Crazy Slot Machine Themes

Crazy Slot Machine Themes

Slots are a favorite of many casino enthusiasts. If you’re someone who loves slot machines, here are the top 7 crazy slot machine themes available. Check it out.
September 2, 2022
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Slot machines are extremely popular, and rightfully so! It’s not a localized phenomenon either; they are popular around the world. They are easy to play, budget-friendly, and offer multiple free spins and bonuses to make the game all the more enticing. As technology advances, developers are coming up with new and exciting ways to amp up slot machines and incorporate weird and funny themes into them. Long gone are the days when slot games were just about spinning the reels and winning a prize.

Nowadays, you can easily find some crazy slot machine themes paying tribute to a sport, movie, celebrity, cartoons, food, and much more. Here are the top 7 weirdest and crazy slot machine themes; let’s check them out.

Weird Slot Machine Themes

1. Planet Exotica

Sexy women, sexy men, and sexy treasures to drool over: All that is normal and exciting, but what about alien strippers? Enter Planet Exotica. This is part of the sneak-a-peek series by Microgaming and is for adults only. With Planet Exotica, you get to see sexy aliens working their magic in an intergalactic strip club. You will see strange aliens wearing sharp and weird clothing and playing as strippers, bouncers, and bartenders.

The theme also has some fun features, such as the “select a smooch,” which triggers free games, and you can choose a set of lips to kiss an exotic alien with. Moreover, in the “sneak a peek” bonus round, you must match clothing items, and then the alien strippers will remove those matched items from bodies — definitely something you want to enjoy on your own.

2. Bible Slots

In many religions, gambling is a sin. So, this theme might come off as super weird. The Bible Slots consist of famous characters, numbers, and items, all important to Christianity and the Bible. Players actually get to learn more about the Bible. What’s more, there are sub-themes, such as Adam and Eve, End Days, and Noah’s Ark. Thus, you can choose your religious journey and gamble simultaneously. A bit weird, isn’t it?

3. Sharknado

Are you familiar with the famous “Sharknado” series? Where do Sharks get sucked into a tornado and wreak havoc on people on land? Yes, that one! Although a fun movie concept and terrible representation of reality, the movie gained a lot of popularity and resulted in a crazy slot machine theme.

In this slot machine, the movie’s characters, played by Tara Reid, John Heard and Ian Ziering, all make an appearance. You can also see sharks bobbing up and down in the background. The fun starts when a tornado appears, then a helicopter enters and starts bombing the sharks. And if a bomb lands on your reels, you are rewarded with wild cards, prize multipliers and much more.

4. Judge Judy

Another crazy slot machine theme is based on the daytime TV show Judge Judy. While everyone secretly binge-watches the show, some do find it odd that it made the cut for a slot machine theme. The game consists of Judge Judy herself, the TV show’s logo, and pictures of random law and court items such as a hammer, courtroom, etc.

To make it even weirder, there is a bonus round called “you make the call.” In this, you will be shown a clip of a case aired on the Judge Judy show, and then you have to make the same decision as Judge Judy. If your answers match, you win prize multipliers and a video clip of Judge Judy rewarding you.

5. Zombies

If you like gory games, then Zombies is the slot machine theme for you. Developed by NetEnt, the theme plays zombie sounds in the background and displays symbols like eyeballs, chainsaws, blood-splattered weapons and more. Once you score a winning combination, a zombie cheers you on.

You even get to kill some zombies. The bonus round involves you in a shopping mall, shooting the undead as they come towards you. You need to shoot straight as your score depends on it.

6. 40 Shades of Santa

Everyone is familiar with “50 Shades of Gray,” but have you heard of 40 Shades of Santa? Yes, good ol’ Saint Nick is the new sex icon in town. This weird slot machine theme involves images of handcuffs, high heels, lips and masks, and is a parody of the famous book (and movie).

7. Ted

Ted, a teddy bear that came to life. Cute, right? Well, the movie was anything but cute. The main character, the teddy bear Ted, is voiced by Seth McFarlane of “Family Guy” and is anything but innocent.  Developed by Blueprint Gaming, the “Ted”-based slot machine theme is fun and exciting. The slot consists of three bonuses: Psychedelic Bonus Boosts, Psychedelic Super Spins, and Psychedelic Colossal Spins.

Many other crazy slot machine themes are available out there, so explore and have fun. Hope you have you have a great time!

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