YouTube Star Amber Scholl Turned a Trash Bag Into a Prom Dress
Amber Scholl became famous for making beautiful looks for cheap, but this stunning dress is on another level (Image via YouTube)
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YouTube Star Amber Scholl Turned a Trash Bag Into a Prom Dress

The DIY legend may have truly done something with this one.

The do it yourself (DIY) trend has become increasingly popular over the years, but one 24-year-old Los Angeles YouTube star has taken the trend to a new level by creating a prom dress entirely out of a trash bag.

Amber Scholl is a DIY guru and fashion influencer on YouTube and does many tutorials with different DIY projects. When her YouTube followers asked her to do a prom-themed video, she took it upon herself to make a dress entirely out of trash bags.

She then paired photos of her creation with a witty caption on Twitter directed to those who have criticized her. “When someone calls you trashy, make a dress out of trash bags and prove them fabulously correct,” she quipped.

According to Teen Vogue, the bodice consists of black trash-bag rosettes, and the floor-length skirt is sheer with matching “trashy” flowers at the bottom. Scholl says she made the gown by restitching and gluing stuff onto a dress she bought at a thrift store. She has YouTube tutorial for anyone who wants to try to make the dress themselves.

Since Monday, Scholl’s prom-dress tweet has more than 3,000 retweets and 38,000 likes. The YouTube star says she never expected the tweet and video to go viral and added, “I feel so loved and amazed by the Internet — how many people you can reach is amazing.”

Scholl’s goal was to help people understand that there are more affordable and creative ways to look good for a big event. “Have fun, and don’t take it too seriously — the whole point is to have a great night and feel beautiful, whatever that means to you,” Scholl said.

Priscilla Totiyapungprasert from Bustle reports that the inspiration for the trash bag prom dress came from a comment in her YouTube comments, which said, “AMBER COULD WEAR A TRASH BAG, and still look bomb.” Another commenter replied, “I won’t be mad if she made a video about it.”

The YouTube video itself has more than 5,000 comments, with people praising Scholl’s crafting skill. “I don’t think anyone would have gone this far,” wrote one commenter. “Girl you got some patience. A big hats off to you.” Another commenter suggested that Scholl do a DIY toilet paper dress next.

Scholl has done more than 100 YouTube videos dedicated to thrifty fashion, shopping and home décor. In her “About” page, she says she started the channel when she was broke and that it inspired her to learn how to be bougie on a budget.

Although she is not broke anymore, Scholl wanted to share her tips on how to “live your life like the queen you are,” regardless of how little you may have in the bank account.

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