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If you buy Twitter followers, you can catapult your content into the limelight.

Although Facebook and Instagram are where the majority of social media users go, Twitter attracts its own audience as well.

If you’re a brand, an influencer or a wannabe influencer, having plenty of followers on Twitter is a no-brainer. As with Facebook and Instagram, people ascribe value to the number of followers an account has on Twitter.

If you call yourself a Twitter influencer but don’t have enough followers to show for it, it’s unlikely that people will take you seriously. Similarly, if you’re a brand building a presence on Twitter, not having lots of followers will make people question your authenticity.

This reality is the reason people buy Twitter followers. To measure up with other influencers or to be taken seriously on Twitter, people buy Twitter likes and followers.

If you would like to buy Twitter followers, likes or retweets, check out the best places to buy Twitter followers.

  • Social-viral
  • Viralfomo
  • Fanslave
  • Zeru
  • Helpwyz


Best Sites for Buying Twitter Followers


Social–Viral is one of the best places on the market, and could very easily become your #1 Twitter follower plug. Social-Viral is arguably the oldest social media promo company out there. In fact, it’s believed in some circles that the company is as old as social media itself.

With such longevity comes experience. If you want to buy real Twitter followers, this is where you want to begin your search. The company has a solid reputation for helping people to buy followers on Twitter.

One point of worry for many people who buy Twitter followers is the authenticity of the followers. If you have this worry, you can put your mind at rest, because Social-Viral is highly reputable. You won’t lose your money. Your account won’t get flagged. You will get strictly high-quality followers across your purchases.

To buy real Twitter followers, you can expect to fork out at least $2.99. That will get you 50 followers, to begin with.


Sometimes, you need more than followers to generate awareness for a project on Twitter.

If you have a project you’d like to push on Twitter, know that you can buy Twitter retweets or likes easily on Viralfomo. Of course, you can buy Twitter followers there, too. But the company prides itself on its like and retweet delivery speeds.

Generally speaking, if likes and retweets are your biggest worries on Twitter, Viralfomo is the best option. There, you can buy real Twitter likes and retweets without a hassle.


Are you worried about buying Twitter followers and not getting real human accounts? If that’s the case, we recommend working with Fanslave. On FanSlave, anyone can buy real Twitter followers without compromising quality. Here, you can buy followers on Twitter just like you would buy a drink from a store. In fact, in the words of the company, “You do not buy Twitter followers – you simply rent a commercial space on our platform.”

In addition, you can download Instagram photos to build a moodboard for a better campaign strategy. The company states that when you place an order to buy Twitter followers, “your advertisement will be displayed until the desired number of interested users has followed your page.” Hence, you’ll get strictly legitimate followers.


Zeru has an active community of real Twitter users. When you apply to buy followers on Twitter, the company simply asks a fraction of its community relevant to your Twitter niche to follow you. 

In some ways, this is some sort of targeted following, which is good for your account exposure. Zeru’s offers are fairly affordable; with $10, you can buy up to 200 Twitter followers on Zeru.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Buying Twitter Followers

  • Where Can I buy Twitter followers?

You can buy Twitter followers from reputed vendors on the internet. Note that you can’t trust every vendor you find. This is why you must do your due diligence before patronizing a vendor. 

  • How Do You Buy Followers on Twitter? 

The process of buying Twitter followers is pretty straightforward. First, find a service provider you trust, say Social-Viral.com. Then, proceed to make a purchase on their site. Usually, your order will be processed a few hours after the company has confirmed your payment.

  • Is it Legal to Buy Twitter Followers?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to buy Twitter followers. You won’t be breaking any law or risking your account’s legitimacy.

The Twitter space is only going to get more competitive. Don’t think luck will shine on your account one day, and people will find it by themselves. You must take action today. And that starts with buying Twitter followers, comments, retweets and likes.

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