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Self-Care Station is a mix of aggregated content, like this post from Ambivalently Yours, and original material. (Image via Instagram)

As the semester comes to a close, students’ motivation to finish their final assignments starts to dwindle. While it might seem difficult to combat the lack of motivation that the warm weather brings, you have more control than you think.

If, like a lot of students, your reticence to study leads you to scroll through social media instead of finishing your final assignments, you might have actually stumbled unwittingly into a source of motivation. Indeed, if you follow some of the right accounts, a trip down Instagram lane could actually be one of the best things you can do for your productivity.

So, here are five motivational Instagrams to follow when you need to some inspiration.

1. @positivelypresent

With its simple quotes and colorful backgrounds drawn by up-and-coming artist Dani DiPirro, this motivational Instagram account will provide you with all of the encouragement you need to finish that final project, apply for that job or simply recognize the importance of self-care.

The account’s overall aesthetic, as well as the content of its messages, has caused it to gain nearly 460,000 followers and become a momentary beacon of light in the timelines of DiPirro’s audience. As stated in the username, this encouraging page aims to spread positivity by telling people to make the most of every situation, no matter how negative it may seem.

Featuring posts that range from reminding users that their thoughts are not always true to accepting that some things you want to achieve might take longer than you expect, DiPirro spreads realistic messages that help people realize their ability to accomplish their goals through perseverance. In a world where people constantly feel pressured to know their next step long before they have to take it, it is refreshing to see a popular Instagram account consistently remind its followers of the common feeling of being uncertain about one’s path in life.

2. @selfcareisforeveryone

As mental health and various methods of self-care are gradually gaining more attention in mainstream culture, this motivational Instagram community, Self-Care Station, helps people understand the importance of acknowledging their own struggles with their mental health. However, the way the posts cater to people of all backgrounds, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, makes it stand out from other accounts.

Through these posts, they encourage people to see their self worth and try to break stereotypes by reminding their audience that anyone can go through struggles with their mental health. From exposing the harsh reality of mental illness in men to explaining different things to do when you are feeling overwhelmed, Self-Care Station’s Instagram page aims to end the stigma on mental health and spread messages of positivity to its half a million followers.

You can also look at their website,, to purchase different apparel with positive messages like “Grow through what you go through,” “You are enough” and “Mental health matters.”

3. @thegoodquote

With over 16 million followers, this motivational Instagram account is the most popular one on the list and for good reason. The company in control of the account, The Good, states in their Instagram bio that they “encourage and create awareness around mental health, self-development and self-care, through literature and discussion.”

As mental health is a topic that is not discussed often enough, especially in literature, the company’s initiative to start a conversation should not go unnoticed. While some posts make general statements about the common feeling of happiness that comes when being told that you are appreciated, other posts provide users with advice that will help them on their journey to self-development and remind them of their ability to make a difference, even though they are not celebrities.

The Instagram reminds users of not only the importance of moving forward, regardless of whether or not you go on that journey alone, but to always remain kind even in the face of adversity. Through this, the account successfully lives up to its self-set standards to reach its audience and successfully shows how it continues to maintain such a large and loyal following.

4. @rainbowsalt

Even though this account is run by the creative director of online-storytelling platform Thought Catalog, Bianca Sparacino, and not someone who is primarily known for crafting the traditional motivational social media posts, the subject of her writings often focus on self-development. She encourages her audience of over 300,000 followers to make decisions that ultimately result in eliminating their toxic friendships and romantic relationships.

Sparacino also writes about other topics that focus on self-development, such as accepting that everything in life happens in its own time and knowing that happiness comes from discovering things about yourself and the world around you, rather than from relationships, school or a job. Through these posts, Sparacino occasionally mirrors other motivational Instagrams by recycling generic content, but at other times she also expresses ideas through her own words rather than use someone else’s.

5. @rmdrk

While this account is also not specifically known for creating motivational posts, it is run by New York Times’ best-selling author and poet Robert Macias “R. M.” Drake. With over 2 million followers and a variety of self-published books under his belt, Drake is one of the most famous poets on Instagram. While he mainly writes about navigating the landscape of romance, Drake also writes about the importance of ending a toxic relationship.

Numerous poets on Instagram often write about unrequited love, so it is refreshing to see some posts by a famous poet that also highlight how essential it is for people to know their self-worth. Drake reminds people that it takes some time to find their own voices and that they will inevitably have relationships with the wrong people. In doing so, he expresses the harsh realities of these circumstances and how to overcome them.


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