Star Wars fan theories
With the final installment of the Skywalker saga coming to theaters this December, it’s time to dive lightsaber-first into fan theories for what’s to come. (Illustration by Amy Wells, Montclair State University)
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Star Wars fan theories

Fan theories … or Jedi mind tricks?

Everyone’s favorite sci-fi franchise is coming to a close this December. That’s right, “Star Wars” is finally ending after 42 long years, with the newest installment “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” set to tie up the last four decades of the Skywalker saga and pave a path with lasers and lightsabers for new film franchises set in the universe. Many fans across the globe are itching to see how the series will pan out, while many are coming up with “Star Wars” fan theories of their own.

From controversial ships, to controversial Sith, here are four “Star Wars” fan theories many are hoping will come true.

1. Kylo Ren Redemption Arc

“Star Wars’” very own e-boy just might get the comeuppance that fans are dying for, but still one he doesn’t really deserve. Many a “Star Wars” fan theory details how the antagonist will be redeemed in the final installment and come to the Light Side and join protagonist Rey in saving the galaxy.

Kylo Ren’s story from day one has shown his struggles with devoting himself to the Dark Side. In his first appearance in “The Force Awakens,” Kylo Ren’s internal conflict is all about being tempted towards the Light Side of the Force (a sharp contrast to the prequel trilogy’s protagonist, Anakin Skywalker, the grandfather of Kylo Ren, who was tempted toward the Dark Side and became Darth Vader).

While many believe the ending of the polarizing “The Last Jedi” firmly establishes Kylo Ren on the Dark Side and confirms that Rey and Kylo Ren could never work together, many fans hope for their favorite baddie to join the good fight. With enough evidence to go either way, the end of Kylo Ren’s arc is highly anticipated in “The Rise of Skywalker.”

2. Which Skywalker is Rising?

Considering that the film series revolves around the Skywalkers, there’s no doubt that as the franchise began with the Skywalkers, it will also end with them. But as Kylo Ren remarks in “The Last Jedi,” Rey isn’t a Skywalker. In fact, she isn’t anybody special. So if the protagonist of the final series isn’t a Skywalker, who is the title of the film referring to?

Many fans have suggested that the title refers to Kylo Ren since he’s a Skywalker, which could further prove the aforementioned theory. Others believe Rey and her friends will form their own Jedi order, but abolish all that made it elitist and turn it into an accepting organization of galaxy-saving Force users. The name of this new order is predicted by “Star Wars” fan theorists to be “The Skywalkers.”

Some fans also believe that Luke Skywalker will make a return. Despite his death in the previous film, “Star Wars” fan theories claim Luke will return as a Force ghost, similar to how Yoda was portrayed in “The Last Jedi.” A few theories even state that Luke may be even more powerful dead, which is why he let his physical form die in “The Last Jedi.”

3. Will Ships Sail?

For “Star Wars” fan theorists, fan fiction writers and readers everywhere, this is one of the biggest questions. Will Disney finally give the gays everything we want and make “FinnPoe” happen? You can’t tell me that Poe biting his lip when he sees Finn wearing his jacket in “The Force Awakens” wasn’t gay culture. Or will the controversial — but enjoyed by many — “Reylo” ship be confirmed? The two are obviously connected. Whether it be by blood, bond or the Force, fans are excited to see what Rey and Kylo Ren’s relationship will turn out to be.

There are also new love interests to be considered, such as Rose, who professes her love for Finn at the end of “The Last Jedi.” Many fans felt that this romantic connection was forced, and some “Star Wars” fan theories claim it had to be a joke. Or, will one of the many new characters to be introduced in “The Rise of Skywalker” serve a romantic purpose to one of the established protagonists? There’s always a lot to think about with love, so here’s to hoping at least someone’s ship will sail in the film (just, God, please don’t let it be Jar Jar and Qui-Gon Jin).

4. Rey’s Identity

While “The Last Jedi” upset some “Star Wars” fan theories as to whom Rey’s family is, some theorists don’t believe Kylo Ren’s snarky claim that Rey’s parents were junk-trading nobodies. While Rey’s parents could be nobodies, who’s to say her grandparents couldn’t have been somebodies? Rey’s grandfather, or maybe, especially, a quirky great-uncle, could very possibly be Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“But Jedi aren’t allowed to have kids or get married!” Yeah, they told Anakin the same thing and that never stopped him from rolling around in a field with Padmé. Besides, fans of the CG-animated “Star Wars: Clone Wars” know that Obi-Wan had a fling with one of the members of the senate. With that movie confirming that Obi-Wan is no stranger to love, combined with his thinking that the Jedi order is what drove Anakin to the Dark Side, there’s no doubt that Obi-Wan would break some of the cardinal rules of the Jedi.

When Rey finds Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, it can’t be a coincidence that she hears Obi-Wan’s voice telling her, “These are your first steps,” and calling out her name when no one else in the franchise knew her name before meeting her. If you weren’t already convinced, the fact that should seal the deal is they both have British accents.

With “Star Wars” being a multibillion dollar franchise, it goes without saying that the Skywalker saga won’t be the last “Star Wars” film. As I’m sure they say somewhere in space: when one star war closes, another one opens. While the story of the Skywalkers is coming to a close, a new “Star Wars” trilogy has already been confirmed to be in the works. Fans are unsure if this will be episodes X, XI and XII, or completely separate titles. What fans are sure of is that new “Star Wars” content means new “Star Wars” fan theories. With a successful past and a bright future, “Star Wars” isn’t over just yet after “The Rise of Skywalker” hits theaters, and fans will never stop guessing what’s next for the iconic series.


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