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Top 5 Life Simulation Video Games

Life simulator games give you the chance to live as you wish in a different world. Discover five of the most realistic life simulator games.
August 3, 2022
4 mins read

Life simulation video games offer the opportunity to control a virtual character in an open world. The aim of the genre is to survive and live as that entity. In most situations, you control the character directly, whereas in some you indirectly influence their activities. These titles focus on interactions, real-life events, celebrations and parties.

As a result of increased interest and curiosity by people, game developers have produced more sophisticated versions. For instance, the popular game Sims 4 is finally moving forward by including more modern features in the gameplay. This article has provided some in-depth information about the best video games that simulate real-life situations.


Littlewood appears to be an ordinary life simulation at first sight. That could be true, but the game incorporates features from New Horizons, Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, so you get the perfect blend in one package. Solemn, the fictional realm in which the story takes place, adds an interesting twist to the story’s premise.

After a fight, you awaken with no recollection of what happened and the enormous task of reconstructing the village. NintendoLife admits that Littlewood has an abundance of things to see and do. These include rearing animals, farming crops, quarrying, fishing, acquiring materials, merchanting, capturing bugs and more. Unlocking new content is possible with all of these actions.

Stardew Valley

There are several role-playing life simulation games like Stardew Valley to keep you entertained for hours on end. It’s absolutely up to you to decide on how you want to live your life. Even more remarkably, this video game may be accessed on a wide range of internet platforms.

Along with exploring secret caverns and battling creatures, you have the option of being everyone’s friend. The plot of Stardew Valley is a straightforward one, yet it’s still enjoyable. In the wake of your departure from the Joja Corporation, you take over your grandfather’s property. The amazing farming RPG is topped off with a superb multiplayer experience.

The Sims

The Sims’ perfect premise left players in charge of and able to shape the lives of the Sims they created. Even though it now seems outdated, the game was groundbreaking at the time it was released. The original version of the game was launched in 2000, and the most recent version is the Sims 4.

The original edition of the game has a lengthy history. The recent edition, Sims 4 now allows players to choose their sexual preferences. Over the course of a game, they get the opportunity to try out a variety of different attractions.

Due to these inclusions, the game was prohibited in some countries like China and within Gulf nations like Qatar. Similar to other banned games, it can be accessed with the use of a VPN. For instance, online casinos were censored in the Middle East. However Qatari players can still access it by using a VPN.  There are websites dedicated to helping players by comparing different operators that offer the best casino sites in Qatar. In the platform, you will find honest reviews, and compatible payment options and learn how to benefit from bonus offers.

Mega Mall Story

As always, the goal is to make a lot of money by efficiently acquiring new stores and catering to a specific demographic. Mega Mall Story handles shop expansions like more stock, new inventory and performance with heart. Customers who enjoy your stores are more likely to make large purchases, allowing you to put the money into improvements or other assets.

Kairosoft is skilled at making individuals matter, and this video game is no exception. Everything you do fits together and makes a whole. It’s one of its most expansive games, integrating social and simulation elements.

Story Of Seasons

Besides its farming features, Story of Seasons is a wonderful life-simulation game. Both Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons are series that have been around for a long time but have been given new titles. The primary purpose of the series is to transform a run-down farm into a profitable one.

In Story of Seasons, gamers are allowed to carry out their daily agricultural duties while also attempting to uncover the mysteries of the land they dwell on.

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