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3 Things You Can Learn Online Through Practice

The internet is an endless repository of knowledge, but some of that knowledge has more practical uses than others.
May 1, 2021
5 mins read

The pressure to pick up new skills are immense these days. With the job market becoming more competitive by the day, having a second option to rely on can be a great way to set up a safety net. While this sounds relatively easy in theory, access to education isn’t always the simplest thing. We might have the internet to help us find opportunities to learn, but most of it entails only theoretical knowledge without many examples of how to apply it. Thankfully, some options include both, and if you’re willing to give them a shot, here are a few suggestions.

1. Graphic Design

If you look up some of the most in-demand skills at the moment, you will find graphic design near the top of the list. Thanks to the mass digitalization we’re experiencing in the 21st century, graphic designers are more needed than ever. One of the biggest reasons for this is the increased marketing effort aimed at audiences online. Eye-catching graphics and illustrations are now a part of pretty much every business, no matter how big or small, and they can be crucial to the success of the product or service.

The good news about graphic design is that because of its digital nature, you can learn to become an expert in it online. There are dozens of excellent graphics design courses out there that can help teach you the theory and how it translates into real life work, all with the help of design tools. You can do all of this through your computer, with lessons that can teach you how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. To top it all off, Adobe, the leading provider for graphic design tools, offers in-depth instructional videos on their page to help budding designers learn to use their software.

2. Bitcoin Trading

Currently, trading bitcoin is one of the most profitable investment options out there. While it might seem hard at first glance, users can now start trading immediately with the help of apps like the Bitqh software. As some of you may already know, Bitcoin trading often requires lots of knowledge and experience in the crypto field. While this is pretty much a fact at this point, automated trading software takes away these demanding requirements, giving newbies a chance to ease their way into Bitcoin trading and work on improving along the way.

What makes these apps work is their combination of advanced AI tech and simple instructions. Since the app uses AI algorithms to track promising investment opportunities, newbies can start earning almost immediately. Of course, they can further improve their performance by picking up a few tips and tricks along the way. By learning more about Bitcoin trading strategies, changes on the scene, and the latest updates in the world of crypto, they can make adjustments in the software to increase their potential profits in the future.

3. Self-Publishing

Most people have thought about writing a book at least once or twice. Whether it was a sci-fi epic about cosmos warping adventures or a helpful guide on doing tasks you’re good at, the idea must have crossed your mind. The good news is, you can write and publish an excellent book today all by your lonesome. What stops most people from releasing their work into the world is often a grueling publishing process, but with self-publishing platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing and Draft2Digital taking off, you can learn how to introduce your work to the world in a few steps.

Self-publishing platforms often come with a plethora of information on everything you need to know to launch a successful book. From formatting, editing, and cover design to marketing your book across different channels. The best thing about this is that once your book is complete, you can learn how to do all of this through practice. Platforms like KDP offers tools to help with several of these publishing aspects, while you can pick up info from blogs on which trends might work best in the current publishing climate.

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