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Best Entertainment Spots in Arlington for Students

With a wide variety of entertaining locales, this city may be the perfect place to destress after finishing the semester.

On the weekends, students at the University of Texas at Arlington who are looking for a place to relax or celebrate after completing their finals can go off campus to enjoy a wide variety of entertaining spots, including Globe Life Field, AT&T Stadium, Texas Live and Free Play. These places are not only relaxing, but also provide opportunities to make memories with friends and help relieve stress after finals.

Globe Life Field

Globe Life Field is the newly renovated Texas Rangers Stadium; this gorgeous venue includes a retractable roof and delicious foods such as creamy cheese grits and rattlesnake sausage. According to the Arlington Convention and Visitors Bureau, “Globe Life Field boasts a range of club and VIP experiences — from specialty bars like the Balcones Speakeasy, where they pour Waco-based cocktails, to premium suites that will wow your guests.” These adult-oriented experiences are not the only sources of entertainment at the ballpark. Kids can enjoy the Kids Zone, which is an interactive playground complete with a Major League bat slide and Sony PlayStation gaming systems.

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Students interested in different sports can visit the other entertainment venues near Globe Life Field. The AT&T Stadium, also known as the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, was relocated from Dallas, Texas, to Arlington, Texas, in 2009. On the grounds of the stadium is the Miller LiteHouse, an entertainment venue that opens early before the football games. The Miller LiteHouse features two beer gardens, one main stage for music and entertainment, four to five food trucks and over 60 screens for watching the game. Those willing to pay for the VIP treatment can stay at luxury suites complete with televisions, a delicious buffet, some comfortable seats, champagne and a living room.

The Cowboys games are not the only form of entertainment at the stadium; students in Arlington can enjoy two concerts that it will be hosting in 2023: “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” during which students can sing-along to their favorite Taylor Swift songs all night long and the “Luke Combs: World Tour” for country music fans. For art fans, there is “The Dallas Cowboys Art Collection,” which houses works such as the 2009 “Coming Home and (Meet Me) at the Waterfall” wall acrylic by the artist, Franz Ackerman. This art piece was designed by Ackerman to, “Convey the rhythm of his trips around town abstractly, by means of color, line and shape.” If students want to take a tour of the AT&T Stadium, there are several tour packages such as the “VIP Guided Tour presented by Seat Geek” which includes a tour of the private suites, the print media press box and the Dr. Pepper Star Bar.

Texas Live

Other venues provide booming nightlife, as well as numerous restaurants and bars. Texas Live, which is located next to Globe Life Field, provides great entertainment. For the 2022 FIFA World Cup, soccer fans could watch the games on a mega screen with clear sound. Texas Live also hosted watch parties featuring the Mexico and USA matches. Soccer fans can also book a table and drink cold beer while eating some delicious bar food. Furthermore, international students can request to watch their nation’s games such as cricket or rugby.

Delicious BBQ

Want to eat some of your favorite comfort foods? Lockhart Smokehouse serves delicious barbecue such as Kreuz Market Sausages, brisket, turkey and other meats smoked low and slow over Texas post oak. As their website states, “Every day, we fire up the great smoked meat classics that make Lockhart the ’Barbecue Capital of Texas.’ Of course, what is Texas BBQ without a cold beer? Lockhart Smokehouse also features great Texas brews on draft ice cold and ready for your drinking pleasure.”


Another great place to dine is Troy’s, an outdoor restaurant that plays live music every night. Troy’s also hosts “Steak Nights in Texas” every Wednesday, wherein a person can order a 10-ounce strip steak, brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes with a house-made sauce. For students who want to show off their dance moves, every Saturday night is “The Drop – DFW’s Ultimate Saturday Night Dance Party,” the event includes performances from national EDM artists, free parking and free admission.

Free Play

Free Play has over 130 arcade games along with food, drinks and events, all for a $11.09 entrance fee. Popular ’90s arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Tetris, Marvel Vs. Capcom and Ms. Pacman are all available to play. The Free Play bar was named one of the DFWs best bars, and boasts a large list of beers, liquors, spiked ciders and wines. There are also daily specials such as $3 Mimosas you can enjoy with a $6 plate of crudités and cheese every Sunday.

Hungry? Free Play also offers delicious food such as the “BBQ Toast,” a hot-press sandwich with house-roasted pulled pork, red onions, BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese on Texas Toast. For vegetarians, there is “Vegvana,” a hot-pressed sandwich with hummus spread, spring mix, tomatoes and cucumbers on Texas toast. Alternatively, visitors can have some Margherita pizza or mini tacos as a snack. Furthermore, Free Play hosts holiday events such as the “Party Like It’s 1982! Official Arlington NYE” New Year’s Eve Party with a breakfast bar and a complimentary glass of champagne.

As students find ways to relax after finals, they might consider visiting Arlington, Texas, a thriving city full of entertaining ways to celebrate with friends and family.

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