cameron boyce
Cameron Boyce was actively working to make the world a more peaceful and loving place, and it was never overlooked by those close to him. (Image via Instagram)
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cameron boyce
Cameron Boyce was actively working to make the world a more peaceful and loving place, and it was never overlooked by those close to him. (Image via Instagram)

The actor’s death is a wakeup call for overthinking and stressed out millennials to realize life’s true purpose.

The death of Cameron Boyce is especially significant to the generation who grew up watching the Disney star on television. Disney Channel’s fans fell in love with the easygoing and sarcastic character Luke, played by Boyce on “Jessie.” The young actor was celebrated for his role as Adam Sandler’s son in the movie “Grown Ups 2.” And, finally, Boyce danced into the hearts of millions while playing the role of Carlos in Disney’s “Descendants” franchise.

Cameron Boyce also succeeded in making his mark as a devoted humanitarian. When the cameras weren’t rolling, Boyce dedicated his life to charitable causes including the Thirst Project, an initiative to end the global water crisis. In May, Boyce posted an Instagram photo highlighting his participation in Homewalk 2019, a mission to break the cycle of homelessness. Through performing arts and charity work, the vibrant talent became a positive light for his family, close friends and co-stars.

Boyce’s death is tragic for many because his charismatic soul was rare in a world of violence, corruption and hate. His passionate heart and willingness to accept others unconditionally is what made a lasting impact on his family, friends and fans. The 20-year-old’s effervescent spirit has left a stamp on the world and his legacy should inspire his fans to reflect his traits, which Maya Boyce described as “sunshine in shoes.”

In a society where the government fails to address local water crises and uses divisive tactics for power, Cameron Boyce has proven that kindness always wins. In his acceptance speech for the Pioneer Spirit Award, the young philanthropist says, “We all have material things, we all have things that we own and we like, treat ourselves and all that stuff but what you leave behind should be bigger than you.”

Boyce stood out as humble and courageous. The 20-year-old actor knew what it felt like to own fancy things, but he also knew that true happiness lies in what you can do for others. In the current days when toxic excess is encouraged over giving back, we could all learn something from the man who went against the status quo.

Boyce reflects what so many millennials struggle with — happiness. Social media has created a false reality in which Generation Y kids feel pressured to live up to materialistic standards. When young adults fail to meet unreachable expectations, they often crumble under their insecurities. Teenagers become stressed, some even depressed, from never feeling good enough. This has caused the generation to stress over superficial values and develop social anxiety.

Although Boyce was a millennial who used social media heavily, he was the complete opposite from today’s average 20-year-old. The “Descendants” star understood that things like expensive cars, high-end clothing or fancy jewelry can only provide temporary satisfaction. He knew that helping others and fighting against real world issues such as gun violence and homelessness is one of the best acts any human can take part in.

Today’s youth can learn a lot from Boyce. He has demonstrated that a young mind has the power to leave a legacy. For instance, in his efforts to bring awareness to the global water crisis, the charismatic patron raised $30,000 to build clean drinking water in Swaziland, where 40% percent of the population does not have access to clean water.

The fallen actor’s social media initiative, “Wielding Peace,” is an effort to end gun violence by using creative outlets that signify unity and peace.

Moreover, celebrating the world’s differences was Boyce’s specialty. For instance, Boyce’s Thirst Project’s mission has been initiated across the world. Contributors base the mission on love and concern for all people, without regard for color, sex, religion or sexual orientation. Boyce accepted people as they are and worked to make the world a better place.

Another value that Boyce has taught is the importance of being around those you love. It is the greatest comfort to be around people who accept you unconditionally. Our current pop culture is infamous for bashing a girl who does not wear makeup or mocking a guy who isn’t tall or rich. A family does not have to be bound by blood; it is bound by loyalty. Like Cameron Boyce, if you choose to surround yourself with individuals who encourage self-expression, your confidence will not only rise within yourself but in humanity.

The reason Boyce was able to make an impact in so many ways was that he spent most of his free time doing what he enjoyed and surrounded himself with the people that he loved. The young talent sparked an epiphany in the lives of several millennials who are not pursuing a life worthwhile.

It is because of Boyce’s loving personality that he will be remembered as one of the most incredible individuals on this earth. Longtime friends such as actor Karan Brar and actress/singer China Anne McClain expressed how much joy Boyce has brought to their lives. Former co-star Skai Jackson has dedicated an Instagram highlight to Cameron Boyce consisting of several photos and videos of her beloved comrade.

The life of Cameron Boyce is a blueprint for happiness. In the days of social media, it is easy to become blindsided by superficial values. Boyce’s life motivates us to live life in spite of what the media portrays. If you take anything away from Boyce’s death, it should be to live life according to your timetable. While living, learn to accept what you cannot control and work towards a progressive change.

If Boyce was here today, he would continue to spread joy. Every day we choose to live for ourselves and do right by others, we are living on his legacy and gaining true fulfillment in the process. Next time anyone suffers from societal pressure or feels lonely and out of place, take a second to remember that your life is temporary but leaves a permanent impression on those you will leave behind. Whatever battle you choose to fight, know that the cause should be bigger than you.

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