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These applications can be of immense assistance during the course of your day.

Whether you are a social media influencer wannabe, a business owner or an organized student looking to find the best applications to keep their life in check, the applications listed below are the best options available on the Canadian tech market.

The Canadian gambling market as of late has massively grown, bringing attention to some great innovative sites and gambling facilities too. is an example of one of the best affiliate Canadian gambling sites that offer multiple casinos with frontier software development for the iGaming market. So, whether you are looking for tech apps or a bit of gaming entertainment, this article has kind of given you both! Below are the tech-forward applications of the moment.


Despite the recent news in the press that Hootsuite headquarters have reported a 30% cut in its staff, this application has been a great addition for any social media entity or influencer. Over the years, Hootsuite has managed to collate data across social media platform giants such as Instagram and Facebook, to help individuals and businesses in their social media campaigns. From the application of hashtags to identifying promising hashtags that are about to go viral, Hootsuite has really helped social media campaigns get the engagement they deserve.

Not only can you examine your campaigns, but you can plan posts ahead of time, as well as manage your campaign budgets and all the steps in between; Hootsuite is a tool that can really set your social media platforms apart from everyone else.


The next application that any student or work entity could use to optimize their workday is Monday. This application can really help optimize the working day in terms of completing tasks and prioritizing them in the order of their importance. Task managers like this one can operate on a visual board, where you can really enjoy the creative space of administering tasks for yourself and any team members that work alongside you.

Before signing up for the paid version of this, you can actually take a free trial with full access to view what you would be getting for your buck. With over 100 different tools to manage your workday, this certainly does more than organized lists, that we can tell you.

Rocket Lane

Another of the great task organizers from the Canadian market, this actually not only helps organize teams and work tasks, but lets you really put together and envision what a project will look like from start to finish. You can set time limits, as well as focus on the customer experience from the very beginning. This application has received plenty of positive feedback from large workforces within North America and even Europe. If you are really looking for a new innovative way of bringing work teams together, and also cultivating effective long-term relationships from a leadership perspective, Rocket Lane is certainly an application that is worth downloading to your tablet.

Transit App

Calling all students and travelers. The Transit App is perfect for those looking to explore and travel around Canada. This application not only shows you ways of making a commute more efficient — all the steps in between from bus journeys, railway journeys and walks are also accounted for. Even if you are looking to find a bike share for a date that you had planned, or you want to ride Toronto’s or Vancouver’s amazing biking trails, this would be the most efficient way of achieving this for the most affordable prices. The best thing about this app, however, is that it is completely free and therefore perfect for any student looking to take on the city.


Last but not least, there is the Flipp app, which is perfect for students looking to bypass the inflation on living costs nowadays. With food prices and shopping going to shocking levels, the Flipp app offers vouchers to cut the costs for major food retailers and even restaurants in the area. All you need to do is sign up and watch those offers appear on your app and in your email. Scan at the site, and you are ready to go!



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