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9 College Hashtags That Every Student Should Follow

Between pictures of dogs and celebrity selfies, Instagram can be a great source of advice for all of your college needs.

Hashtags are the perfect tool for making specific searches and gaining visibility on social media. In 2014, Instagram launched a new feature where users could follow hashtags, which would then be added to their feed. Since then, people have been following specific trends in addition to other users, allowing undergrads to create an entire college community on Instagram, all through the use of college hashtags.

Currently, there are millions of posts filed under different college hashtags, which help students prepare for life in college, develop healthier routines, combat stress and adopt better academic habits. Last semester, I followed numerous college hashtags that supply their followers with cutting-edge tips, insights and motivation to power through undergrad, and 10 of them proved to be extremely useful.

1. #CollegeHumor

College students are notorious for spending late nights at the library and long days in hourslong lectures. Around midterms and finals, college students become engrossed in their studies and often feel overwhelmed by the stress of a full class load and other social responsibilities.

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Designed to ease the strain on overextended college students, #collegehumor provides one of the most relatable and entertaining college hashtags for students to follow. A study conducted in 1996 found that “humor and laughter can foster a positive and hopeful attitude. We are less likely to succumb to feelings of depression and helplessness if we are able to laugh at what is troubling us.” Being able to laugh also helps us to reach a better state of mind. As the article states, “Humor gives us a sense of perspective on our problems.” Memes, comics, photos, screenshots of tweets and videos related to college life flood this hashtag’s stream, making for a lighthearted follow and a wonderful antidote for stress.

2. #Notestagram

As their professor spends every second of the hourlong lecture droning on and on about every detail of the subject at hand, college students often spend their class time in a feverish state, frantically scrawling down the last thing they heard. Most students can relate to the frustration of missing the last bullet point on a slide or missing parts of the lecture while copying the content on the slideshow.

According to a recent survey conducted of 577 college students, “Most students reported taking good notes (89%), although 58% reported wanting better note-taking skills.” In the same survey, 86% of students reported that they handwrite their notes.

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#Notestagram is the ideal college hashtag to follow to learn the skills necessary for taking organized and legible notes during lectures. Many of the notebooks featured under this hashtag are pristine and seemingly inimitable, but they offer ideas and inspiration students can pull from and apply to their own note-taking strategy.

3. #DormSweetDorm

With a limited amount of space and lists of safety guidelines to meet, college students are getting more creative in how they personalize their space and cultivate their individual dorm aesthetic. Some students prefer to live a minimalist lifestyle to lighten their load, but others give their room a do-over by decking them with tapestries, plants, posters and small pieces of furniture.

The college hashtag #dormsweetdorm is a pool of dorm room photos meant to drive inspiration and ideas for every college student’s desired style.

4. #StudyAbroadAdventures

The number of U.S. students studying abroad has increased in recent years, currently surpassing 332,000. Going abroad opens opportunities to study in a new landscape, be immersed in a different culture, learn a new language and adapt to living in a foreign country.

Students hoping to study abroad can look to the college hashtag #studyabroadadventures to see what could potentially be in store, whether it be travel, tourism, unique opportunities or meeting new people. By taking a sneak preview into the lives of students currently studying abroad, prospective students will be able to determine if this is the best choice for their lives going forward.

5. #StudentLoans

As of February 2019, 44.7 million Americans owed over $1.56 trillion in student loan debt. On average, college graduates are paying around $393 a month to pay off their student loans. By following the college hashtag #studentloans, students can obtain tips on how to pay off their debt, scroll through success stories from fellow students, find more information and even skim through some relatable memes about the struggles of paying off their loans.

This looming issue commonly leaves students stressed and anxious when it comes to life after graduation. Many college alumni have experience paying off debt and #studentloans conveniently pulls all of those stories and ideas into one place.

6. #FinalsWeekGotMeLike

Finals are over, but students and alumni can still relate to the hundreds of memes and Instagram posts using the hashtag #finalsweekgotmelike. During finals week, this hashtag is used globally, creating a collection of over 22,000 posts consisting of the struggles and humor behind the mad scramble to study for finals and finish projects. While humor remains the core of this evergreen hashtag, the posts contain feelings of both relief and defeat after the last assignment is complete.

7. #CollegeNutritionist

In 2010, a questionnaire was released to a sample of 302 college students that asked them questions about their daily diet and exercise routine, the results of which showed that 76% of students ate the same foods every day. Whether living off or on-campus, meal prep and planning has the potential to benefit student health. Rachel Paul, who has a doctorate in behavioral nutrition, created an Instagram account called @collegenutritionist where she provides food hacks and easy meals for college students.

The college hashtag based on her page, #collegenutritionist, is filled with over 2,000 posts related to meal prep and the possibility of clean eating as a student in college. This hashtag is the perfect follow for those students who are looking to diversify and organize their dietary habits in a stressful environment.

8. #Studygram

According to a survey conducted in 2013, the average college student spends around 17 hours studying for classes every week. Techniques vary by student depending on how a course is taught, their own study habits and what subject is being taught.

Studying is unique to every student, and #studygram supplies a diverse collection of tips for efficient studying, whether digital or by hand.

9. #Unilife

#Unilife is a mixture of over 1.5 million posts about life in college. With tips, college-oriented humor, uncanny relatability, advice and insight, student success stories and other relevant posts, #unilife provides a one-stop follow for students who just want to get through the basics.

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