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This social media platform is connecting music lovers everywhere one song at a time. 

Social media is in the spotlight, and people are constantly finding ways to share their lives with other users.

A new social media platform, bopdrop, takes a unique approach to the way users can listen to and share music. Its founder, Matt Krause, looked at apps such as Spotify, Apple Music and Facebook and found that users could only share songs with their friends and family. He wanted people to be able to merge their music tastes and their social networks — so he created bopdrop.

Trending Songs For Instagram Reels
Trending Songs For Instagram Reels

Krause founded bopdrop in Chicago, where it was later picked up by Blue Label Labs, an app development agency that develops various social media platforms.

Bopdrop’s philosophy is, “Songs tell a story, just like words, pictures and videos.” The platform also asserts that “no matter the genre, era, or melody you prefer, music is a simple language that allows people from all walks of life and different parts of the world to connect on a different level.”

Similar to BeReal, another emerging app, bopdrop is a more low-key social media platform. Garnering 2,000 downloads on its first day of public use, the music-sharing app is purely community-driven.

How To Use The App

Each day, bopdrop gives users the opportunity to post their song of the day. It can be your favorite song or just a song you’re currently listening to.

When users post, the platform allows them to share the song with a caption and hashtags. It’s reminiscent of another popular social media platform: Instagram. Users’ captions can say anything and everything; it doesn’t just have to be about music. The platform encourages users to tell others about their day, or the reason they chose a specific song for their post.

Due to the smaller community on bopdrop, there’s less pressure to create a unique or trendy caption. Users tend to post more heartfelt words or share their feelings without the fear of harsh criticism or judgment.

The app emulates Instagram by granting its users a personalized feed where they can scroll through the accounts they follow. Through this feed, users are able to view their friends’ daily song posts. However, unlike Instagram, bopdrop offers different feed options. There’s the For You section, where the app’s algorithm shows you songs based on what it thinks you’d like, the Popular section, where it shows you which posts are receiving the most views and likes; and the Genre section, where you can see posts based on a specific genre.

Another feature of the app is the Discover page, which allows users to find each other based on the genres selected in their profiles. It also shows people who you follow, and users who have liked your song post.

To start using the app, users must create a profile. The app will ask for your information, including your first name and last name. It also asks you to create a unique username. Once users go through these steps, they have the option to put up a profile picture and a background header. Similar to Twitter, users can have a bio of 150 characters or less. However, unlike other social media apps, users can link their Instagram, Spotify and Apple Music profiles to bopdrop.

To complete their profiles, users describe their music preferences. The app asks you to name your favorite genres, your top three favorite songs and your favorite music artists. This feature personalizes your profile more and helps other users get a better glimpse into your taste in music.

Profiles are public, and there isn’t currently an option to make them private. When you make a post, your viewers have the option to like it, share it, open it in either Apple Music or Spotify or add it to their playlist on the app. The social media platform is available for both Android and IOS users. It is easy to download and free for all.

Overall, bopdrop is a great app for those looking for new music. Through their many different feeds, users can find songs that they already love or songs they’ve never heard before. It’s also a fun way to see what others are listening to; users can create a community where they share their musical preferences with friends, family and new people.

The app also doesn’t discriminate when it comes to music. There are a lot of different genres that people use on the platform to post their music. It’s all about finding your niche and building your music community. When you find other users who like the same songs as you, bopdrop allows you to create groups within the app. This way, you can choose to share different songs within the selected group. It’s also a way to socialize more with people who you’ve connected with on bopdrop.

Lastly, users are encouraged to turn their notifications on for a better experience. When users turn their notifications on, they can receive messages from the app that give them different music prompts throughout the day. For example, in the past, the app has asked users to post their favorite ‘90s song with the hashtag #90s. More recently, the platform asked users to post their favorite Halloween song or one that is related to their Halloween costume alongside the #HalloweenSong hashtag.

With a smaller platform and hopes to expand, bopdrop offers users a space to share their music tastes without judgment. Overall, the app offers users a positive social experience while helping them gain mutuals based on their unique music preferences.

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