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Here’s How To Plan an Unforgettable High School Reunion

It makes the perfect opportunity to relive your youth and say 'hi' to all of your old friends.
November 9, 2021
8 mins read

Being out of high school for so long is bound to stir up fun memories, and thus, the thought of a high school reunion is sure to bring up warm feelings of nostalgia. It is a great opportunity to meet old friends, reminisce and make new memories. Organizing such an event could reinvigorate that old teenage spirit. It might sound complicated; however, planning doesn’t have to be an intimidating task as long as you stay organized.

Here are some brilliant ideas to help you plan a one-of-a-kind reunion that will go down in the history books.

Start by Tracking Your Classmates

Having been away from each other for so long, it is more than likely that you have lost contact with your friends. The committee member responsible for communications should track everyone down and send out invitations. Your school administration or alumni office could assist and get you a list of all the senior high school graduates so that no one is left out.

Then, the hassle of tracking them down begins. Most people will think of leveraging their social media or phonebooks first. Nevertheless, Nuwber would be a useful place to go looking for the contact details of your former mates.

You can also start a reunion group on social media. Once everyone is gathered in a virtual point, start posting updates and announcements. Keep a list of those you haven’t made contact with yet.

Avoid Last-Minute Changes at All Costs

Any event requires adequate planning for everything to run smoothly. It is only wise to begin planning early. Excellent planning is the only guarantee that everyone will get to relive the best of their school days. The reunion can only be successful if you take time to anticipate the activities of the day beforehand. It is recommended to start planning as early as a year beforehand. This will give room to correct mistakes or avoid annoyance with the whole process, ensuring perfection.

Form a Planning Committee

Planning for a reunion is not necessarily the role of the student representatives or class officers. Recruiting an organizing committee brings enough hands on deck to execute different roles. Members of the organizing committee could include well-to-do classmates. You can get a ratio to determine the required number of people in the committee, such as one member for every thirty students. The responsibilities and roles to share could include catering, secretary, decoration and treasurer. Every member should handle a specific role. Once you have a solid committee, it is time to get the ball rolling.

Set a Date for the Event

Get a date for the reunion. Consider the availability of the members before securing a timeline for the event. Once it is decided, make the announcement early so that everyone can make the necessary adjustments on their calendar. Most student reunions occur around the beginning of spring because of homecoming or Christmas when most people are on holiday. Nevertheless, it is vital to inquire from other members about their availability.

Pick a Venue for the Reunion

Deciding on where the reunion will be held is another significant decision in the planning process. It is common to set the venue in or close to your former high school. You should be sure that the location fits the size of the group of people expected. Pick a tone for the event. Set a vibe for the occasion.

For instance, you might choose to go with contemporary, urbane, colorful or formal themes. When assessing your venue, be realistic with the size of the party you expect. While at it, make sure to address access to Wi-Fi, wardrobe, equipment and other facilities.

Plan the Day’s Events

All your former classmates attending the reunion will be looking forward to an amazing time. So, make sure not to disappoint. When settling on the day’s activities, include nostalgic details and activities unique to this graduating class. The point is, people in attendance will want to relive their good old days; so, make it happen.

Make all the activities generic so that everyone feels included. You can have games that you used to play in high school, popular high school music to dance along with, or a photo album. Help your classmates connect to the golden days to reconnect with each other and boost the memories. Consider a souvenir such as a reunion pamphlet to remind your guests of the occasion.

Coordinate The Event’s Logistics

Create a comprehensive budget for the reunion, then open a savings account ASAP. It is in your best interest to make the event more tolerable and manageable for everyone. Make room for miscellaneous expenses when creating your accounts. You can also raise money to fund the event by selling tickets, donations from alumni or gifts. Don’t solely rely on individual contributions as the only source of finance.

Promote Your Reunion

No one is planning for a reunion that only half of the class is going to show up to. At this point in planning, the word that the event will take place is probably out. Make sure to get everyone off the fence about attending. Promote the reunion even more by using social media platforms. Send out invitations to everyone from the particular graduating class. Sell out tickets in batches and give discounts for some. Tap on classmates active on the social scene to act as influencers and popularize the reunion even more.

Plan Extra Activities

Most of the guests will get a bus to town specifically for this event. Do not let this chance slip off without making the best of it. Additional events during the period are as important as the reunion itself. It is also convenient if those traveling long distances to have a busy but fun weekend laid out for them. Line up different activities where the classmates can engage with each other and reconnect. Make some reservations in the best fun places in town, a movie, or nightcaps at night. You can end the fun with brunch.


To plan effectively, you have to have a clear vision of what you want in mind. This will also help you sort out any subsequent issues. Planning does not have to be hectic. Take a breather and enjoy the party you organized. Reconnect and revive lost relationships. Take this opportunity to rekindle strong bonds.

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