A Girl's College Survival Guide
A Girl's College Survival Guide

A Girl’s Survival Guide to College

From drunkenly dealing with rompers to mastering the art of the girls night in, here's what every college girl needs to know.
April 16, 2017
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Girl Power

From drunkenly dealing with rompers to mastering the art of the girls night in, here’s what every college girl needs to know.

By Valarie Kiel, Texas State University

It takes a strong kind of girl to take on the challenges she faces in every phase of her life, with college being one of them.

Surviving and thriving in college as a woman is definitely possible, but the struggle is real, and only females can relate to the ins and outs of being a girl in college. Here are five situations that only college girls will be able to understand.

1. Wardrobe Malfunctions

It is an ongoing battle to figure out what to where to events, parties and clubs, and this fight has forever become a part of being a woman. Many women love to shop till they drop with friends during the weekend, but there are wardrobe fiascos that occur too often anyway.

The all-too-familiar example begins with jeans. Denim jeans have been around for decades. So, imagine being a girl in college, when your body is mostly developed, and how frustrating it is that of all shapes and sizes, women are still finding it hard to find jeans with the perfect fit. This is the prime reason why girls resort to leggings as the campus go-to outfit, because let’s face it, walking to class in college is like going on a hike.

The Roller Coaster Life That All College Girls Experience
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If it’s not the jeans, then it’s the dreadful process of rompers, jumpsuits and bodysuits. Try going to a party or club, when you’ve had a fair amount to drink, only to barely make it to the dirty restroom and realize, “Oh yeah, I don’t have on the simple dress or skirt that I can lift and pee.” A girl wearing a full bodysuit must fully undress, leaving her drunkenly half-naked in a crappy bathroom.

But nothing comes close to the feeling of coming home and taking off a bra after a long day on campus, a tough day at work or dealing with people who’ve drained all your energy. It’s as if all of a girl’s college worries were left in the bra she threw in the dirty clothes hamper.

2. Boys Boys Boys

Speaking of people who drain you, another topic only girls in college will understand is dealing with boys in college. Boys speak an entirely different language and are from a whole different planet.

There are moments when a girl sees her crush on campus only to not have a clue what to say to him, because she never sees him other than when she’s walking to her biology class. Or, there might be the boy who just never seems to text back, but you really like him.

Dating in college can seem nearly impossible, especially if a girl’s close friends are in serious relationships. A girl who’s living in college through her twenties quickly realizes that no one is looking for anything serious, just hookups or casual dating, so it’s a time to embrace being single.

3. School Sucks

Of course, the whole reason we came to college is to get an education. No one ever said how challenging life would be along with attending class. Projects, exams, homework, organizations and school events can make a girl tired once she gets home.

Nayyirah Waheed once said, “All the women in me are tired,” and no quote has every described college women better. Not every girl comes to college with a plan. Some are naturally indecisive, and this doesn’t help when they’re trying to decide what to do with their lives.

Let’s be real, almost every college girl has wondered, jokingly or not, if they should drop out and become a stripper while their body is still somewhat cute with the curves. Even contemplating a choice of major or building up enough confidence to apply for a position or internship can be difficult.

4. Calling Mom

As girls get older, the moments spent talking with mom become more special. During this time of self-discovery, there are countless times when a girl may feel lost and unsure of what’s the best decision or what’s next in her life. Even though you may not live at home anymore, moms are always swooping in to save the day with a simple phone conversation.

The tone of a girl’s voice when she says hello to her mom is enough for her to open up and either cry about her shitty day in college or gossip about the drama going on with her friends, co workers or students in a group project.

Moms are counselors and psychics; they have the answers to college, boys, roommates, money and so much more. A mom can make her college daughter laugh when that’s the last thing she wants to do, as well as give her the confidence boost she needs if she’s not happy about her appearance.

5. Girls Nights In

No matter how unbearable college can get at times, the beauty of having close girlfriends can make life a bit easier. A night out with the girls is always an enjoyable time, from when you get dolled up and take selfies to dancing the night away with drinks galore. But, rather than a night out partying, a bottle of wine with greasy pizza and a movie are the nights that can cure any bad-week blues.

The Roller Coaster Life That All College Girls Experience
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Girls don’t have to put on makeup, because we’re too busy putting on facemasks while laughing hysterically because one friend’s mask gets stuck. Drinking wine is a lot smoother than hard liquor; it makes a girl feel a type of classy, carefree and sexy drunk. Gossiping with your girlfriends and creeping on cute boys while drunk make for a hilarious night as girl in college, filled with memories she may or may not forget.

Being a woman can be tough, and college can be tough. So, it’s no surprise that combining the two can seem like a tragedy waiting to happen. Even still, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s go to do, and in the end, her college experiences will forever mold her into the woman she will one day become.

Valarie Kiel, Texas State University

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