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Posted by admin on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So even though I'm a Junior, I've been feeling pretty old lately. This time next year, I'll be getting ready to graduate, and I"M NOT READY TO LEAVE!! I don't know if I want to deal with the real world, but since there's nothing I can really do about it, I decided to just take advantage of the last year and a half I have left in college. CollegeCandy posted a "Senioritis Bucket List" last week and I've decided to make my own.

Their list read as follows:

  1. Take yourself out on a fancy dinner (by yourself..no books/laptops/turn the cell phone off!)
  2. Start a food fight
  3. Go on a Road Trip
  4. Take a picture everyday
  5. Run through the campus fountains
  6. Watch every episode of Sex and the City without stopping
  7. Play man-hunt in the library
  8. Learn how to make one dinner meal
  9. Go home with a freshman
  10. Have a rooftop party on one of the dorms
  11. Learn how to make a fancy cocktail..and make it
  12. Win the mega millions
  13. Have a drink with your cute professor
  14. Participate in Karaoke
  15. Graduate

So, I've done some of these, still need to do a few and find some of them unnecessary. So, here is MY college Bucket List. Its kind of Austin specific, but you get the picture.

  1. Go to Cain & Abel's- for us here in Austin, Cain & Abel's is a rite of passage when you turn 21. I've been to C&A's for lunch, and dinner but I'm waiting until I turn 21 to go and spend the entire night drinking on the patio, with all the other 21 year olds.
  2. Go to ACL- If you live in Austin, you HAVE to go to ACL. Its truly an experience. I've only been once, but I can safely say that as long as it is within my means, I will be going every year from now on.
  3. Take a roadtrip with your friends- Everyone has to do this at some point, and college is the perfect time. A few days with your best friends in a car full of snacks and  blasting music for hours, sounds like a blast. I will be crossing this off my list on Friday when I leave for Spring Break with 6 of my best friends..which leads me to #4...
  4. Go on a cliché spring break- You know...on the beach..crazy parties...drinking all day long...not always remembering what you did the night before....Thats going to be me and 6 of my girl friends this spring break. We're going to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and I couldn't be more excited.
  5. Start/plan/participate in a flashmob- We've all seen the youtube videos, and admit it, you're jealous. I still haven't been able to do this, but I think I will be crossing this off my list sometime in the near future. UT students...watch out.
  6. Study abroad- Something else I think all college students should experience before graduating if at all possible. Traveling in general broadens your horizons and opens your mind to different experiences and perspectives that you cannot get here in the States. I will be studying abroad this summer in beautiful Santander, Spain. Not only will I be able to take classes with Spanish professors at Universidad Cantabria, but I will also be turning 21 while I'm abroad. Kind of a bummer because I'll already be able to drink while I'm there, but I will be traveling to Amsterdam to celebrate my greatest birthday to date.
  7. Kayak Town Lake- Its the perfect activity for a summer afternoon. Whether its with friends or on a date. One of my fondest memories of my time in Austin is kayaking down Town Lake and then getting Snow Beach. The perfect afternoon.
  8. Participate in the Undie Run- Where else but a college campus can you run around in your underwear for charity...and then go to a huge party afterwards?  I haven't done the Undie Run yet, and I don't know how I feel about everyone in West Campus seeing me in my underwear but I think I'll take the plunge for the next Undie Run.
  9. Play in the fountains- This is self explanatory. On those hot summer days, playing in the fountains sounds so great. Hopefully campus police won't decide to arrest me when I get to this one.
  10. Go to the top of the UT Tower- It symbolizes our school in so many ways and is an icon in Austin. Unfortunately, thanks to Charles Whitman, tower security is alot more strict these days, but  you can still go on a tower tour and see the view from the top. Before I graduate, I actually have to get around to doing this.

So this is my bucket list, hopefully I'll add some more things and get them all done before next spring. What's on your bucket list?

Lemme know & as always

love, love, love & have a terrific Tuesday!


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