Tyy Renai$$ance (born January 21, 1986), also known professionally as Tyrone Evans Clark, is an acclaimed actor and the writer/director of the films “Homeless: Sam & Sally – The Movie,” “Gotta Get Some Tissue” and “The Corona Hour.” He has recently partnered up with one of Walt Disney’s animators, Rey Morano, as director, writer and executive producer of the magical animated feature short film “Keep The Bugs Out Of My Soup!!!” In the film, Onnie The Witch (voiced by Tyrone Evans Clark) becomes extremely irritated when bugs continue to bother her as she tries to make soup. This movie has already been released at a few well-known film festivals and will later be available to the public sometime next year. It has received some critical acclaim as well, such as an honorable mention for best animation at the 2021 Gold Star Movie Awards, and was the semi-finalist for best animation at the 2022 Montreal Independent Film Festival. It was also recognized at the 2021 IndieX Film Fest, 2021 Indie Short Fest, and the Lonely Wolf Film Festival in the spring of 2022. It was also a finalist at the Fear Faire Film Festival.

Tyrone brings his gaming development background, acting experience, and deep character development to the new cartoon animated film Keep The Bugs Out Of My Soup,” said a colleague at Disney Interactive. “Rey and Tyrone have been both manifesting a new project with a cartoon of color who plays with magic and food.”

Most recently, Tyrone wrote, directed, produced and acted in the campy comedy feature “Homeless: Sam & Sally — The Movie” for Tyrone Evans Clark Incorporation Inc. starring Max Aria, Darnell Baldwin, Camille Calvin and Tyrone Evans Clark. The film follows a mother (Margaret Newborn) and her child (Tyrone Evans Clark), who become homeless because they can’t keep up with the rent on their Koreatown apartment. Both Tyrone and the film were praised by critics including Entrepreneur, who described the film as “becoming more and more controversial every day in a good way,” and FilmInk, who described how Tyrone “made the characters Sam and Sally very relatable to the 21st century day-to-day people who are all just trying to live and be happy.” “Homeless: Sam & Sally” garnered a Couch Fest Films Awards nomination for best short film and Tyrone won best director.

His other animated film/music video “Gotta Get Some Tissue,” which he wrote, directed, produced, sang and acted in, premiered at the 2021 Prague Festival. It was a semi-finalist for the music video/animation category at the Lonely Wolf Film Festival. Prior to that, Tyrone directed, produced, and acted in the award-winning comedy TV series “Homeless: Sam & Sally,” based on Tyrone’s past life as a homeless teen. Following incredible reviews, the “Homeless: Sam & Sally” TV series was picked up on BINGE Networks.

In 2020, Tyrone made his coronavirus-inspired directorial debut with “The Corona Hour,” which he also wrote, produced, and acted in as the host/cartoon animated character. The live-action and animated feature, which is a portrait of the world in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, made its premiere at a few prestigious film festivals globally.

Currently, the actor Tyrone still provides 3-D graphics for video games and directs/produces films and TV series.

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