Easy and Affordable Ways to Transition Into Fall Fashion

We’re not quite into the fall season yet, but here are some staple pieces to add to your collection.
September 14, 2017
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Ah, fall is coming at last. The leaves are changing, chunky sweaters are filling up the racks and pumpkin spice everything is back. Just kidding, it’s still a hundred degrees outside, a hurricane just hit my hometown and if I even think about putting a sweater on, I’ll die from heat exhaustion.

In Florida, the season of fall doesn’t exist. It’s about ninety degrees year round, but just because we don’t get the season doesn’t mean we can’t dress in fall fashion. Fall is all about dark-colored clothing, colder weather and some of the best holidays.

Sometimes it can be difficult to put away your bright-colored summer clothing and transition into the darker, warmer clothing. Here are the top four essential items to get you through the summer to fall fashion transition.

Cropped Sweaters

Since it is still way too hot outside to wear chunky sweaters, cropped ones are a great way to transition. Cropped sweaters are essentially traditional sweaters, but cut in half and typically show some of your stomach. The cropped look has been around for the past few years and is so simple, but trendy. For a casual look, I like pairing cropped sweaters with distressed jean shorts. Another way I like to pair them is with high-waist leggings and a funky pair of block heels for a night out.

Some people may not be comfortable with the cropped sweater look, which is totally okay. If you aren’t completely comfortable wearing a cropped sweater, you can also wear a normal length sweater, but try tying the front in a knot for a trendy look. Soon enough it will be time to pull out the chunky sweaters and start layering them, but for now, pick up a few cropped sweaters until the temperature starts to drop. Also, if you don’t feel like spending the money on half of a sweater that’s the price of a full-length one, you can always cut your old sweaters into cropped ones.

Fashionable Flannels

You simply cannot go through the fall season without a few dozen flannels to fluctuate between. The best part about flannels is that they are extremely cozy and they never go out of style. Every year I pick up a few flannels to add to my collection, that way I have different colors and patterns to choose from. Also, I like finding flannels that have different levels of thickness, so when it’s warmer I can throw on one with a lighter material or I can wear one with a thicker material when the temperature drops. Flannels are great for layering over t-shirts and tanks, or you can just wear it buttoned up. I also like buying flannels that are a size or two larger than my normal size, which is a very trendy look right now, so I can wear them with leggings and my trusty combat boots. Another great way of styling your flannel is tying the front of an oversized flannel and pairing it with jean shorts and throwing on some Converses. Nothing truly says fall more than a pile full of flannels waiting to be worn.

Traditional Jeans with a Twist

Jeans are the perfect staple item to wear year round, but if you live in an area that has a warmer climate, denim can become uncomfortable. Cropped jeans, which typically break right above the ankle and can be rolled up for a stylish look, are perfect for any climate, especially during the transition between summer and fall.

Jeans are great because they come in so many different styles, colors and patterns, and you are bound to fall in love with at least one pair. My personal favorites are distressed mom jeans that are more on the loose side and have holes in them, which can make any outfit look more edgy. When it comes to the fall season, I love funky-colored jeans, such as maroons, hunter greens and shades of brown, but a traditional dark wash is always a great option.

Sizing for jeans can be tricky and every brand fits differently. I recommend trying on a few different pairs from a variety of places to find the perfect pair or style that you are most comfortable with. When it comes to matching your jeans, I recommend pairing darker washes with lighter and brighter colored tops like mustard yellows, pale pinks and muted grays. For lighter washed jeans, match your darker blues, maroons and plums to make the colors really stand out. A few trendy styles for jeans are velvet, corduroy and two-toned mixed with patchwork or embroidery. Recently, designers have come out with jeans that are blend of different patterns and colors, which are definitely going to make you stand out this fall season. With funky styles of jeans I like pairing them with basic t-shirts and tanks so the jeans really pop out. 

Open-toed Booties

Boots are one my favorite pieces for fall and I can’t live without them. It’s way too hot to be wearing over-the-knee boots and it’s not quite cold enough for closed-toed booties, but it’s the perfect weather for open-toe ones. Booties typically hit below or right above the ankle and are the perfect fall shoe. Open-toe booties with cut outs are also great choices for the not-so-fall weather. Booties are not only comfortable, but they’re also very stylish. The thing I like the most about booties is that they can dress your outfit up or down depending on the heel height or pattern. Faux, peep-toe, snakeskin booties are super trendy and will make any outfit look more put together. When it comes to choosing the right pair, I recommend choosing a lower heel for everyday comfort, and for a night out on the town try a 3-5 inch block heel. No matter which pair you choose, you are going to look hella stylish. Just make sure your toes are painted a nice fall color like maroon, plum or mauve to really stand out when you are wearing your open-toed booties.

What’s most important when considering what to add to your wardrobe is feeling good about how you look, and expressing your own style. Don’t be afraid to start your own trends, too!

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