefer the company of their family rather than strangers — especially strangers who are dogs.

Regardless of this, pit bulls are great pets for those who are in search of a devoted companion to help raise and protect their young children. Any INFP would be lucky to spend quarantine with the kind soul of a pit bull.

Image via Unsplash

ENFJ- The French Mastiff

Also known as the dogue de Bordeaux, these wrinkly giants are rays of sunshine in the lives of their families. Like ENFJs, French mastiffs are quite social and thrive as the leader of their pack. Because of this, French mastiffs are not to be left in chains outside. If not trained and socialized properly, these pups can become chaotic and hard to handle.

With proper care and training, the beautiful French mastiff would make an excellent quarantine buddy — especially to ENFJs who crave the company of another outgoing individual.

ENFP- The Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is the epitome of a people pleaser. This floppy-eared, gentle-mouthed dog breed will woo you with their eager responses to commands and training, making them great service dogs. If golden retrievers were allowed to join the workforce, they would consistently receive praise for their customer service skills.

The approval-seeking trait of the ENFP is mirrored in the temperament of a golden retriever. These spontaneous dogs will always be down to explore, if that’s what their owners want to do — and ENFPs are constantly ready for an adventure.

ISTJ- The Akita Inu

If you’ve seen the movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale,” you’re probably scarred for life, and you are definitely well-acquainted with the independence of the akita. This bright orange, fox-like dog breed originates from Japan and is an emblem of confidence and bravery.

As wonderfully portrayed by the three akitas who starred as Hachi — Leyla, Chico and Forrest — this breed values the solitude of their own routine. ISTJs are logical introverts, making them ideal owners of the striking akita.

ISFJ- The German Shepherd

The German shepherd is known for their large, pointy ears and their role in law enforcement K-9 units. This high-energy dog breed is extremely reliable and family-oriented, though they can be aloof toward house guests and other dogs. The German shepherd is fiercely devoted to their family and, in many cases, they have given their lives protecting their loved ones.

Owners of German shepherds must be prepared to leave their designated quarantine area daily and give their pups plenty of exercise — the German shepherd needs lots of opportunities to run around and blow off steam.

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ESTJ- The Briard

Just like the ESTJ, briards illustrate poise and self-confidence. These alluring dogs are memorable in appearance with their long, shiny coat and their overall shagginess. Briards are natural herding dogs, so it’s instinctual for them to keep a close eye on young children. The hardworking characteristic of a briard mirrors true ESTJs as they continually find themselves in positions of leadership.

Briards and ESTJs are so similar that they would make the very best of friends, and therefore ideal housemates during the COVID-19 quarantine.

ESFJ – The Samoyed

With their signature “Sammy smile,” and their adorable puffy little faces, samoyeds never fail to steal the hearts of those they meet. These cloud-dogs are constantly seeking affection (and treats) from their owners, while simultaneously on a mission to please. Samoyeds are excellent dogs from their nurturing instincts to their outgoing personalities and the friendly wags of their coiled tails. Like the ESFP, samoyeds are often needy and will shrilly bark until their owners are by their sides, giving them deserved pets and attention.

During your samoyed-filled quarantine, you must find a job for your pup or they will revolt and chew your furniture, shoes, TV remotes and everything else in their path. Perhaps your samoyed’s role could be chasing the birds flying over your garden, or herding and watching over your little ones. Regardless, be prepared for shedding. Lots of shedding.

ISTP- The Bernese Mountain Dog

Named after their place of origin, Bern, Switzerland, Bernese mountain dogs are some of the most easygoing, laid back pups. This strong dog breed was bred to help out with work such as cart pulling and watching over their masters.

Bernese mountain dogs are an extremely active breed who need roughly 30 minutes of hard exercise each day, but that shouldn’t be too big of a request for an ISTP. If you’re an ISTP and love action and adventure, you should definitely consider quarantining with a Bernese mountain dog as you’ll both find pleasure in common activities.

ISFP- A Labrador Retriever

The Lab is a common dog breed, and that’s because of their laid-back, sensitive demeanor. Everyone wants to own a Lab, and understandably so.

Even if you don’t know much about dogs, labs are the easiest to recognize by their floppy ears and their lean, muscular physique. Their simplicity is what makes them so lovable, though, because the temperament of a Labrador is an embodiment of the dog-owning experience. Labs are kind, loyal and make the perfect best friends.

ISFPs, you’d be an awesome Lab owner because of your own peaceful nature. The two of you would have the most chill quarantine.

ESTP- The Puli Dog

Pulis are basically giant panting mops, but in the best way possible. These unique dogs will charm you with their quirky sense of humor and their vivacious energies. Pulis are instinctively protective, which means it’s necessary to train your dog to know when excessive protection is unwanted. Regardless, puli dogs make great pets, and are certain conversation-starters. Even by merely looking at a picture of a puli, it can be inferred that these dogs will bring their owners lots of laughs and fun times.

And this is perfect because ESTPs are always down for fun. If you decide to spend your quarantine with a puli dog, you’re in for an amusing lockdown.

ESFP- The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

These spotlight-loving, short-legged creatures are perfect for an ESFP. Corgis may be small and stubby, but they have huge personalities — and they can’t wait to show them to you. This dog breed is meant for those who are outgoing, playful and excited about life.

If you’ve ever met a corgi, you’ve most likely seen how these little guys are in constant pursuit to be the center of attention. This breed thrives off of affection from their family as they aim to please those around them. The optimism of an ESFP is sure to mesh with the exuberance of a corgi — just don’t forget that these dogs have small legs and will need to rest between vigorous activities.

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