The 5 Different Types of Fortnite Players

As the eye of the storm begins to shrink, what kind of Fortnite player are you?

Taking the gaming world by storm, Fortnite has united people from all walks of life to join the battleground. Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode has not only grabbed the attention of avid gamers, but also those who haven’t played a video game in years. Created by Epic Games, Fortnite can be played on the Xbox, PS4, PC, Mac and iOS devices. This has attracted the attention of 45 million players back in January.

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Fortnite Battle Royale has only one mission: to be the last player standing. From the sky, players deploy out of battle buses and glide down into the shrinking battlefield’s “eye of the storm.” The Battle Royale mode allows players to collect resources for building and fighting off their opponents.

Fortnite’s growing success has enacted players to try various strategies to try and win the game. Here are the five different types of Fornite players that are found within the game.

1. The Contractor



Examples of Fortnite avatars are shown here. (Image via Gamepedia)

An efficient builder, the contractor loves to collect materials for the sole purpose of building skyscrapers and knows which material is best to build with depending on the scenario. This player knows the ins and outs of a solid structure and can use this knowledge so that even the most skilled players can’t knock it down.

When the player pool begins to shrink, the contractor knows how to build with the speed of light. They have quick reflexes to prevent being killed by bullets, explosives or even the axe of other players.

At the start of the game, the contractor spends most their time chopping down trees and buildings so they can create their own structure. If there is enough time, the contractor makes their building aesthetically pleasing to other players, which can act as a distraction and allow the contractor to kill their opponents from above.

2. The Rusher

Similar to an offensive football team, the rusher’s one goal — other than winning Fortnite — is to kill as many people as possible. The rusher drops itself in the middle of the battlefield and runs around, guns blazing, to find their first kill. Whether this player’s weapon of choice is a shotgun or a rocket launcher, the rusher won’t stop attacking until they eliminate that person.

The rusher is aggressive. Rushers play without restrictions and find joy in chasing after people. In fight-or-flight mode, the rusher is always ready for a fight. However, there are bad and good rushers.

Bad rushers are those that fire plenty of shots, but always miss the target, whereas good rushers are a little more strategic in their approach to each kill. Good rushers get to higher ground, search out their next kill and go full force towards them.

3. The Camper

Also known as the bush camper, this player hides out in buildings and bushes close to the outskirts of the storm. The camper runs alongside the storm’s barrier as the playing field shrinks, hopping from each hidden ground to the next.

This player’s prime resource is the bush item, which can be found in chests or supply drops from the sky that are randomly dispersed around the map. The bush item is essentially a mobile bush that players can wear to conceal themselves from their opponents. However, if other players notice a moving bush on the battlefield, the will shoot in an attempt to eliminate the bush item.

The bush item, which many players use to hide from their competition. (Image via Allgamers)

The camper can either be strategic or scared of their opponents. While hiding on the battleground, the camper waits for other players to kill each other. This eliminates the player pool without having the camper to fight anyone. However, this strategy can only get you so far before you are forced to fight other players.

Shooting accuracy is the camper’s Achilles heel. Instead of running into the fight, the camper patiently waits in the corner of a room with a weapon held high for the last player to come to them. Whether or not the camper will actually win depends on their opponent’s strategy in the game.

4. The Shopaholic

The shopaholic is the wealthiest player and is considered more of a player personality than a strategy for the game. This spender wastes all of their money on v-bucks, the cryptocurrency used in Fortnite, and can spend upwards of a $100 for the best items one can buy. V-bucks can be used to buy different skins (avatars for the game) and gliders (what players use to drop down from the battle bus).

V-bucks are mostly used to buy battle passes for a small price of $10, which allow players to level up tiers by completing weekly challenges as well as buy exclusive items from the Fortnite digital store.

As players level up, access to costumes, icons and dances are available. These items don’t benefit players in the game and are only earned or bought for players to look their best. In the words of the shopaholic: if you look the best, then you play the best.

Many players spend their money on custom skins for their avatar. (Image via Gamepedia)

5. The Newbie

As more players enter the arena every day, there is almost a guarantee that every game will involve someone who has no idea what is going on. The newbie knows absolutely nothing about the game.

Alongside the controls, the newbie doesn’t know the types of guns available, how to build and probably hasn’t spent any money on the game yet. Players can usually spot a newbie by the skin that they are wearing since players who haven’t bought a skin rotate through six basic avatars.

The newbie is comprised of two different sub-types of players. There are players that haven’t touched a video game in their life and players that have had their fair share of battle royale games, but haven’t played Fortnite yet.

Unpredictable in nature, the newbie should pose no threat on the battlefield because of their lack of experience playing the game. On the other hand, this can prove to be dangerous as some players choose a basic avatar to trick their opponents into believing that they are newbies when they aren’t.

Players that can hide, build and kill well are the best candidates for winning multiple games in Fortnite. To hide at the beginning of the game allows players to collect materials and allow most of the fighting to be done without their effort. Once the eye of the storm and player pool shrink, the ideal player will get to higher ground and become a sniper, killing everyone that they can spot.

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