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20 Attainable-to-Ultimate Dream Jobs in Sports

Many are looking for the perfect job, the one where it is more like a hobby than a chore. Here is a great place to look — and here are the best of the best.
March 10, 2021
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We all dream of the day when we go to work and love every minute. While it is more likely that you turn up for the paycheck, there is no harm in imagining a career in sports. So, let’s look at 20 of the careers in sports you could consider applying for.

1. Sports Analyst

In all of NFL coaching history, there has never been anyone that knows more than you about the best way to play the game. So, become a sideline sports analyst and tell them how it is done without any of the pressure.

So, you are one of those people who spout your opinion on sports, just another person offering half-baked theories that annoy others. But as long as you make money by watching sports — who cares? You sit and watch sports and write a few words and then get paid — the perfect life.

2. Bullpen catcher

What? You didn’t know playing catch was a thing you could get paid for? Well, think again. You could be the guy who stands in the bullpen to catch the ball and toss it back to the pitcher.

3. Pro Golfer

Pro golfers actually get paid for playing golf all day. Not just those on the circuit; these are the people attached to clubs who spend 40 hours a week playing golf with others. Plus, you get better at your game and could one day land a major.

4. Sports Info Director

You would be the person responsible for handling all the media for your team. You would also get a front-row seat for every game. Not a bad way to earn a living.

5. Sports Agent

Now you are going to have to be pretty good to land one of those millionaire pro-athletes, but there are another 97% of athletes who need representation too. You get to talk sports all day and one day you could be the one everyone wants to call.

6. Vendor

What? You say, sell beer from a cooler? What sort of job is that? Well, it can earn you a decent amount and you get to watch the game while getting a workout. Seems like a triple win.

7. Scout

This has got to be one of the best jobs ever. You get to watch all the top stars and then you are loved by those who are loved by others. While you might need to read up a little on what young talent looks like, it is worth it for the travel alone.

8. Bench Coach

You would probably rather be playing but who wouldn’t want to sit on the bench and talk sports with the players?

9. Referee

While this is a controversial addition to the list, you do get to be right in the thick of the action. Sure, you are largely hated, but you also have major power.

10. NASCAR Driver

Imagine driving 200 miles per hour and earning money for it. It might be kind of dangerous but it pays well and you only need to work for a couple of hours a weekend (if you don’t include all the training!).

11. Peyton Manning’s wide receiver

When all you have to do is catch the ball from this genius, then your stats are going to look out-of-this-world.

12. Signed but you don’t play

You could take the route of getting signed for a top team and sticking around long enough to earn a few million while barely hitting the starting lineup. All the perks and none of the pressure, right?

13. Scoreboard Operator

While for some sports, handling the scoreboard is stress-inducing, consider the person who handles it in soccer, where the average number of goals is about three. Tough, right?

14. 12th man

In some sports, the 12th man carries the water onto the field and occasionally gets to play. Still, it is better than not being a part of a major franchise.

15. Third-string quarterback

The third choice rarely gets close to the field but still makes a couple hundred grand for hanging around — and you get all the perks of being in the NFL.

16. PGA Caddy

Caddies follow professionals around on the tour and hand them a club. All the travel, you get to watch the pros up close and you get paid.

17. Baseball Closer

Google the career of Jonathan Papelbon. The stats don’t lie: This guy made $80,000 an inning. Not bad by anybody’s standards.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach

If you want job security as a head coach, then this is the job. There have only been three men in 40 years — which also makes it pretty hard to get — but these are supposed to be dream jobs, remember?

19. Player for Coach Cal 

You don’t get paid for college ball, but when it is Coach Cal, you will soon.

20. Owner

If you reach in the back of the sofa and find a loose $50 million, then you could get one of the best fantasy jobs in football. You get access to everything and you make the calls. Amazing.

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