The 6 Best Webcomics For You to Follow

These artists will make you laugh even on the worst days.

As newspapers slip into the past, Sunday comics follow suit, leaving readers with one less source of comedic relief in their everyday lives. Luckily, webcomics are taking up the cause, as hundreds of artists are realizing that their comics could gain a following online.

In a world where you no longer have to make it to The New York Times to become known as a comic strip artist, the internet is filling up with people who have jokes to tell and art to sell. From comics about day-to-day issues, to silly, absurd situations, these artists are making the never-ending feed of information on the internet a little more tolerable. After sifting through hundreds of comics, these are the funniest, best-drawn ones.

1. “Heart and Brain” and “Awkward Yeti”

Written by Nick Seluk, “Heart and Brain” and “The Awkward Yeti” are both hilarious, heartfelt webcomic series that have incredible art. Seluk originally started his comic series with “The Awkward Yeti,” featuring a large blue yeti named Lars who interacts with his inner organs to try to make his way through life.

He makes fun of common human issues and how bodies interact. Lars struggles with his ability to remember information, social interactions, adult life, failure to diet, stress, anxiety and his extreme coffee addiction.

The popularity of the webcomic eventually led to the creation of Seluk’s comic series, “Heart and Brain.” “Heart and Brain” often crosses over into “The Awkward Yeti,” but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that Seluk wants to capture without Lars.

These webcomics usually feature Brain trying to keep Heart from flying too close to the sun and Heart trying to keep Brain from an eternal existential crisis, often with special guests like Tongue, Stomach, Gallbladder and Colon.

Together, these inner organs entertain readers with jokes about human life and struggle. So, whether you’re an optimist like Heart or a realist like Brain, your abs will hurt from laughter when you’re done reading these comics.

2. “Sad Ghost”

Sad Ghost Comics are focused on mental health — connecting and making light of tough situations. The comics were started by two artists, Laura and Liz, but now has a small group of artists that work to create content. The creators’s mission is to spread awareness about mental illness and how everyone deals with it differently.

The main character is a sad ghost who struggles to keep up with life and maintain positivity about himself — ironically, he sends a message of healing and support for others. While these comics aren’t as humorous as others, they are extremely well-drawn and have a wonderful message of self-love and acceptance.

In a world where ghosts struggle with self-esteem issues and skeletons have depression, everyone strives for love and support.

3. The Comics of Sarah Andersen

If you’re an awkward person, these comics will make you roll over in laughter. Andersen makes hilarious comics that illustrate life struggles, strange friendships, cats, creative work and awkward social encounters. The stories are almost a biography of her life, and Andersen uses the webcomics to illustrate her own struggles, which many people can relate to.

With her love of October, obsession with her cat and openness about mental health, Andersen has built an incredible webcomic with a community of fellow awkward humans that come together to laugh at themselves.

4. “Strange Planet”

This series was created earlier this year by Nathan Pyle and has already gained over 3 million followers. These webcomics are witty and thought-provoking, as aliens make fun of common human activities. Pyle’s ability to turn everyday events into what seem to be strange human practices is what makes the webcomics so entertaining.

Whether it’s birthday parties, swinging, owning a cat, interacting with other humans, having children, going outside or holiday traditions, Pyle makes normal activities seem like unusual customs.

5. “Catana Comics”

These webcomics are a bit different from the others, focusing on the cute moments of relationships and making fun of little things people do as a couple. The webcomics are heartfelt, as they show the creators, a couple from New York, making their way through life and trying to be adults together.

They also make fun of their antisocial behavior and going overboard with their personality and passions when connecting with each other. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, this series of webcomics about two people who found love is adorable.

6. “Poorly Drawn Lines”

The art in these webcomics is simple, and that’s what makes them hilarious. Created by Reza Farazmand, many comics feature a pigeon and a bear trying to understand life and making fun of themselves, but there is an endless amount of other characters as well.

Most of the comics feature animals and humans making fun of themselves and life around them, often with sarcastic undertones. This creator weaves together human and natural life in this hysterical series. All the comics show characters that are just trying to interact and make their way through life.

The artist explores characters that are overwhelmed with work but trying to make it through anyway. Whether it’s a father sacrificing his son to a yellow jacket so he stays safe, or a pigeon trying to convince a bear he’s a cool guy, these webcomics are the sarcastic pick-me-up everyone needs to brighten their day.

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