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Intramural Sports

Remember—you’re not here to have fun.

How to Dominate Your Intramural Sports League

Remember—you’re not here to have fun.

By Will Strecker, University of Texas at Austin

If you’re remotely athletic, played sports growing up or if you’re one of those gifted athletes who the coaches always overlooked and never gave a chance to, like me, then intramural sports are one of the true joys of college.

Intramural Sports

The IM field is your chance to realize your full potential as an athlete. Before you lies the golden opportunity to show everyone just how buttery your handles are on the courts or how sick your serve is. Show all the haters that you are, in fact, an athlete.

But, before you take those cleats off the hook they’ve been hanging on in your closet since sophomore year, remember: Everyone playing is probably thinking the same thing as you. You’re probably not the best athlete out there. Sorry.

Before you let your over-confidence or distorted self perception lead you down the dark, dark road of self examination, here are some neat tips to help you not just survive, but thrive in intramural sports.

1. Choosing Your Teammates

Picking your team is like picking the right wine and cheese pairing—you need to compliment and bring out the best in each other.

You should also encourage some friendly competition among one another, while being able to trust each other fully. Close groups of friends are ideal, and try to avoid negative Nancy’s that will just poop all over the court or field or pitch or whatever.

People you don’t know well have a tendency to be much less committed to the team than a group of close friends.

2. Picking a Team Name

Your team’s name must be two things: clever and intimidating. Whether it strikes fear into the hearts of your opponents or it’s so witty that it lowers your competition’s confidence, making them play at less than their best is key.

3. Mind Games

IM sports are just as mental as they are physical. Develop a team dance, become expert trash talkers or where tutus as your uniforms to psyche out your opponents. If you can get into their heads, you’ve already beaten them.

4. Select a Team Captain

Every team needs a leader, ideally someone that everyone on your team likes.

Your team must be organized, because ten people vying for a leadership role, all trying to call the shots, will cause an implosion.

Nothing is worse for a team than having a team full of leaders with no one willing to be a follower.

5. Synchronize Everything

If IM dominance is what you seek, nothing is more effective than having a team made up of all the same person.

Go everywhere together, eat the same food, shower together, hook up with the same people, synchronize workout routines, etc.

Imagine facing a team of big, strong clones that are all on the same page for everything. I wouldn’t want to mess with those guys.

6. Play Great Walk Out Music

Nothing sets the tone for your IM match like walking out to a great song. What makes it even better is arriving as late as possible (to make the other team sweat a little) and then blaring something lit af as your team walks out onto the field one by one.

Some of my personal favorite artists for walk out music are DMX, Petey Pablo and Three-Six Mafia. However, if you really wanna get in the heads of your opponents, play something like N’SYNC or Justin Bieber.


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