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‘True Story’ Takes Kevin Hart’s Career in a New Direction

The new Netflix series has allowed the actor to enter a film genre outside of his typical comedic roles.
December 23, 2021
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Spoilers for “True Story” ahead.

Kevin Hart, an American actor and stand-up comedian, is widely known for his roles in comedic films like “The Wedding Ringer,” “Ride Along,” “Get Hard” and countless others. With each film and comedy tour, America has grown to love the confidently authentic comedian. In a new limited series on Netflix titled “True Story,” however, Hart steps into a role unlike those he typically plays, and fans are taking kindly to the change.

There are some precedents for Hart’s more serious characters. In 2017, Hart played an ex-convict in “The Upside.” In the film, his character, Dell, is on parole and is desperate to find a job and get his life back on track so that he can see his son again. After being turned away from several employers because of his criminal background, Dell begins to lose hope. He pays a visit to Philip, a wealthy quadriplegic looking for a caretaker, just wanting to get his papers signed to show his parole officer that he tried to get a job. However, Philip and his assistant decide to interview Dell and offer him the caregiver position. Over time, Dell and Philip, who connect through the hardships they have endured, grow fond of each other.


In “The Upside,” both Philip and Dell learn the importance of living life to the fullest, and they form a connection that neither of them has experienced in a long time. The story is heartfelt, to say the least. Dell is one of the few more serious characters that Hart has taken on throughout his career.

In June, Hart shocked audiences when he agreed to play the lead role in “Fatherhood,” a film based on the true story of a father who raises his daughter by himself after his wife dies during childbirth. Hart plays an emotional father who believes he will not be able to raise his child alone, but with the help of friends and family, he learns to navigate parenthood to the best of his ability. Fans have enjoyed watching Hart play in more intense films, and his new role in “True Story” has been received with open arms.

“True Story” is a seven-episode Netflix drama that follows the life of Kid, a famous comedian and actor played by Hart, who makes a stop in his hometown of Philadelphia while on a comedy tour. On his first night in town, Kid goes to a club with Carlton (played by Wesley Snipes), his non-famous, troublesome and less-wealthy older brother who he has not seen in years. Kid, now sober since he last saw his brother, does his best to maintain his sobriety, but he eventually gives in after his brother’s continuous peer pressure. In one night, Kid’s life takes a turn for the worse.

After a night of reckless drinking and partying, Kid is awakened by his frantic brother who points out that the woman lying next to Kid overdosed on pills and is no longer breathing. Kid panics and instinctively asks his big brother what they should do with the girl’s body. Carlton calls Ari, a butch, Greek man, to come to the Four Seasons Hotel and take care of the body for them.

When Carlton steps out of the hotel for a while, Ari, who has disposed of the girl’s body, arrives and sits down to have an unsettling conversation with Kid. Ari demands that Kid pay him $500,000 for 12 consecutive months, totaling $6 million, for getting rid of the body. Kid, feeling insulted by Ari’s attempt at extortion, strangles him to death with an iPhone charger.

Soon after, Kid and Carlton put Ari’s body in a large road case, drive to a dark alley away from the hotel and toss Ari’s lifeless body into a dumpster. The two then go on with their lives as though nothing happened. Kid learns, however, that a fan of his had followed them that night and recorded the brothers dumping the body. For the rest of the show, Kid and Carlton struggle to cover up the crime and keep the video from leaking to the public.

By the last episode, Kid realizes that Carlton is responsible for the events that transpired during his time in Philadelphia. The girl that had allegedly died in Kid’s bed is very much alive. Ari turns out to have been working with Carlton to con Kid out of millions of dollars. Kid ultimately shoots and kills Carlton, making it look like his brother got into a shootout while trying to protect Kid from Ari’s older brothers who happen to be Greek mobsters. Kid goes on to live his life while leading everyone to believe that his older brother died protecting him.

“True Story” is a series that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats and keep them wondering what else could go wrong. While there were a few parts in the series that might make people giggle, the tone and actions of Hart’s character throughout the majority of the Netflix mini-series remain dour. It is safe to say that Hart carried himself and his character well.

Hart’s career has hit some bumps in the road following homophobic comments he made in the past and marital issues between him and his wife, but many fans still love to see him star in films. The accomplished actor’s true fans will continue to support him and embrace any new projects that he may decide to take on.

Though Hart began his career in stand-up comedy and comedy films, he has proven that he is more than willing to step out of his comfort zone and take on a variety of movie and television roles. People hope that Hart will take part in more projects like “True Story” in the future. If Hart continues to step out of his comfort zone and test the waters of his professional life, he is guaranteed to have a long-lasting career in the worlds of film, television and stand-up comedy.

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