Spam account on Instagram
Nothing is truly private on the internet. (Image via Unsplash)
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Spam account on Instagram
Nothing is truly private on the internet. (Image via Unsplash)

A fake Instagram account can be a fun way to privately connect with close friends, but it’s important to think before you post.

Almost every day I post on my Instagram spam account without thinking about what I am actually doing. Spam accounts have blown up, and a lot of my friends favor them over their regular Instagram accounts. Spam accounts have become popular on Instagram, and the same goes for private stories on apps like Snapchat as well.

A rough definition of a spam account is a “secondary private account created specifically for the purpose of sharing personal, raw or unpolished images or videos with an exclusive niche or group of people or friends.” In short, the creation of a spam account is to keep all of the personal and private thoughts and photos away from the main account, which is public for the world to see.

A spam account on Instagram is often called a “finsta account,” and it’s basically a “fake,” secondary account. According to the website Protect Young Eyes, finstas have been around since 2016, when Instagram started allowing users to have multiple accounts.

Multiple accounts are usually used for practical purposes, like business accounts. Some people use tools like Task Ant to increase engagement on their real account; others use social media marketing agencies that provide organic Instagram growth. Teenagers and young adults, however, started using this feature to avoid the prying eyes of people they weren’t close to, and, of course, their parents.

Why Do People Have Spam Accounts?

People use spam accounts as a way to separate their public and private selves while still using social media. Most of the time, main accounts are open to the public, while spam accounts are private. Having a private account allows users to monitor who has access to what they share and post. A spam account also makes it possible for people to communicate in a group without prying public eyes.

Posting at your leisure, with no judgment for it, is the main reason to have a spam account. It’s the new, fun and exciting thing to do — to have a way to communicate with a large group of people you’re close to. Keeping your spam account lighthearted and entertaining allows you to enjoy the wonders of social media at its fullest.

Why Do I Have a Spam Account?

I personally have a spam account, and I’ve had it for a few months now. The reason I have it is so my friends and I can connect while we’re all away at college. It was an easy way to put all of my thoughts in one place, and anyone can comment and start a conversation with me. I felt like that was better than texting, because a spam account is like a mass group chat.

Only 20 people follow me on my spam account, which is a good amount. It’s not too many people who know my business, and they’re also people I consider close to my life. While I do have a spam account, oftentimes, I find that I want to share something to both of my accounts.

The point of having a spam account is to be able to post freely, but I do find that I’m second guessing what I’m posting. This isn’t a bad thing in my opinion; I feel that people my age should question what they post on social media. A lot of times, people don’t think about what they post and what kind of consequences their words or photos can have on them.

Can Spam Accounts Be Dangerous?

With today’s generation being so reliant on technology, it’s easy to forget how much we put on our devices. They save all of our passwords, credit card information and sensitive data regarding our locations. Even though our Instagram pages don’t have all of that private information, we have to be careful about what we post. For instance, if you post a picture of your house, a hacker could potentially find out where you live.

Not only do spam accounts open you up to getting your personal information stolen, but it could also lead to bullying. Cyberbullying has become easier since social media became widespread and easy to use.

Cyberbullies thrive when they’re able to get sensitive information about people, their habits and their personalities. This makes it simpler for cyberbullies to make fun of your insecurities and take advantage of the things that you’re proud of.

Should You Make a Spam Account?

Making a spam account is up to you, and you can decide if it’s best for you or not. I use my spam account as a way to update my close friends about what’s going on in my life. While it’s private and only for the people I choose, I’m still cautious about the information I post and who has access to it. Besides being cautious about what you post, spam accounts are supposed to be fun.

Having a spam account can allow you to do whatever you want, within reason. If you’re going to use it to make fun of people or post about someone behind their back, it’s not for you. Spam accounts shouldn’t be used for evil purposes, and even though you may feel anonymous, your posts can always be traced back to you.

Think Before You Post

Whether it’s a spam account or your public account, think about the things that you put on social media. Your words can be offensive to someone or a group of people. I know that the point of a spam account is to freely post what you want, but you should still proceed with caution.

There are many ways that you could offend someone, and you should learn to censor what you say. I suggest being open, honest and respectful when it comes to posting what you want online. It’s important to stay safe on the internet while also getting entertainment from it.

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