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From dealers to security, there are plenty of jobs to be done. (Photo by Kaysha on Unsplash)

Profitable Online Gambling Career: Top High Paying Casino Jobs

It’s a field worth exploring.

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in article about casino jobs, a roulette table
From dealers to security, there are plenty of jobs to be done. (Photo by Kaysha on Unsplash)

It’s a field worth exploring.

Article researched and developed by Katrin Young, a new content writer of, who has great experience in Australian gambling.

During the pandemic, the demand for online services has grown significantly. Many people have started to move to remote work due to the closure of many companies. Some have lost a stable source of income. Against the background of these events, the popularity of online casinos and online gambling jobs has grown tremendously. Cumulative net income from slot machines in 2020 rose to $ 5.7 billion, up from $ 5 billion in 2019. Experts expect this figure to reach $ 7.2 billion by 2024. Now it is profitable to build casino careers in this industry, because huge investments pass through it. The market needs developers, managers, financiers, marketers and even dealers. This article will tell you about the most popular best casino jobs near me that you can try today. It is very profitable to work in online gambling.

List of The Most Popular Casino Jobs

If we analyze the online gambling market and study the available vacancies, we can single out the 14 most popular and highly paid casino jobs. This list includes leadership positions, teamwork, GamCare jobs, and more. Those who do not have a specific set of skills can take training and become, for example, a qualified live casino dealer or slot attendant. Next, this article will take a closer look at each of the vacancies and talk about the required responsibilities, skills and salaries. The variety of jobs in the gambling industry allows you to choose what suits you best, as well as what can reveal your talents the most.

  • Director of Operations,
  • Affiliate Manager,
  • Account Manager,
  • Casino Finance Manager,
  • Security Manager,
  • VIP manager,
  • Shift Manager.
  • Online Marketer,
  • Analyst,
  • Internal Auditor.
  • Game Developer,
  • Casino Designer.

Director of Operations

Those in casino surveillance director jobs are very important because they are responsible for providing the necessary resources for the day-to-day operation of an online casino. They report directly to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company. The casino director jobs position is very important for online casinos as a specialist deals with the management of work and the establishment of innovations. Here is a list of responsibilities if you want to build online gambling careers in this position:

  • company personnel management;
  • search and establishment of project development strategies;
  • management of tournament and casino events;
  • management of company departments.

To become a casino surveillance director, you need to have experience as an online casino manager, know the gambling market, have experience with management software, and so on. For this vacancy, many firms are ready to pay an average of $150,000 per year.

Online Casino Dealer

Online casinos need dealers no less than their land-based counterparts. This fact was influenced by the growing demand for live board games. Anyone can try to become a dealer: poker dealer, blackjack dealer, table games dealer. To do this, you need to turn to game providers that are developing this genre of entertainment. To become a stickman, you need to know, ideally, English or whatever other language you need. Also, casino dealer jobs accept mainly young guys and girls aged 18 to 40 years. In addition to the language, they must know the intricacies of board games and express themselves clearly. The average annual salary for a croupier in the United States is $50,000. If you want to try one of these jobs in the gambling industry, you should take on the following responsibilities:

  • game process control and casino security;
  • the ability to deal cards, control the roll wheel;
  • answers to players’ questions about the rules and so on.

Casino Designer

The proverb says that good clothes open all doors. In the context of online casinos, this is more than applicable, only instead of clothes, they are judged by the design of the site. Many people place a lot of emphasis on aesthetics, and a well-designed website can attract them more than other factors. The work of a casino designer or web designer is in great demand for those seeking careers in the gambling industry. Employees create the casino layout or slot design in order to make the most pleasant interface for the user. Popular online casinos and frequently used casino slots have an attractive design, which is the key to success. To work in this position, you need to be able to use programs such as Photoshop, 3Ds Max, and other image editors. A casino interior design specialist can count on $25,000 – $45,000. The designer’s responsibilities include:

  • casino logo design;
  • development of a gambling design site;
  • creation of the layout and design of the site directly;
  • colorful slot game design
  • game design development (if you work for a provider);
  • study of new trends in the field of web design.

Casino Affiliate Manager

Online casinos are increasingly resorting to partnerships with other companies. This is especially important in the context of using software from game providers. For these operations, each gambling project hires one of the most important jobs in the gambling industry — an affiliate manager. His direct responsibilities include promoting casino services and products to attract an audience, concluding agreements with other companies on mutually beneficial terms, etc. If you want to gain new experience and knowledge, you can visit casino and affiliate conferences, which will surely be useful. On average, a good specialist in casino manager jobs earns $27,000, but depending on work experience, this figure may be higher … So, a specialist with five years of experience can count on $36000 – $38,000. To get any casino general manager jobs, you need:

  • legal education in the field of law and online casino security;
  • the ability to agree on partnership agreements on favorable terms;
  • the ability to analyze the market and engage in product promotion.

