Jacob Latimore
The artist is currently on tour with his second album, "Connection 2." (Illustration by Rinah Kang, Rhode Island School of Design)
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Jacob Latimore
The artist is currently on tour with his second album, "Connection 2." (Illustration by Rinah Kang, Rhode Island School of Design)

‘The Chi’ star’s newest album explores love, lust and loss.

Finally! Not even a month since its release, “The Chi” star Jacob Latimore is on tour with his new album, “Connection 2.” Accompanying his 2016 album “Connection,” his new album allows fans to see another side of the 22-year-old singer and actor.

After his single, “Come Over Here,” was released a month before the album dropped, Team Jacob fans were on their toes, curious as to what music would await them. The album has been in the hands of fans for a couple weeks now, and Latimore supporters have even enjoyed more music videos for singles like “Mine,” featuring Q Money, and “True Sh**t” featuring the well-known “Grown-ish” actor and singer Trevor Jackson.

Here are five songs from “Connection 2” that you should keep on replay.

1. “HeartBreak Made Me”

Before you listen to the first song of an album, you are anxious to know whether or not it will speak to you. Well, “HeartBreak Made Me” did just that. The introduction to this jam is Latimore speaking to his girl saying, “Yo, I think it’s fair that I let you know I’m not fully healed,” which immediately shatters his listeners’ hearts.

Jacob Latimore - Heartbreak Made Me (Audio)

As the artist continues to speak, listeners get a glimpse of the ups and downs Latimore has experienced from love. The mellow background music allows fans to enjoy the beat and focus entirely on this love- and heartbreak-filled anthem. The chorus promotes the feeling of having your heart split into two.

“HeartBreak Made Me” is relatable for couples around Latimore’s age because relationships and crushes might have come and gone, but one special love could leave lingering pain.

2. “Old Thang Back”

My recommendation is that you listen to this next song with headphones, as the transitions from loops, background vocals and beatboxing are mesmerizing. While some three-minute songs have background music that does not flow, the complete opposite can be said for “Old Thang Back.”

Jacob Latimore - Old Thang Back (Audio)

The first verse, the pre-chorus and the chorus explore the mistakes that couples, especially developing relationships, need to experience. When you listen, you will notice that Latimore says “We were young then, we were foolish,” admitting that they made mistakes, but they can grow from them. A fairy tale ending isn’t always realistic, but why not live through one with this song on replay?

3. “Save Myself”

This third song fits perfectly with the “HeartBreak Made Me” and “Old Thang Back,” as it explores what love means to Jacob Latimore and his girl. This track makes it clear that love is not what it might appear to be on television. Although many fans get caught up in the portrayal of love in stories like “The Notebook” and “Friends,” this song debunks those myths.

Jacob Latimore - Save Myself (Audio)

Listeners come to terms with the message that “Love ain’t a movie, baby. It’s not for the faint of heart,” sings Latimore. Just like the two songs above, this one feels like the third installment to a short story, making listeners crave more details and lyrics.

4. “Chillin Wit You”

Jacob Latimore - Chillin Wit You (Audio)

What a quick turn this next song takes. Though the prior songs do not have an angry tone, this song makes music lovers question whether or not Latimore might be referring to the same female in the other songs, or if there is a rekindled relationship with another woman.

The lyrics give off a homey feel as Latimore is “all out of patience, all out of time” until he is chilling with his girl, which provides him with a safe haven.

5. “Caught Up”

“Caught Up” is the only song that features a female singer, and that voice is Serayah, a singer, actress and model who is known for her appearances on FOX’s hit show “Empire.” Latimore’s collaboration with Serayah was a great way to give a voice to the female(s) who Latimore sings about in “Connection 2.”

What’s great about “Caught Up” is that Latimore does not oversexualize the woman, despite his references to her skin, her lips and her love remaining on his mind. Again, the title fits the song perfectly, specifically when Latimore sings, “Times feels like it’s slower when I’m not with you baby” followed by the same exclamation from Serayah.

Jacob Latimore - Caught Up (Audio)

As “The Chi” on Showtime has been renewed for a third season, you might consider binge-watching the series and setting aside an additional 40 minutes to listen to “Connection 2.” After you watch and listen, you might want to follow Latimore on social media and blow up his DMs, inquiring about another album for 2020.


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