In an article about betfair exchange, a soccer stadium.
Photo by Vienna Reyes on Unsplash

Do People Make Money On Betfair Exchange On Football?

You can bet on football on the Betfair Exchange and earn real cash. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the backing and laying features.

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In an article about betfair exchange, a soccer stadium.
Photo by Vienna Reyes on Unsplash

You can bet on football on the Betfair Exchange and earn real cash. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the backing and laying features.

As the gambling industry keeps evolving, Betting Exchange’s emergence is one of the enticing changes. Unlike conventional sportsbooks, betting exchanges offer more exciting options. You can make money by betting on an event happening or not happening using Betfair Exchange or similar platforms.

However, not everyone understands how this form of betting works. This article reviews how the Betfair Exchange Works. It also answers whether bettors can make money betting on football on this platform. Read on as you discover the ins and outs of exchange betting. 

Betfair Betting Exchange

There are few betting exchanges, and the Betfair Exchange is one of the best. On Betfair Exchange, bettors can wager for an event to happen or bet against such an event. You “back” when you bet for and “lay” by betting against the same event. 

For instance, you can bet that “Arsenal will defeat Chelsea,” which is the standard betting option. However, you can also bet that “Arsenal will NOT defeat Chelsea,” an option you can find only on betting exchanges. 

Furthermore, the punters bears the risks on betting exchanges because they bet against each other (backing and laying). The betting platform doesn’t pay winnings from their account; payments are settled by the amount staked by the punter with opposite selections. The Betfair Exchange makes a profit by charging a commission on all winnings. 

Do People Make Money on Betfair Exchange on Football?

Yes, you can make real money wagering on football matches. You can stake on a team to win, and you get paid when your prediction wins. In addition, you can lay a bet — staking against an event, an option only available on betting exchanges. Besides backing and laying, there are other strategies for winning real money on Betfair Exchanges. 

Tips To Win on Betting Exchanges 

Like regular sportsbooks, winning on football betting exchanges is not guaranteed. You have numerous options to pick from, but none are guaranteed. However, with the right tips, you can have a profitable betting experience on Betfair Exchange. 

Laying Correct Score 0-0

When you lay a 0-0 correct score, you’re predicting that the football match will not end goalless. This is an effective strategy when a big team plays an underdog. For example, when Real Madrid, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, etc., play against lower teams, the possibility of scoring is high. However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of the match ending goalless.

Match Betting 

This is a strategy that takes advantage of bonus offers. Here, you back an option on a regular sportsbook using the bonus, and lay the same option on a Betfair Exchange. You’ll need to repeat these steps twice, and regardless of the outcome,  you’ll make a profit. Ensure that you research to learn more about match betting and any other football trading guide.

Laying Favorite Teams

Laying a favorite team against an underdog is another football betting strategy. Here, you’ll wager against the big team winning the game. You win if the big team loses or draws. 

This strategy is mainly for long-term profitability, but the income from such a strategy is usually high. You must know what influences football games and take advantage of them. 

Laying Multiple First Goal Scorers

Predicting the first goal scorer in a match is challenging. So, laying many first goalscorers is another profitable bet on Betfair Exchange. You’ll wager on a few players with zero likelihood of scoring. You win if none of your selections scored the first goal in their respective matches. 

Laying Then Backing the Draw

Another useful football betting exchange tip is laying then backing a draw. This involves staking against a draw outcome in the pre-match selection and supporting a draw in a live bet of the match. 

Meanwhile, you must follow the game live for this strategy to work correctly because the odds increase as the match progresses. Regardless of the outcome, you will still make a profit. 

Laying the Winning Underdogs

This is another valuable in-play strategy. In some games, the underdog might score first, increasing the laying odds. You can quickly lay their winning, and you will if they drew or lost the match. 

This strategy is quite profitable, but there are some instances where you shouldn’t use it. For instance, if the favorite team has a red card or their key player is injured, the underdog might win the match. 

Taking Advantage of In-Play Wagering and Cash-Out

The in-play and cash-out are valuable features to profit on betting exchanges. This is primarily effective when you’re watching the game live. Some occurrences in the game might help you predict the likely outcome of the game. You can make a profit by backing possible outcomes or laying unlikely ones. 

Similarly, you can choose to take your winnings before the game ends. This is important if your selection starts becoming unlikely to win. Although the amount might be less than your potential winnings, it is better than losing all your stakes. 


Betfair Exchange provides a unique betting feature with laying and backing options. Using some tips in this article can make your new betting adventure profitable. However, this doesn’t guarantee winnings on any betting platform. 

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