Online Casino Marketer

The ability to correctly present a product can significantly affect its demand. Online marketing is now a very important aspect. Each online casino has a specialist in the industry. This is very important because it is the internet marketer who promotes the products and services of the gambling project. The main route is the mass media in the form of social media platforms, advertisements and even banners on the street. Another responsibility of an internet marketer is to analyze customer needs. Also, sometimes you will need to resort to the analysis of competitors’ advertisements to be able to do better than them. To hold this position, a specialist is required to have a mandatory marketing education and experience in the gambling market. A good specialist can qualify for $30,000 – $35,000, which can grow depending on experience and portfolio.


At the moment, the profession of the copywriter is in great demand among gambling commission jobs. In addition to the gambling sites themselves, many review sites collect all the key information about online casinos. For them to be popular, they need to be filled with content in the form of descriptions, rags, and so on. This is what copywriters do. Sometimes they can combine SEO promotion services. Concepts such as keywords, LSI phrases, and compiling a site description for a site-based system are an integral part of copywriting. To become a copywriter, you must be recognized in the field of gambling, best online casino, free pokies games, know the language at level B2 and below, as well as be able to clearly and concisely express their views. A copywriter’s salary ranges from $20,000 to $25,000 per year with minimal work experience. Responsibilities include:

  • writing unique texts for a specific topic;
  • search and structuring of information;
  • adding elements of SEO promotion to the text and so on.

Account Manager

Working with online casino clients is very important because they provide the project’s income. For this, every gambling website must have a qualified account manager at its disposal. They are the face of the casino and must be able to properly present themselves and the company as a whole. Their main responsibilities include expanding the scope of the company by working with a client base, thereby increasing total income. It is important to note that casino clients are not only players but also partners in the form of game providers and so on. Therefore, it is important to build strong relationships with them and find new potential customers. To become an account manager at an online casino, you need to have a financial background in account management and sales skills. You also need to be able to negotiate with clients. In this case, you can count on $41,000 – $85,000 per annum.

Game Developer

The core of every casino is its gaming portfolio. It is important that they are of high quality and worked out to the smallest detail. Millions of dollars are at stake, so a glitch in the game’s code can lead to irreversible consequences. The role of a game developer is a very demanding and challenging one. This should provide a partial answer to the question as to what are the highest paying jobs in a casino. Nowadays, most games are written in languages ​​such as C#, Ruby, Python, or use the open-source code of other games as a skeleton. In addition, very often developers create casinos, slots and various real money pokies for your smartphone to allow users to play from their mobile. A specialist should know one of these languages ​​at the web development level, have testing and web design skills (depending on the position in the development team), and, of course, have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The payroll starts at $25,000 per year and goes up to several hundred thousand dollars.  The responsibilities of a game developer include:

  • writing scripts for the game;
  • testing;
  • development of game design and business logic;
  • product introduction into the online casino website and so on.


The position of analyst is in high demand in the online casino market. They can be both financial analysts and security analysts. The former is engaged in the analysis of the financial aspect of the gambling market and the online casinos in which they operate. This accounting is needed for the distribution of finances to obtain more profit for the company. Security analysts play an equally important role in casino life. On the internet, there are many ways to cheat and manipulate finances and data. Such specialists must find and know about all possible methods, as well as take measures to avoid fraud. The specialist must have education and skills in the field of cybersecurity and law. They also have the responsibility of constantly updating the best paying casino software and improving security measures. A young professional can count on $25,000, with great salary growth prospects.

Casino Finance Manager

Probably many wondered how to get a casino job. An online casino is an institution that allows large financial flows to pass through itself and needs specialists who could control and draw up reports. This is the responsibility of the casino financial manager. This is a very important position that requires a financial education specialist and the ability to work with special accounting programs. An experienced specialist in among the highest paying casino jobs, they can count on $47,000 per year with the possibility of a bonus and further growth. The direct responsibilities of the casino financial manager include:

  • analysis and consideration of the company’s financial statements;
  • accounting management;
  • an overview of the company’s financial balance;
  • accounting of employees’ wages;
  • personnel training and development;
  • control and storage of forms related to top paying slot machines and other casino games.

VIP manager

Many online casinos have special loyalty programs that reward regular players. They reward gamblers with special bonuses, which allow them to receive large percentages from deposits or free spins for slots. To provide online casinos with these offers, they need a VIP manager. Their direct responsibilities include the creation of these programs and filling them with content. For this, the VIP manager must be in close contact with other departments of the gambling project to provide players with the opportunity to receive bonuses without losses for the online casino itself. Also, a specialist must implement these programs and promote them to attract a new audience and stake out regular customers. A qualified VIP manager can expect a salary of $28,000 to $35,000 per year to start off. The following skills are required from the future VIP manager:

  • analysis of the needs of the players;
  • the ability to analyze the financial sphere of highest paying casino games;
  • knowledge of the principles of internet marketing.

