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If you want it, you have to work for it. (Image via Pixabay)

We all have to begin somewhere.

Every avid book reader has at least once wondered about writing their own work. But how to become a writer? This question is very broad, almost immense, and rhetorical. You may provide many answers, and none will be correct. In general, there is no higher truth, no secret knowledge that writers possess. However, there are some practical hints on where to begin writing a book, how to continue it, how to avoid giving it up and how to get to the end. Writing skills can be learned, and beginners can glean a lot from the experience of others.

What Are the Main Fears of Writers?

— Fear of being criticized: This often happens with aspiring authors.

— Difficulties in formulating thoughts and ideas: You may have plenty of ideas, but they get stuck in your head.

— Painful search for interesting topics: This is more often the case for bloggers or journalists.

— Fear of failing to complete your work: It is specific to those for whom writing is not yet a craft or habit.

Tips From 5 Famous Writers

1. George Orwell

This great writer believed that each person has a creative spark to write.

— Begin your writing journey by describing your surroundings: loved ones, work, emotions. Make your narrations as broad and vivid as possible. It will allow you to master the skills of transferring feelings on paper.

— Never use too complicated terms if you can replace them with everyday vocabulary.

Orwell is warning against expecting to write a masterpiece on the first try. It is necessary to start with simple descriptions, using plain words from everyday language.

2. Kurt Vonnegut

This master of fantastic stories said that the main character should be the focus of any literary work.

— Give the reader at least one hero whom he will heartily support.

— Prioritize these two goals: disclose the hero and develop the events

The author suggests concentrating on characters and making them interesting and exciting.

3. Henry Miller

This author of a few scandalous works believes the inner mood of a writer matters a lot.

— Avoid writing when you are nervous. And start working only when you feel the inspiration for it.

— Try to complete whatever you have started.

According to the writer, a beginner should work on prose or poetry only during moments of delight. After all, without the muse, the result is doomed.

4. Neil Gaiman

This talented writer is sure the beginner can and should be wrong. Besides, it is vital to develop the right attitude toward criticism.

— Put your writing aside. Then read it as if you were doing it for the first time. Show your work to friends who like something and whose opinion you respect.

— Add word after word. Find a phrase, write it down.

Analyze your writing and ask somebody for feedback. The writer states that only under the influence of criticism can you hone your own skills.

5. Anton Chekhov

The famous author devoted a great deal of time to the topic of literature, encouraging people to write.

— If you want to write, do so. Select a topic first. Here you are given full freedom. But avoid old topics: There is no need in discovering America for the second time.

— Read more books to enhance your speaking skills. You cannot write well if you are tongue-tied

According to the writer, it is these hints that have helped him a lot.

Online Apps to Improve Your Writing

The writing process can quickly become confusing or even begin to seem hopeless. But there is a solution to this problem. You can find a lot of online services from simple and affordable applications and sites for everyday routine tasks, to multifunctional programs used by professional writers.

The Story Starter

This service has become one of the best free tools for writers. It creates the first line of the work in order to trigger your creativity.

Polish My Writing

If you feel your writing is not ideal, you may recheck it with the editing system. It will suggest options for improving style and grammar and will identify spelling mistakes that you have missed.

Pro Essay Writer

The resource will make it easier to reshape your current way of writing, motivate thinking or offer you valuable solutions. 

750 Words

Writing 750-word texts daily is a great way to develop the skills of a professional writer. You can even share your results to introduce an element of competition.

Creative Writing Solutions

All writers use this resource regardless of their experience. This is a perfect directory of practical advice and solutions to most writers’ queries.

Literacy is very important in the modern world. It is required in all spheres of life, whether you are doing research, writing an essay or just an email to a friend. It is not an easy task to develop good writing skills. So no wonder that sometimes writers need help. Fortunately, the abundance of various writing tools and tips can help overcome all obstacles.

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