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The Magicians

And with Quentin gone, why there’s going to be a Season 5 to begin with.

“The Magicians” Season 4 finale had one of the most devastating endings in the show’s history, as they killed off the beloved Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph). The once-king of Fillory sacrificed himself to save his friends from two ancient monster-gods. His send-off was not only heart-breaking, as it was musically heartfelt and full of many emotions.

While it seemed like the end of “The Magicians” was near after this tear-jerking ending, Syfy renewed the fantasy-Narina-esques TV series for another season. Season 5 will be sans Quentin Coldwater, which begs the question: How can the show continue without the boy who loved everything Fillory? What should we expect from Season 5?

Events of Things to Come

The first four seasons of “The Magicians” is loosely adapted from author Lev Grossman’s first two books (of which there are three). Season 3 ended its story arc after the second novel, “The Magician King” where Julia Wicker (Stella Maeve) became a god. Question is, will they take elements from the third book, “The Magician’s Land?”

While there isn’t too much information about the plot, Season 4’s finale gave fans an idea of what’s to expect.

The Fate of Fillory

After Quentin’s passing, Margo (Summer Bishil) and Eliot (Hale Appleman) return to Fillory so that Margo can reclaim her throne as the high king. Upon returning to the land where rabbits are used as text messages, they find out that 300 years have passed. This means Fen (Brittany Curran) and Josh Hoberman (Trevor Einhorn) were overthrown centuries prior, though how that happened is still up in the air.

They are also made aware that the Dark King was the one who took the throne, but who are they? How have they been living for three centuries? Hopefully Season 5 can answer that within the first few episodes. Margo and Eliot, while catching up after Eliot was possessed by one of the two monsters, have a lot of work to do in Fillory.

Alice, the New Head of the Library?

The Library was up to no good in Season 3, and they took over how magic was used in Season 4, but now it’s time for a change. They no longer have control on limiting magic to other magicians, and now, there’s quite a large flow of it.

Zelda (Glynis Figliola), the current head of The Library, has decided that she doesn’t want the job, and the only person who can take over is Alice Quinn (Olivia Dudley). Will Alice take on the mantle as Head of the Library or will she be tear it down after everything they did to her and her friends? Also, what happened to Santa Claus?

The Hedge Witches

Since it took more than “The Magicians” magic prowess to take down the monster duo with the Incorporated Bond Spell, the hedge witches came to their aid when they needed an extra boost of magic. With the monsters gone and The Library set to restructure their organization, it seems like Kady (Jade Tailor) and her hedges are due for a reward.

The best kind of reward for their assistance is having permission to study at Brakebills University, but will Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy) allow it? Or maybe they will finally be allowed access to other places of magic, like The Library, who for too long controlled power, resources and access to knowledge. They actively kept the hedges out, which only resulted in a war between the two groups. Should Alice take over The Library, perhaps she can make necessary changes to the rules.

Julia’s Powers

In Season 3, Julia became god-touched after suffering a brutal rape by the trickster god, only to use all the power she had to save magic. She came into Season 4 with no powers, stuck between the human and god realms, and not knowing which path to choose. During Season 4, circumstances rose, and Penny 23 (Arjun Gupta) makes the decision for Julia (who was unconscious at the time) to walk the path as human or a goddess. He chooses the path of mortality, which causes Julia to lose all of her magic.

While mourning the loss of her best friend, Quentin, Julia’s magic is rekindled inside her. How did this happen? Like Eliot told Quentin in Season 1, “Magic doesn’t come from talent; it comes from pain.”

With magic back in her hands, where will Julia’s path take her now?

Is Quentin Really Gone?

“Did I do something brave to save my friends? Or did I finally find a way to kill myself?” said Quentin Coldwater to Penny 40.

While Quentin’s death came as a shock to fans of the show, this was also Jason Ralph’s official exit from the show. Although some characters have died and come back, like Alice and Penny, Quentin is truly dead. Ralph will also not be returning as a regular on “The Magicians.” He might return for flashbacks, and they may show him taking his journey into the underworld, hoping to finally find peace.

It’s really sad to see his character go, seeing as the books focus mainly on Quentin Coldwater.

When Will Season 5 Premiere?

Without any confirmation as of yet, “The Magicians” Season 5 should be set to premiere January 2020.

Although Season 1 debuted in December, the other seasons of “The Magicians” have always aired during the month of January.

Will There Be a Season 6?

“The Magicians” is one of Syfy’s biggest shows and has maintained a steady viewership from season to season. Season 4 was well-received and had an amazing finale, which suggests that Season 5 will do well, and might incite a sixth season. There’s still more plot that can be adapted from Grossman’s third book, “The Magician’s Land.” Should there be a Season 6, it would more than likely air in January 2021, and would likely be the show’s final season.

While waiting for “The Magicians” Season 5, Netflix has seasons one through three available for binge-watching, and you can stream Season 4 on Syfy.


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