Security Manager

We have already touched on the topic of security in regards to analysts; now it is time to discuss with you the position of a security manager. The security manager is one of the most important among the entire staff of the online casino. They manage the security department and the direct provision of data protection and finance. Such a specialist should have a cybersecurity education along with legal education to resolve conflicts within the framework of the law. Since this is a managerial position, a specialist must have experience in this area of ​​online gambling. If you meet all of the above criteria, then you can expect a salary of $60,000 – $100,000 per year. Their responsibilities include:

  • monitoring the security of online casinos,
  • protecting property and copyright,
  • preventing possible attacks from hackers and fraudsters.

Shift Manager

Each online casino manager is involved in the regulation and oversight of many aspects of the project and may or may not be available to manage their department. In such a situation, personnel can contact the shift supervisor. In fact, they are an assistant manager who can both carry out their direct tasks and perform part of their duties. The main duties of this specialist are to control the quality of services provided by online casinos to their users. They also pay close attention to compliance with the online casino rules, highest paying slot machines and the policies it provides to its employees and users. To be a shift manager, you must have leadership qualities, have a deep understanding of all aspects of online casinos, and be able to work with people. A qualified professional can expect an annual salary of $70,000.

Internal Auditor

The internal audit of a company is an integral part of any project that has a large turnover of funds. For this, gambling projects hire internal auditors, who must provide an analysis of the company’s finances and also check reports for fraud on the part of customers or online casino workers. As for the necessary skills, the internal auditor must have a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting, be able to work with a stack of certain programs that are engaged in automatic calculations of company finances, and generate and submit reports for the management of an online casino. A good accountant is needed anytime, anywhere. But in online casinos, they also need to know the basic aspects of the market to approach the analysis more objectively. The average annual salary for such specialists is $55,000 with the possibility of growth.

How Much Does an Online Casino Dealer Earn in 2021?

All professions in the gambling market have high salaries and can provide a comfortable life. Leading positions aside, casino dealer jobs have the highest salaries in terms of potential growth. This is why: The industry needs qualified specialists, and in this situation, demand exceeds supply. This creates a scarcity that increases the cost of a live casino dealer. Currently in the US, the average annual salary for an online casino dealer is $50,000 per year. This is $ 24 per hour, which is a very high figure for most countries in the world. Salaries range from $11,000 to $115,500. Based on the average salary, most dealers receive between $ 31,000 and $ 61,000. This spread is due to the presence of many online casinos and providers that provide services of varying quality. This is also influenced by the experience and skills of the dealers themselves. Dealers who speak multiple languages ​​have the highest salaries, which increases the number of potential customers for online casinos. Anyone can get lucky and fall under the wing of a well-known online casino, but it takes a lot of effort to get into the top 50% of the range.

Best Paying Related Online Casino Dealer Jobs

We analyzed the highest salaries in the online gambling industry and selected the top 5 for you. Surprisingly, only one occupation on the list is managerial; all the rest are somehow related to working for someone. For example, a casino financial analyst vacancy opens the list of the highest salaries with a salary of $70,000 per annum. Such specialists are valued throughout the labor market because they can increase the income of companies. The fourth place is taken by the head of the casino dealer with a salary of $78,000 per year. This specialist regulates the activities of the dealer, arranges advanced training courses for them, or can conduct games for special guests themselves. In third place is the position of the operating director with a salary of $84,000. This is one of the main positions within an online casino, as this specialist is engaged in promotion, audit, the conclusion of partnership agreements, and so on. And in the highest position is the position of online gaming dealer with an annual salary of $105,000. This is because gambling dealers are in high demand and can also receive generous tips from their customers in some casinos.

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Online Casino Business?

This article has analyzed casino jobs in the gambling industry and is ready to draw a general conclusion, in which you will receive an answer to the main question: What is worth working in gambling, and which position is the most profitable? For those who want to open their online casino business from scratch, the project cost can range from several hundred thousand dollars to a million dollars. This amount looks very significant, but there are several reasons for this.

  • The cost of gaming software can be as low as $10,000 – $50,000 for a regular set of games, or $100,000 – $500,000 for a set of premium games with increased profitability.
  • A website that is an integral part of the casino also costs up to $5,000.
  • A compulsory expense item will be a license from one of the gambling commissions, which will cost about $40,000 per year.
  • To service an online casino, you will need qualified personnel, whose salary can go up to $200,000.

Before starting, it’s worth researching and learning from the experiences of other gambling companies and how they started work. You can also take reserve funds for additional expenses into account, but this is not necessary. This project can pay off in a few years. If you just intend to associate your career with the gambling industry, then the profession of a live dealer with a salary of up to $115,000 per year will be a real boon for you. These professions have a very wide range of salaries, the amount of which depends on the company and the length of service of the employee. Among all positions, the least profitable are:

  • copywriter;
  • casino designer;
  • VIP manager.

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