Why Taking a Maymester is the Best Summer Experience

Why Taking Summer Classes Is Always the Smart Move

Going to school in the summer after you've been stressing for the last sixteen weeks sucks, but maymesters can be worth it in the long run.
July 10, 2017
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As spring semesters come to a close, college students are eager to wrap up their final exams and get home for summer. After working hard all semester, nothing sounds better than sleeping in, lounging by the pool and enjoying the some well-earned relaxation. Students will also want to get home to see families and friends from their high school days. All in all, there are certainly some valid reasons why students cannot wait to leave their schools and head home for the summer months.

Despite the appeal of going home for summer, there can also be a compelling case made for why students should take a summer class, or a “maymester” as it is often referred to as. It might be difficult to comprehend why anyone would want to spend their summer taking more classes while they could be at home, but there are actually many benefits that come out of staying on campus for a month in the summer.

1. Meeting New People

By choosing to stay at your school for a summer term, you are guaranteed to meet people you may have never crossed paths with during your normal semesters. Since most students do go home as soon as finals end, you are forced to break out of the comfort zone of your typical friend group. Hanging out with a new crowd of students can help you to feel even more at home at your school than ever before.

Even if you do not become best friends with the people you meet over the summer semester, you will still appreciate seeing more familiar faces around campus during the regular school year. It is always great to meet new people and expand your friend groups, and staying at school over the summer is a great way to do so.

2. Exploring the Town

Another great thing about staying for a maymester is that you get to see the area surrounding your school in a totally different light. Normally, college towns are overrun by students, masking the true essence and charm of the area around the school. By removing most of the students, you will be able to see how vibrant and lively your college town can be.

You will also find more opportunities to explore new areas without all of the extra people around town. By having the space and time to adventure out of your typical destinations, you might find a new bookstore, gym, coffee shop or store that you might have overlooked during the school year. Getting to know the town that is your home for four years will allow you to feel more connected to the area and you will be able to have a better understanding of the area around you.

3. Getting Ahead

The most obvious benefit of staying at school for the summer is to get ahead of coursework. By taking some credits over the summer, you will be able to ensure that your regular semesters will be less stressful. If you spend the three or four weeks working hard over the summer, then you will be able to take fewer credits in the fall, which will save you countless hours burning the midnight oil in the library.

Dedicating your time to advancing your education is also something that future employers will take notice of. Giving up your free time to pursue your academics even further shows that you are dedicated, hardworking and motivated which are all excellent aspects in an employee.

4. Catching Up

Likewise, a maymester course might help you make up some time that you lost during the school year. If you have to retake a class or if you changed your major and feel like you are not where you should be, then taking a summer semester will help you have a better chance of getting back on track as soon as possible.

Spending time studying over the summer will allow you to have a chance to prove your dedication to your education. Even if you have a rough semester and your grades are not as good as you would have hoped, you will be able to prove yourself and improve your grades by working hard during your free time.

5. Smaller Classes

Since so many people will have left the school for the summer, your class sizes are guaranteed to be much smaller than you might be used to. With far fewer students to keep track of, your professors will be able to devote more time and attention to your individual needs. Professors will have the opportunity to see how you learn and what specific assistance you may need in order to succeed in the class.

Not only will the extra help improve your grade, it could also be beneficial down the road as well. When it comes time to ask for letters of recommendations for jobs, the relationships you built with your maymester professors could be vital to your success. By seeing how hardworking and dedicated to success you are, your professors will be able to write a glowing recommendation for you in the future.

It might be hard to commit to a summer class because many students see it as giving up a part of their summer. In reality, the experience of a summer semester is something that will enrich your summer, and will have lasting effects on your life. The friend you meet, the places you discover, the grades you get and the relationships you establish will follow you throughout your time in college and beyond. Participating in a maymester course might just be the best decision you ever make!

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