6 Sexy Workouts You Should Try at Least Once

Work it while you work out.
July 29, 2017
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Let’s be honest—sometimes exercise can get real boring. You may be tired of doing the same thing over and over, the show you watch while working out may have ended or maybe you’ve stopped seeing results—the list goes on and on—but, for whatever reason, working out has lost its charm.

One thing that never loses its charm, though? Sex appeal. So, if you’re feeling ambivalent about your fitness regime, injecting some sensuality into it may just be the way to get you back in shape. To get you out of your rut, here are six sexy fitness methods to get you back on track, while giving you some boom in the front and back.

1. Belly Dancing

As you can imagine, rhythmically working your midsection really works your abs, and it works the rest of your core too. The basic belly dance posture is standing with your knees bent, pelvis tucked and chest forward. Although belly dancing focuses on the core, you can also work the rest of your body through moves like snake arms and chest lifts.

In addition to the physical benefits, the sultry sweat-inducer features tons of hip swinging and shimmying, which will make you more comfortable with your body, give you confidence and, of course, help you learn some dance moves. Also, it’s a fun way to get in your cardio. Although belly dancing is an attractive way to exercise, it isn’t as blatantly sexual as the upcoming suggestions, so it’s the perfect workout to ease you into more provocative movements.

2. Burlesque

Burlesque is pretty similar to belly dancing, except it’s racier and the attire is different. Dolphina, the host of “GoddessLife” and a burlesque instructor, calls the dance style “belly dance’s naughty cousin,” and the description is pretty accurate. While belly dancing can be sensual, unlike its sexier counterpart, the performances are often cultural, and the style varies depending on its country of origin.

The two styles both demand good posture and heavily rely on the hips, but burlesque moves are much more exaggerated and suggestive. Plus, the attire is pretty much lingerie, and who doesn’t feel sexy in a corset and fishnets?

To up your confidence and the heat even more, I suggest setting the mood with music. Songs I recommend are Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” “Dangerous” by Kardinall Offishall ft. Akon and anything from Janet Jackson’s “Damita Jo” album—just play something that makes you feel pretty. But come on, it’s pretty hard not to feel hot while doing vintage striptease.

3. Pole Dancing

It’s not just for strippers! Pole dancing is for everyone who is or wants to feel comfortable with their physique and practice self-care. The gentleman’s club staple may look easy, but it’s not; swinging your weight around a vertical, metal pole requires flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and upper body strength, something I learned after taking one class and being sore for two days straight.

Image via Knockout Bodies

When trying the routine yourself, you have to hold onto the pole for dear life, even if that means having to use weird goo that makes your hands dry enough to hang on. Even though I was the worst in the class and couldn’t do some of the moves, I still felt great. After all, I tried something new, got a great workout and have a few moves to show my future husband. Sadly, not everyone has access to a pole, or money for frequent classes, but don’t worry—there are plenty of other erotic and equipment-free ways to do your cardio.

4. Twerking

This one was inevitable. Twerking may be the trashiest exercise on this list, but it’s just as, if not more, effective as any of the other methods. Shaking what your momma gave you requires lots of endurance, and as you probably guessed, the motion works the butt and thighs.

What you may not have guessed is that, by strengthening your glutes, the exercise actually helps your lower back, as well as reduces pain in the area. Unfortunately, the shaking motion itself will cause some soreness, but that’s good pain! If your back or legs hurt after twerking, it usually means you got a good workout for both your body and self-esteem. Plus, twerking won’t empty your wallet, and neither will the remaining exercises.

5. Striptease

You didn’t think you’d run into just one (and a half?) strip club dance methods in this article, did you? Like pole dance, anyone can try stripteasing. The routine involves lots of moves that have you remove clothing (or at least look like you’re about to), plenty of sexy poses and at least a few sexy hair flips.

As if that wasn’t spicy enough, striptease also requires lots of grinding of both the hips and chest, plus tons of leg strength and flexibility, so during your cardiovascular session, you can sneak in a bit of strength training and stretching. Striptease may require you to have lots of bodily strength, but as the name implies, at least it doesn’t need a lot of clothes, much like the next method.

6. Anything in the Nude

This one is my favorite, but you’re going to need to do this in private, no pun intended. In fact, you can do any of the above workouts in the buff to make things even more steamy! If dancing isn’t your thing, then try any other workout method. Something worth mentioning is that if you’re not wearing a supportive bra, or if any of you gentlemen aren’t wearing restrictive undergarments, cardio can be painful.

If you still want to work out nude, then I recommend yoga, because when you do it without clothes, you have full range of motion, which allows you to receive the maximum benefits of each pose. Also, doing yoga naked is nothing short of magical; you feel the breeze everywhere. Seriously, try it you’ll see what I mean.

If you want to try any of these workouts, see if any nearby gyms offer any of these dance classes. A pole dancing or burlesque class may be closer than you think. If you’re a solitary person, then there are plenty of YouTube tutorials for all these dance workouts. Physical activity makes you look and feel good once you’re finished, but all these methods will make feel good while you exercise and long after your workout is done. In other words, try these blue workouts, because they’ll make you feel red hot!

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