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There are plenty of ways to use the substance.

There are many ways to get CBD and they can be used for a variety of health-related purposes — everything from pain relief, anti-anxiety relief, better sleep and just plain relaxation.

The majority of people who decide to indulge in CBD products elect to take their CBD via CBD oil.

CBD oil is produced by planting hemp that contains less than .3 percent THC (the chemical that gets you high) and extracting it.

Note that no CBD products will produce a high with their use, because they contain low levels of THC, while products that contain over 0.3 percent THC, are classified as marijuana and subsequently illegal on a federal level.

There is another way to obtain the effects of CBD hemp though, and for some, it is the preferred method: smoking hemp flowers.

Much like marijuana, the hemp flower is the dried flower of the female CBD hemp plant (note the .3% legal threshold required to label it a CBD product rather than marijuana). You can also read more about hemp flower on

So why might you want to smoke hemp flower products?

The main reason is that smoking CBD hemp flowers delivers the positive cannabinoids of CBD quicker than when it is ingested, put under the tongue or eaten in a gummy.

What happens is that the CBD cannabinoids are instantly delivered to your body through the capillaries in your lungs.

As a result, you get an almost instant hit of cannabinoids when you smoke dried hemp flowers. However, you still won’t get high because there is minimal THC in the concoction, but you are likely to get a slight buzz, similar to drinking a glass (not a whole bottle) of wine.

The principal cannabinoids of hemp flowers are CBD and CBG, another cannabinoid that is associated with relaxation, reduced pain and reduced anxiety.

The main reason that people prefer to smoke hemp flowers is that they will get the potential benefits of CBD much quicker into their body.

Are there other positive benefits of smoking hemp flowers?

There are several key benefits of smoking hemp flowers.

  • It’s a Familiar Experience.

    Many (in fact, perhaps 95% or more) of those who smoke CBD hemp flower have previous experience with smoking marijuana.

    Part of it then is psychological. You get to experience many of the same benefits of smoking CBD hemp as you do with smoking marijuana.

    In short, it’s a trip down memory lane, and the many different flavors available in CBD hemp flower enhance the experience.

  • It’s Very Quick

    Smoking CBD hemp flower is the fastest way to get the positive effects of cannabinoids in the flower.

    Short of an intravenous injection of CBD, which nobody does, smoking CBD hemp flower is much quicker acting than putting CBD oil under your tongue (the next fastest method) and much faster than taking gummies.

  • Higher Bioavailability

    For most of you, bioavailability may not be in your vocabulary (and it’s doubtful the word will come up in an adult spelling bee), but it refers to the rate and amount of CBD that enters your bloodstream.

    When people say that smoking CBD hemp flowers is a much quicker way to obtain the potential benefits of CBD, they aren’t just making things up.

    According to some studies, inhaling CBD by smoking the hemp flower produces up to 56% bioavailability. (Note that the rate can vary depending upon how many puffs you take, and how long you hold the smoke into your lungs.)

    But this is significantly higher than taking other forms of CBD.

    For example, if you take CBD oil under your tongue, there is a bioavailability rate in the bloodstream of between 13% and 35%.

    Meanwhile, if you swallow it orally, the range is as low as 4% to up to only 20%.

    There is no question about it, smoking hemp flower delivers more punch to your CBD routine.

  • Affordability and Legality

    As long as CBD hemp flowers contain less than 3% THC, they are legal in practically every state in the union. You can even buy pre-rolled dry CBD hemp flowers on Amazon.

    And then there is the affordability factor.

    If you live in a state that offers medical marijuana dispensaries, an ounce of marijuana can cost you around $300, with the national average being around $326.

    Meanwhile, an ounce of smokable CBD hemp flower may be as low as $100 an ounce.

  • The “Entourage” Effect

    In this case, the theory is that different cannabinoids, when taken together at the same time, produce a synergistic effect.

    In short, many experts believe that if multiple cannabinoids are taken into your body, they combine and enhance one another.

    Smoking hemp flowers, they suggest, is one of the best ways to test the “Entourage” effect for yourself.

By now you may be itching to obtain some smokable hemp flower, but there are some precautions.

The first is that smoking anything is not recommended by doctors.

Various studies have been done to compare CBD hemp flower smoking and regular tobacco smoking.

While smoking CBD hemp flower has been shown to be significantly less carcinogenic, there is still a risk, so you might want to consult your doctor first.

The second is that it is possible to fail a drug test smoking CBD hemp flower.

It’s not supposed to happen, and drug tests don’t look for CBD at all, but some private employers use low-level drug tests that may pick up the minimal THC in your system.

In general, however, smoking CBD hemp flowers may provide just the type of sleep, anti-anxiety and relaxation effects you are looking for.

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