Alexandra Cooper and Sophia Franklyn, the series' hosts, answer questions and share stories about their sex lives. (Image from Barstool Sports)

Uproarious and Sexually Explicit, ‘Call Her Daddy’ Needs to Be in Your Pod Rotation

The New York City roommates spill raunchy and relatable advice every Wednesday.

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Alexandra Cooper and Sophia Franklyn, the series' hosts, answer questions and share stories about their sex lives. (Image from Barstool Sports)

The New York City roommates spill raunchy and relatable advice every Wednesday.

Ever wondered what your course of action should be if your long-lost ex makes sudden contact out of the blue? Have you ever struggled in determining the best time to send a nude to your recent person of interest or significant other? What about the best way to handle a cheater?

If you’ve ever been curious about proper sexual etiquette or if self-deprecating, raunchy humor is what gets you through the day, then the “Call Her Daddy” podcast should be added to your playlist ASAP.

The “Call Her Daddy” podcast is hosted by roommates and best friends Alexandra Cooper and Sophia Franklyn. The “Call Her Daddy” duo hail from New York City and publish new content every Wednesday. Aside from hosting the podcast, Franklyn works a nine to five job at a finance firm and Cooper describes herself as a “stay at home, try-hard vlogger by day and an Insta-hoe by night.”

Surprisingly, upon beginning the podcast, the pair had only known each other for about six months. The day that the both of them met was the day that they decided to sign a lease on a sketchy apartment together.

The girls discuss what it’s like to be in your twenties and live in New York, all while sharing and swapping stories about their sexual encounters, their wins and their woes, providing listeners with relationship tips and tricks in the most graphic detail. The concept of their podcast might seem cliché, but their approach is arguably newfangled.

You can easily access the “Call Her Daddy” podcast and its video portion at a website that is home to many blogs. Additionally, you can simply listen to the audio version on Spotify. They’ve published just over 20 episodes, ranging anywhere from 25 minutes to just over an hour in length.

Each episode focuses on one or two specific topics and at some point in each podcast, the girls will answer questions from fans or react to some of the stories that listeners send in hopes of receiving some insight, acknowledgment or even appreciation for their sexual escapades, good or bad.

“Exploiting their lives makes you feel better about yours” is the tagline for the podcast, and it couldn’t be more accurate, or at the very least, relieving for some. In the podcast, Franklyn and Cooper hold nothing back. The pair exude a sorry-not-sorry attitude as they speak their minds about the best way to handle overly emotionally attached significant others, give the most compelling fake orgasm of your life and become the best sexual sleuths to roam the earth.

For example, Episode 4, “Nudes Never Die,” is all about the art of sending nudes. The girls delve deep into the topic and give their take on when it is most appropriate to begin swapping naughty pictures with your person of interest, as well as blessing the audience with the nude recycling hack.

The nude recycling hack is for when your texting conversations start getting hot and heavy, but you’re snuggled up in bed with your pajamas, have pimple cream on your face and maybe haven’t shaved in a while. Franklyn and Cooper suggest that if you have any nudes on your phone from a long ways back, send those instead.

However, it is imperative that you remember to screen shot the nude that you’ve previously taken and send the screenshot because sending the original could make the photo appear in the recipient’s memories or Cloud at the time it was originally taken, which could have been ages ago! Work smarter not harder.

“Sliding into the DMs” is the seventh episode of the podcast, and it describes how men, in particular, can improve their chances of getting their direct messages read by women. The girls recommend that if you’re going to use a pick up line, then go for the cheesiest in your repertoire.

For instance, stay away from something like: “Hey, you owe me a drink because the way you look made me drop mine.” It comes off as douchey, and it’s creepy telling anyone that they owe you anything. A “Call Her Daddy”-approved alternative would be: “Are you a beaver? Cause dam!” The latter is almost so bad it’s good.

However, a friendly warning is advised as a majority, if not all of the topics discussed throughout the podcast veer on the more inappropriate side of sexual topics. If you find such discussions or use of crude language to be offensive, then the “Call Her Daddy” podcast may not be your cup of tea.

It’s also a great way to spark conversations with your partner that you may have been wanting to have for a while and just didn’t know how to go about it. For some audience members, you might find that the podcast will leave you feeling sexually aroused! Whatever your circumstance or environment, listen with caution.

“Call Her Daddy” is also gaining traction in the world of social media; with about 30,000 followers on Twitter and the trending hashtag #callherdaddy, Franklyn and Cooper can’t be tamed, and it’s doubtful that fans would ever want them to be.

Somehow each episode manages to be steamier than the last. The girls are pushing the boundaries on topics otherwise considered taboo and talking about it in plain-speak for all to hear. Whether you like to keep your sexual practices, grievances and curiosities under wraps or not, the “Call Her Daddy” podcast is unforgivingly relatable and for some, refreshing.


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