The Secret Mechanism that Activates Creativity 

Your creativity is right there, at your fingertips. All that remains for you to do is to find a way to press the ‘play’ button and enjoy what comes next.   

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In an article about creativity, a photo of a child finger painting.

Your creativity is right there, at your fingertips. All that remains for you to do is to find a way to press the ‘play’ button and enjoy what comes next.   

Some people still believe that creativity is a gift bestowed upon the few, as if the peculiar ability to create — regardless of the nature of that creation — is a divine grant, a tool that some obscure celestial power has decided to bestow only upon certain people. This belief is not only erroneous, but risks directing people toward careers they would never have wished for, toward jobs that are in no way able to satisfy them, thus forsaking the opportunity to throw themselves into a working environment in which creativity and ingenuity are crucial. 

The problem, from this point of view, is that people rely too much on the opinions of others and almost always end up foregoing the work opportunities that would have allowed them to express their full potential

Some school systems, at the end of the traditional study paths taken by children and young people, feel they can already make a definitive judgment on the apparent abilities of a child or young person. Often students allow themselves to be persuaded by these nebulous and evanescent judgments, choosing educational paths that often have nothing to do with the student’s true nature. 

Wrong Convictions 

This often leads to school drop-outs resulting from the child’s lack of compatibility with a course of study recommended by others. Worst of all, however, is the gradual entrenchment of the belief that one does not have the skills to pursue certain professions, such as those that require creativity. 

Creativity is ingrained in us from our birth, it is an innate ability in every human being. Rather than trying to learn creativity, people should focus on the mechanisms that can awaken it and bring it to light, because it’s already there inside us, just waiting to be called upon. 

If this does not happen, it is because of all the beliefs, limitations (sometimes self-imposed) and bad advice we receive over the years, which can real obstacles to our personal development. 

Different Options 

Human creativity can be awakened in various ways. When we activate our powerful creative flow, we can utilize it for our own purposes, including work-related matters. Take a piece of paper — or open a new document in Word — and write whatever comes to mind without thinking about anything, not even punctuation or the formal structure of the text. 

Continue like this for about two or three minutes, until your joints are begging for respite. In this way, you will activate a powerful creative flow that will naturally predispose your brain to creation, and that will allow you (if you know how to exploit it properly) to see with your own eyes the fruits of your natural creativity. 

The secret is to get into this flow immediately after activating it, using your creativity to the maximum during that — sometimes very short — time interval when your brain is in this particular creative disposition. When you then get used to this technique, your creative time window will become longer and longer. 

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Your creativity is right there, at your fingertips. All that remains for you to do is to find a way to press the ‘play’ button and enjoy what comes next.   

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