A still-image from the TV show "Person of Interest," just one of many series that deserve a reboot.

4 Underrated TV Shows That Deserve A Reboot

One of the most frustrating experiences a television viewer can have is a show cancelation right when it starts to get good.

One of the worst kinds of torture in the modern world is the cancelation of a beloved show. Finding a show with a plot, vision and cast you love is hard enough, so the inconvenience of losing it is excruciating. Especially when the show in question ends abruptly, or on a major cliffhanger.

Unfortunately, this pool of discontinued shows continues to grow with every passing year, fans are forced to part ways with shows like “Fate of the Winx,” “Jessica Jones,” and “Grand Army” before they’re ready. Losing these worlds after investing so much time and energy into them is disheartening. While some shows can prepare for such an occurrence and give their audiences some form of closure, more often than not, this isn’t the case. These series are among the countless programs that could benefit from additional airtime through a remake or even a reboot.

1. “Person of Interest”

Network/Streaming Service: CBS

Number of Seasons: 5

“Person of Interest” is a science fiction-esque crime drama following ex-CIA operative John Reese (Jim Caviezel), who is presumed dead, and wealthy computer genius Harold Finch (Michael Emerson). They form a vigilante crime-fighting team that saves lives using an artificial intelligence surveillance system that sends them the identities of endangered citizens.

“Person of Interest” was considered a critically acclaimed and top-viewed drama during its airtime. It was an instant hit, and even with its lowest viewership, it still pulled in around eight million views. The show’s fanbase only grew as the show did. At its peak, the show pulled in 16 million viewers weekly. This made the news of its cancelation confusing and disappointing for fans everywhere.

*This section contains spoilers.

The show features a fiery ending, and despite losing so many beloved characters, it unintentionally left a few breadcrumbs behind that set it up for the perfect potential reboot. One major point that could be revisited is the first episode of Season five, where we learn that another team similar to our original vigilante team has been formed and, they save our main characters. I think a spin-off showing their routine and dynamic would be interesting. Similarly, the last episode ends with Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) answering a phone call from the machine. This could also inspire a potential reboot, as we could watch Shaw navigate these missions on her own.

2. “The Nine Lives of Chloe King”

Network/Streaming Service: ABC Family

Number of Seasons: 1

“The Nine Lives of Chloe King” was a supernatural drama based on the book by Liz Braswell. It follows a teenage girl named Chloe King (Skylar Samuels) who learns she is a descendant of an ancient cat-like race called the Mai. Additionally, she learns that she is the descendant leader of this group. The show follows her as she learns more about the abilities and responsibilities accompanying her power. She is gifted nine lives as a result of this position, and must stay alive and uncover the mystery behind her missing father before an ancient organization formed to eliminate the Mai hunts her down.

The pilot drew in over two million viewers, but as the series and the series finale premiered, the viewership dropped to about half that number. A movie was planned to eventually continue where the series left off, but it was eventually axed. The showrunners have since released the script of the intended movie.

The season finale for “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” ends on a major cliffhanger. While the movie screenplay serves to wrap up how the television adaptation would have concluded, I think in the modern era of “The Vampire Diaries” and “Stranger Things,” a supernatural teenage drama show would be well received. Therefore, a reboot or re-make could be a great idea.

3. “Limitless”

Network/Streaming Service: CBS

Number of Seasons: 1

“Limitless” is a science fiction comedy-drama based on the 2011 film “Limitless.” It occurs a few years after the events of the “Limitless” movie and follows a man named Brian Finch (Jake McDorman), who discovers the drug NZT, which grants humans full access to their brains.

“Limitless” debuted with a strong viewership, but it began to dip as the series continued. Furthermore, “Limitless” garnered mixed reviews from critics. CBS felt as though it had a generally negative reception from its viewership.

The season finale for “Limitless” ends on a cliffhanger. I think “Limitless” was destined to be canceled before it could reach its peak. A second season would have raised viewership as the content began picking up, making for a more invested audience.

4. “The Tomorrow People”

Network/Streaming Service: The CW

Number of Seasons: 1

“The Tomorrow People” is a science fiction action series and a remake of an older British television show of the same name. The series follows Stephen (Robbie Amell), who realizes he is different when he discovers that he has psionic abilities. He learns of others like him called the Tomorrow People, and he joins them. He goes on to join an agency formed to hunt and dispose of their kind in order to work as a double agent whilst attempting to uncover the mystery surrounding his father’s disappearance.

“The Tomorrow People” was canceled after its first season due to low viewership and mixed critical reviews on the show’s performance. The season finale for “The Tomorrow People” closed on a major cliffhanger, opening up myriad possibilities for a reboot. Coupled with some of the big names associated with the show, I think, if given a reboot, it has the potential to exceed expectations.

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