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a married couple showing off their wedding rings
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There’s a whole new set of ways to get hitched nowadays.

Recent information shows there will be about 2.5 million weddings in the coming months. Engagements and weddings are special occasions for couples, friends and family, meaning they should be unique and memorable. To make the occasion special calls for more than just having a ring to mark the event. Most couples are getting more creative by opting for unique and custom solutions. This has given rise to multiple trends that go against the norm.

1. Sustainability

Ecological awareness is gaining traction at an increasing rate across multiple industries, including the wedding industry. In jewelry, there is a trend for couples to choose options that don’t harm the environment. With more creative artists finding innovative ways for aesthetic recycling, the trend can only get stronger.

Specifically, recycled gold and vintage jewelry are preferable since they make the engagement ring interesting. In the modern world, sustainable engagement rings make a statement revealing your commitment to sustainability.

Recently, phrases like lab-grown and conflict-free are appearing, and the trend is getting more popular among people seeking to be more kind to the environment. Diamonds were a popular option for engagements and weddings. As people realize the effects of conventional diamonds on the environment and local communities, there’s a decisive shift toward responsibly sourced diamonds.

Some couples are hosting vegan dinners or sticking with local ingredients. Others are ensuring leftovers, flowers and clothes are recycled and donated after the event. More people are embracing minimal waste before, during and after the wedding.

2. Commissioned Eye-Catching Designs

If you cherish artisan jewels, you can commission a unique piece perfect for anyone who has difficulty getting what you envision. Most couples shopping for unique engagement rings are searching for a custom experience with a personal touch.

This allows you to incorporate your personality and lifetime love stories in unusual ways. And while there are tons of ready-made options available, couples prefer to create their engagement jewels from scratch.

Classic settings and themes are timeless, but more couples are going for the extraordinary. The emerging trend around handcrafted and non-machined pieces is gaining traction. Some engagement rings incorporate asymmetrical stones, mixed metals and raw stones to make them eye-catching.

3. Gender Neutral Options

Gender-neutral engagement rings are becoming mainstream jewels, seeking to occupy the space once dominated by masculine and feminine styles. Gender-fluid designs will become more popular thanks to famous celebrities initiating the trend.

While feminine engagement rings are still trendy, more women are moving towards bold and chunky jewel designs traditionally popular with the male gender. However, gender-neutral options go beyond basic designs, and you can find various designs for your occasion.

4. Regency-Themed Weddings

Regency-themed weddings are becoming popular, and the trend matches the desire for extravagance by couples. At these weddings, vintage-inspired and heirloom engagement rings are common, and brides wear puff-sleeved dresses, corseted bodices and luxurious white gloves. On the other hand, grooms prefer white-tie tuxedos that demonstrate class and luxury.

During the wedding ceremony, they incorporate current fashion trends but add a unique vintage spin. Prussian blue is a dominant color combined with multiple mounds of intricate and beautiful flower arrangements. The table setting features sophisticated calligraphy, romantic literary quotes, soft candlelight and ornate settings.

5. Relaxed Luxury and Multi-Day Experiences

The traditional formality of most lavish weddings is getting pared down slightly. And while black-tie weddings are still popular, a relaxed vibe is emerging at modern weddings due to the outdoor attitude and influence. Typically, more couples opt for more fun at the expense of fuss and traditions. More couples are steering away from formal celebrations to explore food truck parties, cocktail-style parties, dance parties and everything outside the traditional wedding.

Couples are going an extra step to uphold the theme of focusing on guests by tailoring multi-generational experiences. In addition, couples are hosting multiple events during the wedding week to cater to different guests. Typically, there are events for nieces, nephews, all the way to grandparents. All this shows people are now gravitating toward breathtaking experiences.

These multi-generational experiences are becoming multi-day affairs. Ideally, most couples want to go big before going home. This means they’re hosting luncheons, welcome parties, boat outings, rehearsal parties and brunches before the actual wedding. Today, all these events are part of the wedding in a bid to wow guests.


There are multiple trends in the engagement ring and wedding space. It’s essential to understand the available options before deciding since the events are about making your spouse feel special. And while there isn’t a single option that caters to everyone’s needs, it’s prudent to consider the trending options to ensure your event is spectacular and memorable.


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