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‘Frassy’ Audrey Rogers Bucks Stereotypes on Instagram

The photographer, writer and online boutique owner defies conventions while prioritizing her business.
February 8, 2021
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Audrey Leighton Rogers, also known as fresh and sassy — Frassy — Audrey, is a Barcelona-dwelling photographer, writer, influencer and most recently, she has even added “vintage boutique owner” to her long list of accolades.

Scrolling through Rogers’ Instagram feed will make you want to pack up your bags for Europe, with all of its picturesque coffee shops and ancient charm. Rogers captures her surroundings in a way that only talented photographers with an eye for aesthetic and artistic design can. She uses a niche color palette that combines cream, brown, beige, white and golden hues for a sophisticated style.

Not only is Rogers’ color palette enviable; she also combines a variety of seemingly unrelated subject matters to create a unified masterpiece. A clear example of this is how she has incorporated pastries into her posts for her latest (21st) collection. Rogers crafted handbags out of bakery croissants, loaves and rolls to tie together two of her favorite themes — coffee shops and beige hues — into a combined aesthetic, and surprisingly, it works! The bread bags are delicate and gorgeous, adding depth to her vintage, crafted image.

As previously hinted at, Rogers is zealous for coffee. Not only does she indulge in a cup every morning, but Rogers also works coffee into her art. Rogers’ favorite photoshoot spots are vintage cafés. To maintain these recurring photographic themes, she has traveled to an abundance of cafes throughout Europe. Rogers also uses coffee itself, artistically spilling the beige and brown hues to create a collage of real elements.

A few other recurring objects and scenes that Rogers employs are cobblestone roads, chic hats, book pages, versatile handbags and even bikes. All of these ordinary elements come to life in Rogers’ photography, presenting a new perspective to every viewer. These new perspectives have the power to transform viewers’ opinions of the ordinary, broadening their horizons about their preconceptions of what art is. In other words, Rogers shows us how art comes to life in our daily lives; from breadcrumbs and coffee stains to loaves of bread and elegant hats, there is beauty in our everyday hustle and bustle that we are all-too-often blind to.

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So, what about this business I mentioned? Rogers broke through a couple of years ago, fulfilling a long sought-after dream — starting her own vintage business. Instantly, her online boutique was a success. Her vintage finds and designs from her first collection sold out in a few hours, and every collection since then followed in collection one’s footsteps.

It’s no surprise that customers have to race to snag a piece from Rogers’ collections, given the time and effort she puts into creating them. Like her aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts that are all connected to unifying themes, Audrey Leighton designs follow suit. Her designs follow the same color scheme with few deviations that allow for elegance and simple color combinations. Audrey Leighton pieces go with all other designs in your closet due to their versatility.

Audrey Leighton designs aren’t just versatile for your closet, they’re versatile for any woman. Rogers prides herself on making sure her designs bring out the elegance of every woman, no matter her shape, size or age. These designs are meant to accentuate and celebrate every body type and every age for our shared tune: our role as badass, elegant, dignified women. Audrey Leighton designs are eloquent, vintage and, most importantly, timeless.


The thing that I perhaps love most about Audrey, though, is her spunk. Perhaps it comes from her deep literary breadth of knowledge or the way she sees the art and beauty in everyday objects, but regardless of what it is, Rogers provides a fresh perspective.

Beyond her clear artistic and photographic talent, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Audrey is a logophile: a lover of words. Rogers majored in English in college and her love for books and writing has only grown in scope since her university days. She hones her love for words and novels by consistently reading and writing, sharing her poetic language and insights through her platform with her apt followers.

Her posts dive into raw subject matter. She is open about loving her role as a businesswoman, and money, despite how “uncouth” it might appear to some. She also shares behind-the-scenes looks at what it takes to start a booming company from next to nothing, as well as her thoughts on body image, promoting women’s strength over frailty and choosing quality friends as opposed to superficial relationships.

Audrey follows through with her writing, exemplifying her insights in her day-to-day life. For example, Rogers constantly defies beauty norms, defending her own personal beauty decisions without hesitation (whether it be Botox or a nose job). She champions the notion that a woman has the right to make her own stylistic decisions without an influx of comments from others. In other words, your body, your face, your choice.

Rogers also despises the stereotype that women are meant to be thin and weak. To counter this societal dogma, Audrey lifts weights and celebrates her muscle and strength, encouraging other women and followers to follow in her footsteps and find their inner-strength and power.

Rogers additionally defends her position as a businesswoman with grace, calling out anyone who dares to belittle her successful company and role as an influencer. She adores her job and she lives for her company, thus breaking yet another stereotype that women are meant to prioritize their home life, their significant other and their children at the expense of their professional happiness.

Frassy Audrey is a fiercely strong and independent woman that prides herself on her career, her writing and the rejection of hegemonic stereotypes about women. She influences women everywhere to reject these stereotypes as well and rejoice in their profession, their craft, their body, their ingenuity.

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