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Quinnipiac University Students Are Happy To Return to Class

Much like other young people across the nation, those attending the small Connecticut school are glad to be back.
September 22, 2022
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“I was excited to go back to school because at home I felt myself just working and not being able to spend time with my friends,” says Quinnipiac journalism major Seth Fromowitz. “Being at home with family is nice and after being away for school you develop an appreciation for them. But at college I feel as if I’m preparing myself to transition into the real world as an adult, in preparing for my future within classes and organizations as well as being responsible for myself and creating my own schedule and doing things when convenient for myself and in my own best interest.”

Going back to college can be a hassle and, of course, the work builds up. However, many students at Quinnipiac University didn’t worry about the negatives of their return to school — they focused more on what they love about it.

These students, much like Seth, were excited to get back to school, get back to their own pace of life, and, most commonly, get back to their friends.

“I felt excited to return to school because I met some of my best friends here at QU. I was excited to see them all again,” says Quinnipiac occupational therapy major Jenna Soucie.

Emma Halbert, a health science studies major at Quinnipiac, says, “I was excited to come back to QU to see the lifelong friends that I’ve made and create even more memories. In addition, I’m excited to continue learning about the things I am passionate about.”

Some students were excited to come back because of the education that they receive at Quinnipiac University; for them, it is truly what they love and they want to learn even more.

“I was excited to be back because it meant I got to do more with my involvement and also further my education in my major, which I found to be something I’m very passionate about,” says Jackie Ydrovo, a public relations major at Quinnipiac. “Coming back meant I got to explore new opportunities and be a part of new experiences.”

Student involvement and student organizations also played a role in Quinnipiac students’ excitement to return to Hamden for a new year.

“I’m excited to come back to QU because I’m so heavily involved in student media that I could not wait to get back to work and start the school year off on the right foot by creating content and working hard,” says Mike Singer, a journalism major at Quinnipiac.

Other students love going back to school because it is truly a place where they feel like they can be their most honest and true selves. Quinnipiac University has become their home.

“I was excited to come back to school because I missed my friends and participating in all of the student media organizations,” says Quinnipiac media studies major Jen Moglia. “Being here makes me feel like myself and I am the most authentic, best version of that person when I’m working on media projects and covering events.”

Despite the many different reasons that students are excited to return to Quinnipiac’s beautiful campus, overall the joy on their faces shows just how special this university really is.

Emily Sweeney, Quinnipiac University

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Emily Sweeney

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Emily is a 3+1 Journalism Student at Quinnipiac University with minors in sports studies, theater studies, and media studies. She is chairwoman of the Quinnipiac Bobcat Sports Network and president of the Quinnipiac Association for Women in Sports Media.

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