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‘Conversations With Kenzie’ Forges a Deep Connection With Its Audience

The podcast is a must-listen that will leave you educated, empowered and connected to those around you.
January 22, 2021
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Kenzie Brenna is a Canadian social media influencer who uses her platform for good. She preaches self-love and the importance of prioritizing one’s own mental health, all while weaving in contemporary, relevant issues like politics, journaling and her favorite recent reads to enlighten and connect with her followers.

As soon as I followed Brenna on Instagram, I fell in love with her and her life-changing messages. With every Instagram post, I learned something new and was challenged to think in a different way. Brenna has changed my views on body image by explaining that our bodies are in constant flux. The thin body that the media hails as beautiful doesn’t necessarily equate to being “fit” or “healthy” since these are relative terms that look different on and to different people. Brenna has also taught me how to face negative emotions instead of burying them and has broadened my horizons on political and social issues. Brenna has also shown me how essential self-love is through her own radiance and practice.

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It’s no surprise, then, with all of her positive influence and her varied subject matter, that Brenna decided to debut a podcast to change even more lives for the better. Since its debut in July, “Conversations with Kenzie,” has accumulated more than 330 five-star ratings. In other words, her podcast has been a smashing success, topping charts and inspiring keen listeners all over the world.

Her podcast episodes cover an array of topics that are typically shied away from, including the art of letting go; political talks about cannabis, defunding the police and climate change; episodes about sex, cheating, polyamory, inter-abled love and the intricacies of the misunderstood vagina; niche topics such as conspiracy theories, stars and the galaxy, sobriety/dating sober and atheism; and talks that show how society has created a flawed perception of what bodies should look like (and the consequences of this: eating disorders).

Best “Conversations with Kenzie” Episodes 

The riveting episode “Is the BMI scale bullshit?” calls on Dr. Joshua Wolrich, a professional and social media icon who advocates against unhealthy “fitness” standards and instead emphasizes the importance of eating all foods — yes, even pizzas and burgers; he talks about the problems with making exercise about weight loss and how “healthy” looks different on different people. This episode, as the title suggests, dives into how outdated and problematic the BMI scale really is, while exploring personal tidbits from both Dr. Wolrich and Brenna that demonstrate the role that BMI, weight and binge-eating has played in their own lives.

“All about Cannabis” highlights cannabis entrepreneur and past cannabis grower Emma Chasen. She and Brenna talk about the intricacies of the flower, the science behind the plant, its benefits, how it affects your brain and body, how it soothes stress and its political ramifications — particularly timely as legalization sweeps across the United States. As this episode shows, Brenna portrays contemporary issues in a revolutionary way, calling on experts and entwining personal anecdotes to create a multifaceted approach that leaves listeners changed and informed, all the while building a connection with Brenna herself.

Brenna never fails to put her emotions on the table, showing her followers and fans exactly what she is going through, so that they too, can heal from similar experiences. The episode “Solo: My breakup. I’m breaking open” shows this clearly and zeroes in on her personal experience with a painful breakup. Brenna truly opens up, and as she puts it, becomes the “most vulnerable that she’s been on ‘Conversations with Kenzie’” as she details her emotional progression from grief, to anger, to sadness.

This episode offers a nuanced look into her real life that allows listeners everywhere to form a strong connection with her. Human connection is so vital, and Brenna never fails to connect with her followers, conveying her raw emotion and healing process so her beloved listeners everywhere can realize that they are not alone.

In the episode “What it’s like to struggle with a binge eating disorder,” she brings on speaker, influencer and advocate Kelly U. Brenna and Kelly talk about their personal experiences with a binge eating disorder and how the triggers and feelings associated with the disorder still pop up. They acknowledge an important fact about eating disorders: They’re an uphill battle and the struggles associated with eating disorders are a lifetime problem that survivors deal with on a daily basis.


Brenna has catapulted herself into a new realm of social media influencers, launching a podcast that encompasses a variety of issues very relevant to our society. She uses her platform for good, calling on knowledgeable experts to assist with her podcasts, which creates a dual-perspective approach to these niche topics and subject matter. Brenna has expanded her follower base and landed an impressive 5.0 rating on Apple Podcasts, showing just how much “Conversations with Kenzie” is on the rise and how empowering, educating and intriguing it is for its listeners.

I encourage you to follow Brenna on Instagram and give her podcast a listen. You will be changed for the better with a new role model to look up to — one that is open with her feelings, and that crafts a connection between her listeners and her experiences. Brenna bridges gaps and tributaries, uniting so many individuals from all over the world through the powerful platform of social media and her paramount messages.

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